You Know You Were a Pre-Teen in the Late 90’s/Early 00’s When…

Lots of inspiration went into the making of this post. Here’s a quick breakdown:

1. Kobe played his final NBA game last night (isn’t this the end of the era for all of us M.J./Bulls/Grant Hill/etc. era kids?)

2. I have listened to so much Britney Spears in the past week because I’m seeing her next week!!!!!!!! (*freaking out*)

3. It’s #ThrowbackThursday and I lurve reliving the ole’ glory days. Especially the days when I rolled glitter on my eyelids with the help of Bath and Body Works.

So it got me thinking… What were those highlights of our early years? Well, here’s what I got.

You know you were livin’ when…

1. Beads dangled from your door.


Admit it, you had those and they would fall down ALL THE TIME. Imagine yourself storming away to your room because your mom wouldn’t let you use the ethernet cord to get on the internet because she had to call someone. Then right when you push through the beads, you slam your door and the beads get tangled in the door knob and they fall to the ground.

2. Inflatable furniture graced your bedroom floor.

Sure, inflatable furniture is a good idea in theory, but that shiz was awful. It never stayed full of air and I was never able to find the holes in that thing where the air was sneaking out. Also, did you ever come in hot and sweaty from playing outside and sit on that thing? UCK. I even had an inflatable table. TABLE. How is that possibly a good idea to hold liquid substance that will stain the carpet. My parents must’ve hated me.

3. A Furby.

I feel so bad for our parents. Because 1.) that thing is terrifying and 2.) I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure my parents waited in a crazy long line for that and spent too much money on it. I don’t remember the price, but I remember feeling like it was $100. Also, the worst part… Did it ever randomly start talking in the middle of the night?!!! I removed the batteries after that. HELL NO.

4. Beanie Babies. Beanie Babies everywhere.

Those things are still lingering in my parent’s basement “because they will be worth something one day.” I even have the Princess Diana one! I also have a secret: I have it in a plastic case next to my bed (at my parent’s house)… To this day.


5. Your “iPod” before iPod’s were even a thing.

Yup, I’m talking about those little keychain music things that you could buy at McDonald’s and get about 30 quality seconds of a hit song. “Hit Clips”. Bonus points to whoever can tell me how much each “song” cost. I can’t remember but I remember my parents telling me “no” every time I asked for a new “song”.


6. Talking on the phone and talking with a see-through masterpiece.

Not only was talking on the phone a way of life but if you had your own line and/or a see-through phone, you were making it in life. You were going to places that only other kids could dream of.

Side note: Just looked up a picture of a phone and found some on Ebay… Here you have a “Vintage Retro Clear See Through Corded Phone”. EXCUSE ME?! “Vintage”? “Retro”? WHAT IS THIS. If only I still relied on a landline I would purchase one of these bad boys to fulfill my younger life fantasies.


7. *~StEeZy Is AwAy RiGhT nOw~*


AIM Away messages were EVERYTHING. Sometimes I would just put one up to make it look like I had a life outside of playing on the computer, but in reality, my “buddies” just weren’t talking to me. Also, remember emo song lyrics as your away message? WHO DID WE THINK WE WERE?

8. You decided that you were going to Harvard Law thanks to Elle Woods.

“What? Like it’s hard?”

9. You witnessed your parents stock up on bottled water during Y2K just in case.

Man, looking back at that is HILARIOUS. We actually thought we might be at risk. I remember once it hit midnight, everyone just stood still for like a millisecond to make sure we were still alive then continued on shouting. Classic.

10. You learned to debate at an early age thanks to Backstreet Boys VS. NSYNC and Britney VS. Christina

And before that was which Spice Girl was the best. I held onto the fact that Sporty and Ginger was btw. I always played the Sporty barbie doll but always acted out Ginger. My parents were probably frightened at what I would grow up to be because of that.

When it comes to the BSB and NSYNC – we all know NSYNC takes the cake. As well as Britney. If anyone disagrees, I will fight you like it’s 1999.

11. You have a lot of regrettable fashion choices.


The furry sweaters, pleather pants, pleather everything, butterfly clips, cloggy-shoes. AHHHHHHHH


11 of My Favorite Snapchat Accounts to Follow

Awe, Snapchat. What an addictive little app. I could easily say it’s now my favorite app next to Insta. The best part is a lot of celebs and influencers have taken it on and holy crap I love creepin’ on their lives! It still feels weird to know what Kate Hudson is doing in that exact moment. Speaking of, she’s fun to follow but if she was some random friend you had in college, you would be so annoyed so fast. lol go check her out to see what I mean (Snap name: khudsnaps) she is the type to just use a plain snap filter and move it around her face making duck faces. I’m not even kidding. Go look. lol

Here are some of my favorite “Snappers”:

Gary Vaynerchuck (GaryVee)


If you ever feel like not doing anything and being lazy, just follow Gary and he’ll put some motivation in ya! The man barely sleeps and he is constantly snapping and talking! I bet people just watch him walk and talk into his phone being like WTF?. Haha it’s so good.

Karena and Katrina – Tone it Up (karenakatrina)


Omgsh I have two girl crushes and they are with these two. I love following them on Snapchat. They are pretty funny and damn, show me how little I work out. They are seriously working out like all day long and smiling and laughing. I don’t get it. But they also show their cute little pets all the time!

Emily Schumann – Cupcakes and Cashmere (e.schuman)


One of the most famous bloggers shows you behind the scenes of her blog and she does such a good job or snapping. She’s not over the top and give you everything you want… Like closeups of cake and candy. 😉 AND! Her handwriting on her phone is so good. Just wait till you see what I mean. She’s perfect. She also has a pretty cute kid she shows off.

Taylor Wolfe – The Daily Tay (thedailytay)


Okay, bringing on the bloggers! This is one of my fave bloggers and her snaps are HILARIOUS. Seriously, if you want mini videos of people talking about funny things, just follow her.

Lauryn Evarts – The Skinny Confidential (laurynevarts)

Another blogger that’s fun to stalk! She uses Snapchat religiously. She’ll take you everywhere and talk about everything. Make recipes, give you product reviews, seriously it’s like a walking/talking blog.

Daymond John (thesharkdaymond)

This guy is always on the move, I have seriously caught him in Omaha on Snapchat before! What the!?

Kiersten – The Blonde Abroad (theblondeabroad)


If I could jump into anyone else’s Snapchat, it would be hers. She’s a travel blogger and always traveling in some exotic, beautiful place.

Mike Stud (mikestudhomie)

I was refreshing my Snapchat for this account when he was in Lincoln–when he is on tour, his friends will snap the entire concert for you! Also, be warned – not always safe snaps for work.

Kaitlyn Bristowe (snapbackbean)


YOU GUYS another girl crush right here. She is actually hilarious and when her and Shawn appear on each other’s snapchats – YES. Speaking of…

Shawn Booth (shawn_booth)


I’m tellin’ ya – these guys are actually funny and not lame how you think someone from the Bach would be.

I’m not nearly as cool as these peeps above, but if you want to follow my shenanigans, here’s my code! Just snap a picture of it 🙂


What are your favorite Snapchat accounts to follow? Always in the business of adding more accounts!





P.S. Just found a new fave. Chris Pratt. Find him at ChrisPrattSnaps – I almost fell off my chair laughing at this guy.

Hangovers, Debt, and Post-College Life: A Review

Everyone knows that time of life. The mid-life crisis. But what about the one before that when your life hits a quarter in its age? Well, I found some words that speak to every mid-20-something’s soul.

I don’t even remember how, but I stumbled across this new book coming out called Quarter Life Poetry: Poems for the Young, Broke, and Hangry”by Samantha Jayne. I impulsed pre-ordered the book on Amazon because it was calling my name. It’s a short read (win), relatable (also win), and the poems I read I was LOL’ing (ca-ching!)

Even though it’s not a novel or memoir to make you gain heaps of knowledge, it’s pretty good. Bonus: with nice little paintings dedicated to each poem 🙂


Here are some of my favorite lines and it’s also way funnier when you actually read it aloud like a poet does:

“Today I saw a baby
with such cuteness and grace,
I thought, ‘Aw I want a baby,’
but then I punched myself in the face.”

“I can’t afford a Zen garden
or tranquility pond,
so I’ll unwind by wandering
through Bed Bath & Beyond.”

“My alma mater implored me
to send them a donation.
If anything, I should write them
an equal invitation.”

“The waiting list was dismal,
the trek there was a pain,
but my muffin got twelve likes,
so brunch was not in vain.”

Want more? Check out her book on Amazon

P.S. This makes a great gift for anyone turning 25+! 😉

I don’t think I’ve hit a quarter-life crisis, but I do get down when I realize my hangovers are the worst they’ve ever been after drinking like 5 drinks in an 8-hour time span the night before. What is this? I also finally realized why credit cards suck. I screwed myself over in college and now I’m paying for it, literally. Along with student loans. EEK. How did that diploma cost so much is what I wanna know. I will also never take the freedom of my N-Card for granted ever, again. Those random snack hauls from the Union paid in full by my little red N-Card and I never saw the bill. That’s l-i-v-i-n-g.

25 is great, though, don’t get me wrong! I still feel young as ever but if I could be granted one wish. I would go back to tailgating with da crew in the bottoms and drinking jungle juice, sleeping in until noon because I only had an afternoon class to attend to. I mean, AMIRIGHT?! THE LIFE!



It’s Okay to Be Annoyed When…

In true Monday fashion, let’s all be mad at the world and relate on these together. Just kidding. I just wanted to make you laugh and say, “Yup.”

1. Trying to create a password you will have to remember that also must have 1 capital letter, 1 under case letter, 2 symbols, and must be 15 characters long.

2. The giant advertisements on newspapers sites. Take a look Lincoln’s local Journal Star. If you try to view any article, you’re going to get slammed with an ad that takes up the entire screen and you’ll end up clicking it because it just took up the entire screen.

3. Peanut butter M&Ms. They look too similar to the regs and they already have Reese’s pieces so there’s no need for those.

4. Startup buzzwords. I get it’s fun, but stop saying you will be the Uber of something and will gain traction and disrupt Google.

5. “An Open Letter to…” blog posts

6. Facebook trolls on local news stories who can’t tell the correct “there” “they’re” and “their” among many other types of fundamental grammar.

7. An email that just says “Call me.” or some other short, vague question when I’ve never even talked to the person. JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT SO I HAVE CONTEXT TO YOUR NEED.

8. Drivers who can’t make up their decision. JUST GO ALREADY! Oh, you’re not going to turn? I’ll go then. *starts driving* other driver starts turning.


9. People who try to troll with stupid NFL memes that everyone already saw 4 years ago. *picture of kid* “Mommy, why don’t they have rings?” IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY

10. When you get in line in front or behind a pack of loud high school or college girls or boys.

11. Donald Trump.

12. Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

13. When someone goes to the gym to lose weight and then drinks a large Mocha Frappe with whipped cream after.


14. Bad stock photography and brands actually using it. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the same girl working for so many different companies.


15. *Dresses up, does hair and makeup* See no one. *Rolls out of bed, ungroomed, runs to check mail* Sees an entire group of old college friends.

16. When someone posts everything they did on Facebook multiple times a day.

17. Selfies that have been airbrushed and you can tell. When your nose is all blurry, I’m betting that’s not natural…

18. When FedEx has a package for you but you have to be home to sign for it

19. Overly priced boutique fitness classes. $30 for one 50-minute workout? No thanks.

20. Incorrect news sites being shared as if they are real and 100% accurate.

21. When people have comic-y sans font as their main font on their phone. The worst is when it appears in a Snapchat. Maybe I’m brainwashed by Apple, but I can’t stand none-plain font on phone!

22.That immediate feeling of regret when you ate too much too fast.

23. Turning up on a week night after the age of 22. Sorry, but those hangovers can’t hang.

24. Brands trying too hard to make an April Fools joke work. One (that shall not be named) sent an email that we can now “scratch and sniff” clothes. That’s dumb. We all know you can’t do that through a phone. Gmail also failed.

What am I missing? 🙂


San Diego, L.A., and Laguna Beach Trip Recap

We headed to San Diego two months ago and let me tell you it was one of the best trips EVA. My lanta, I fell in love with that place. I tried not to be another average “California lover” but I couldn’t resist. It was perfect weather, bright and shiny, everything you would want every day of your life to look like. I do have to say that when I visited California for my first time almost two years ago we went to L.A., and I wasn’t all that impressed, but I did enjoy Huntington Beach!

So seeing San Diego then driving up the coast to L.A., while checking out Laguna Beach and other bordering cities was pretty neat. But San Diego is in a league of its own. I feel like it’s a nicer and better weather version of Chicago with a beach (attached to the ocean and not a massive lake). I didn’t know the best way to break down this epic trip, so I’m just going to list all of the things we did. Think of it as The Steezy Blog book of Trip Advisor reviews, but everything gets five stars. 🙂


Great hotel. Friendly staff and great location. Scratch that, perfect location. Gaslamp Quarter is perfect for any young folk wanting to go out and be close to food and drank. One little thing: it’s not a super cheap area. But San Diego isn’t that cheap anyway (we learned that real fast). We did hunt down happy hours though like a bo$$. Anyway, the hotel was perfect. Brandon is an event coordinator so it’s no secret he knows always knows how to pick the right places.

Speaking of…funny story. I joke that Brandon is a diva when it comes to travel logistics because he knows his stuff and wants to squeeze the most out of an accommodation. Hilton has this room upgrade thing, so of course Brandon was trolling it every day trying to see if any upgrades were available. Well there was so he went for it. His main goal was to get a good view, which is fair enough considering you’re pretty close to the ocean. So they give us our key and tell us we’re in the “towers” and to get there you have to go outside the hotel then use this hidden elevator. When we get in the room it was super cool looking, very boutique-y


But it lacked one thing… a good view. This view was peering into apartments across the street. So in true diva fashion, Brandon nicely asked the concierge if there was a room available with a view. We basically downgraded, but it was still nice and it had a view and looked at the ginormous convention center!



Also, I actually utilized…wait for it…wait for it…the exercise room *GASP*. For some unknown reason, I woke up at 8 a.m., on our first full day there and wanted to do something. Everyone is working out in S.D., it seems and it makes you want to, so I hit up the workout center and it was awesome! It overlooks the convention center and trains and you can kinda see the ocean. So much people watching, the time flew by in there – which rarely happens in a gym.


Dublin Square Irish Pub – San Diego

Our first victim in Gaslamp was this little Irish Pub that looked fun. We went and had a few drinks, including breakfast shots. Those are pretty much signature Greezy drinks. Shockingly, the waitress knew how to make them and even added a splash of vodka to the OJ chaser. Maybe that was the moment I fell in love with San Diego…


We even came back on our last night because they had a band playing.


Fun place!

Tin Roof – San Diego

This is a chain of bars/restaurants – not sure where they all are but we went to one in Charlotte once! It’s such a fun place, big and open and good food/drink specials and it usually gets wild at night. We came just in time for happy hour and rigged the system to get Fireball for like $2.50 (YAY!! Back to Lincoln pricing!!)


AND the food was BOMB. I got fish tacos and they were so good and pretty reasonably priced!

We ended up going back there the last night as well and drank drinks we probably didn’t need…I felt it the next day. Oomph.


K.C. BBQ – San Diego

As previously stated in a past post, this was my favorite bar! It felt the most like a hole-in-the-wall place, so naturally, I loved it. It was in the middle of giant buildings and then appears this little place. They only served wine and beer and the bartender was so cool; he was the best part. I think he really made the experience for us. First of all, he knew quite a bit of Nebraska peeps. He also stopped the bar at the end of the night to give the “Top Gun story”.



Laguna Canyon Hills Tasting Room & Winery

Found a good Groupon (it’s the only way I wine taste 😉 ) and it was just a wine tasting room, but we were the only ones in there, so the guy gave us all the tastings, and with the Groupon we got to take home three free bottles of wine. We also bought a bottle of Moscato because it’s the best, so we had to bring back four bottles of wine to Nebraska which might’ve not been the best idea, but it survived the plane ride! Note to self: just pack your clothes around it; it’ll make it!


Speaking of Wine… Check this out 

This place blew me away. They had all sorts of booze with massive selections of tequila and wine – HELL. YES. Even found some new wine selections to add to my Christmas list…

Exhibit A:



Saiko Sushi – Coronado



Honestly, this was the best sushi I’ve ever had. Sorry, Blue. And check out those shrimps rolled in something fried. OH MA GAH. Delicious.

Bub’s at the Beach – San Diego

This place needed to cure my “illness” from having too much fun the night before. So I went for a mimosa THAT YOU COULD MAKE YOURSELF! It was awesome. Brandon got a “bacon flight” and make-your-own-bloody-mary.




Sandbar Sports Grill – Mission Beach

This, you guys! This! Is the place that Dave Grohl was sitting across from us!!!!!! I also had a mean shrimp wrap (why can’t we have those things in Nebraska?) and of course, another round of BREAKFAST SHOTS!


There were many more food and drank places, including In-N-Out (CHEA!) but I’m gonna move on. If you need any ideas, hit me up and I’ll give you some ideas!


Del Mar Racetrack

We couldn’t go in but we drove by!


Oceanside, C.A.

We stopped so Brandon could see another Top Gun attraction. This old beachfront house:



Such a cool little town. We drove by the high school and it’s so crazy to think these kids go to this school right next to the beach. Man, what a life!


Laguna Beach

Holy crap Laguna Beach is cool. Totally not what I expected. It seriously reminded me of Colorado Springs-beach version. I don’t know why, but it felt so homey and fun because the ocean is right there with tons of colors and then huge rolling hills. Loved it. Wished we could’ve spent more time there.




Lakers/Bulls Game – L.A.




^ How adorable is that!!! ^

Flagship Boar Tour – San Diego


Besides the USS Midway, this was probably my favorite thing we did. We purchased the boat tours off Groupon and it was a great deal! They go on two tours – North Bay and South Bay. We didn’t realize, but we had bought both, which was great because we could see both bays.



The first part was the South Bay and the boat was packed! I had a Long Island and enjoyed the cruise. The South Bay tour takes you by all the military boats and you get an awesome view of the San Diego skyline as well going under that insane bridge.



We even saw the ship that Osama Bin Laden was thrown off of! NUTS.


After the South Bay tour, they dropped us off and new tours got onboard. It was so weird though, we were like the only ones staying for the next tour.


Perfect for us! We could drink up, walk around, boat was all ourssss. (Almost).

The South Bay tour took us by Coronado Island and saw MF’ing SEALS. I did not know seals existed in C.A. Also saw more military stuff, which was really cool. I love boat history (hence, this).


Old Town San Diego



USS Midway

My favorite thing on the trip! When I was reading reviews on TripAdvisor this place was all the rage and I didn’t understand why. But after walking through the huge ship – holy moly, SO COOL!!!!

If you go to San Diego, you HAVE to go there!






Petco Park Stadium Tour – San Diego

It was really cool to go deep into the ballpark and see behind the scenes, we even got to go into the away team’s locker room!


Brandon’s favorite part is the historic building in left field. As a historic landmark, it couldn’t be torn down during the construction building of the stadium, so they left it in place as part of the ballpark.


Mission Beach Bike Ride




Well, there ya have it! Thousands of photos later… 🙂


That Time I thought a Fictional Alien Podcast Was Real

*Please note: I actually started writing this in November, but because of my lack of posts lately, I had to bust something out of the Steezy archives. So enjoy this little number. You can enjoy my stupidity 😉 

So here I was, listening to a new Podcast and as I kept getting deeper and deeper in it I kept asking myself how was not everyone talking about this?!! THIS IS INSANE!!!!


The podcast is The Message (oh god, you’re shaking your head at me now aren’t you?) It follows a lady as she documents decoders decoding a message from…wait for it… wait for it… aliens. Or is it?

Basically, the audio recording is from long ago and has a rep of cursing people who listen to it.

Side note: I don’t feel as if I’m spoiling right now because everyone else in the world besides me knows this isn’t real. I won’t get into heavy details so I don’t spoil the good stuff. K?

But back in my “reality” I was like WTF. Am I going to die? Is this real life? This is how it ends?


But there are so many other people listening to this! Are you saying this podcast is going to ruins millions of lives? NOOOOOOO. But then I was like…

“Wait a second, is this real?”


Well, I’m one of those people who can be easily tricked if you will. And not to mention, they sounded cheesy when they would talk like it was all set up. So I did a fact check.

*begins Googling*



it’s not.

Andddddd just realized the podcast is under the genre “Performing Arts”.




I started listening to podcasts to massage ma brain cells and keep up with current events and learn more. This wasn’t what I wanted!

In conclusion, I guess I do suggest listening to this podcast if it’s your kind of thing. I mean, I did listen to it the whole way through because I had to know what happens. I’m also glad that my life isn’t in any danger.



(I was trying to find a good alien gif and found this.)


Throwback Thursday: People Magazine Edition

You’ll never believe what I found among the hoards of things in my old closet at my parent’s house. Magazines over 10 years old. HELL. YES.

I love magazines, always have. Fun fact: Changed my major only once so I could target my degree at a magazine career, but then I was sewing clothes because it was part merchandising and I switched back because you should’ve seen the baby clothes I made. I have a pic of it somewhere… I’ll work on finding that for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway, I found the People magazine from December 1, 2003.


The features Include:

  • The infamous “Sexiest Man Alive” grazing the cover and it’s none other than Johnny Depp (Plus: Brad, George, Russell Crowe, Nick Lachey, & Justin). Dang, We had it good then, now it’s like Justin Beiber or someone from One Direction. Bleh.
  • Bachelor Bob and Estella TELL ALL!!!! OMG YOU GUYS!
    “We want to make it last” – Estella
    I believe he has been married and divorced from someone else and just got engaged with a new chick.

Let’s dig into this mag and laugh at 2003, shall we?

OMG! Ashton and Demi – together! I didn’t realize the were married that long ago…


Okay, tear. Brittany Murphy at a Lakers game. 🙁 RIP


EW LOOK AT DAVID BECKHAM! That hair cut is hideous, David.


Ohhhh yeahhhh this was when Christina Aguilera got all “dirty


BRITNEY IS SO HEALTHY!! This was 4 years before she went bat cray (but now she’s BACK!!) <3 Also, excuse me People Mag for 2.5 stars. HOW DARE YOU.


…whoa. This was when all of that was happening… :/


Haha!! Who remembers Average Joes?!


Alright, we’re moving into the epic “Top 10”. We got…

  1. Brad Pitt
  2. Ashton
  3. George
  4. Lenny Kravitz
  5. Justin Timberlake *drools*
  6. Hugh Grant
  7. Russel Crowe
  8. Hugh Jackman
  9. Denzel
  10. Colin Farrell



Ah yes. This. Never watched that show, actually.


OH YES OH YES!!!! A young 21 year old Andy! EEEEEE!!


P.S. He dated Mandy Moore????

Peter Dinklage! For all you G.O.T. fans out there…


Here you go, Bachelor fans!


Aw, Trista and Ryan planning their wedding!


Last but not least, let’s all reminisce when these bodies made their way down the V.S. runway!


Hope you enjoyed your trip down memory People magazine lane 🙂


I Tried B12 Shots for 6 Weeks and Here’s What Happened

Oh my gosh, I hate titles like I just created above where it ends in “…and here’s what happened” but I wanted to try it out myself to see if that actually gets people to click. 🙂

First off, I’m going to ruin the parade right off the bat by saying I didn’t lose any weight from doing this. I think it’s a common misconception that it’s only a weight loss aid. It probably could work really well, but mixed with diet and exercise and maybe more vitamins. Also, you will probably have to do it for many months before noticing a drastic (if any) weight loss.

BUT it did do something pretty cool 🙂

So how did I get to the point of walking in and getting one? Well, I’ve always wanted to try it and I saw one of those local deals of a company in Lincoln giving five shots away for $25 – HECK YEAH! So I signed up. I went to Regeneration, P.C. which I highly recommend! I loved it there and was in and out in like 5 minutes and the same lady always did my shot and was super nice.

I did not realize it was the same place you go to get botox, so that was a shocker! Ha! I went every week at the same time and like I mentioned, it literally takes a couple minutes – you’re in and out so fast so it’s perfect for before work or during your lunch break.

Now, why B12 shots???

If you’re lacking in B12, this is what you get! You can take B12 supplements, but the shots goes straight into your muscle tissue to help make healthy red blood cells. You also retain almost all of the shot! This source states “none of it gets lost in the digestive process. For comparison’s sake, a B12 tablet leave you with only 1.2% of the B12 tablet. A shot will lose very little, if any.”

It also helps your functioning cardiovascular system and central nervous system (this would explain the mood-boosting element of the shot).

And of course, it increases your metabolism, which can help aid in weight loss (IF you are already on a proper diet regimen, it can help speed up the weight loss).

What happened to me?

I don’t believe I am actually lacking in B12 so I was curious if I would even notice anything. The lady giving me the shots said it would take a couple weeks to really notice anything. Honestly, it wasn’t a drastic difference but I did feel a tad different after the second week. I noticed that my mind was a little sharper (but I was also reading more, so I just figured that had something to do with it), then I mentioned that to the nurse and she said it helps improve memory, so maybe it was the B12! I did feel that for the weeks following to.

I was only supposed to have 5 shots, but they messed up and said I still had remaining shots, so I just went with it (hehe) so I had 6! After the fourth one, I noticed that I would be in a pretty great mood after the shots. I always got them done on Thursday mornings before work, so I always tried scheduling work calls after because I was always pretty dang chipper!!

Would I do it again? Heck yes, I do think it does good things to your body that you will notice, but not drastically. It’s not a flick of a switch type thing, you just start to notice you feel good after the shots. They aren’t that badly priced either, but still too much for me to pay and drive every week. If I could walk there each week, I wouldn’t stop getting B12 shots! (I work and live blocks away from each other – so I never drive) 😉

*I forgot to mention, for those who don’t like shots, these are pretty quick and painless. I had my shots in the arm, but I’ve heard that you can get them in other places. I usually barely felt the poke, minus a couple times, but it wasn’t bad.

I wanna know, though, has anyone else had these and did you notice any changes?


Vegetarian Lasagna Soup

Alright, can someone just give me an award for #Adulting right now? I’m cooking, PEOPLE! ME! I did it!

“I’d just like to thank my mom for teaching me everything I know about pre-packaged meals like instant potatoes and boxed dinners, Brandon for always believing in me, and for all the haterz out there who laughed at me when I failed to show up when it came to cooking.”


*Just kidding, my mom makes more than boxed goods. However, I do prize in the fact that she doesn’t waste time slaving away when something can be pulled apart, put on a pan and pushed in the oven (I’m talking about pre-packaged, ready-to-go cookies).

I’m almost averaging a recipe post a month on this blog at the rate I’m cookin’. This little recipe found its way to me thanks to the eMeals app that I started a couple weeks ago…

I gave in to the free 2-week trial and I decided to give it a little spin and keep for a month to see if it does wonders for me. The beauty of it is supposed to make you spend less money (Dave Ramsey endorses it!) because you’re cooking at home, not eating out and at the same time making your life simpler with recipes and grocery store checklists to the store of your choice. I chose Walmart (holla, it’s so cheap) and the vegetarian option for two – even though it’s just for me. With this one meal, it easily lasted me for four plus meals.

I want to rant and rave more about eMeals, but I’ll save it for another time. Let’s just get to the recipe, shall we?!



  • 1/2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 (11 oz) package of veggie protein crumbles 
  • 1 cup chopped onion 
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 Tbsp dried Italian seasoning
  • 1 (32 ounce) carton vegetable broth
  • 1 (14.5 ounce) can petite diced tomatoes 
  • 1/2 (15 ounce) can tomato sauce
  • 1 Tbsp tomato paste
  • 1/2 Tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 cup uncooked lasagna noodles, broken into 1-inch pieces 
  • 1/2 cup freshly shredded mozzarella cheese 


1. Heat oil in large Dutch oven (ignore my non-Dutch oven I used, not adulting hard enough to own a Dutch oven) over medium-high heat. Add crumbles, onion, garlic, and Italian seasoning: cook 8 to 10 minutes or until brown. 

Ignore the mess of that stove. I literally tried using the "healing brush" tool on Photoshop, and that couldn't even clean it.
Also ignore the mess of that stove. I literally tried using the “healing brush” tool in Photoshop, and that couldn’t even clean it.

2. Stir in broth, tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, and brown sugar. 

3. Bring to a boil; reduce heat, and simmer 15 minutes. Add noodles, and simmer 10 minutes or until pasta is tender. 



4. Top each serving with (a generous or not so generous) amount of mozzarella cheese. 


Thoughts? It sounded like a crazy dish at first but it was delicious!!! Definitely going to make again. I give it a 5 out 5 stars.


This Week, Vol. 1

Throughout the week, I always have a gazillion thoughts, finds, random new interests, and everything in between. Some call it ADHD, I just call it bein’ Steezy. I tried to remember to collect all of these things and dish them out here.

So here we go. “This Week” AKA things that don’t deserve an entire blog post by themselves, volume one.

Movie: Nightcrawler

On Valentine’s night, Brandon and I just stayed home and ate dinner at our table for the first time EVER. We got our table around October (I think). So yeah, it was a big deal! We made dinner together for the first time (I’m no cook) so it was a pre-made bag of garlic shrimp and pasta that you literally just throw in a skillet and heat (mad props to the genius who invented that), but we did outdo ourselves by making bruschetta… 😉 even though it’s one of the simplest foods to make.



Anyway, afterwards we watched Nightcrawler on Netflix and you guys… I don’t think I liked it. Jake Gyllenhaal was soooo creepy, I’m surprised I haven’t had a nightmare with his bulging eyes and skinny self in it yet. I prefer my movies happy and fun and that did not do it. Which reminds me… The Revenant, have you seen it? So nuts and not one good part about it, but it’s such a good movie production. Nightcrawler is just freaky. Good acting and great story line, though – it doesn’t surprise me it has a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. But definitely won’t watch it again.


New Find: Billion Dollar Shipwreck TV Show


HOW IS THIS SHOW NOT A BIG DEAL? It has a crazy storyline and holy crap, I just want to know what happens so bad. When I first started watching it, I thought it was a documentary and I would find everything out by the end, but nope. It just turned off and I almost cried. I was so invested. There are two storylines going on. One about finding the “treasure” and one about the family’s falling out (hint: someone kills someone, but don’t worry, that’s not a spoiler because it’s all we know so far!) A dad (pictured above lookin’ like a true pirate) and son are on a quest to recover gold coins from a shipwreck back in 1865 that was mysteriously hidden from shipwreck maps and this guy (the Dad) knows why – because it’s hiding gold. The ship is the SS Republic and also a White Star Line (HOLLA! #Titanic) so I’m hooked. I LOVE a good conspiracy theory and history.

You can watch this show on the History channel and I think it just started, so you shouldn’t miss much. Oh, and it’s super intense because every day they are out to sea trying to get the gold, it costs over $50k A DAY. One diver is almost dying right now because of a malfunction from going down in the ocean and coming back up. It’ll leave you on the edge of your seat, people. (Maybe. It’s a little slow and has lots of commercial breaks FYI).


DRANK: McDonald’s French Vanilla Iced Coffee


(Stephanie, ignore my chipped nail polish plz) 

WHERE. HAS. THIS. BEEN. ALL. OF. MY. LIFE. It’s delicious and it’s like $1.80. Hell ya! I’ve heard people rave about how good McDonald’s coffee is but I figured it probably didn’t have a high standard anyway, so it was probably just o-kay. But people of coffee land, I now understand. This stuff is bomb. I don’t even really like coffee! And I like the iced version I’m coming to realize. I hate hot things (except for Brandon. See what I did there?) But this stuff I can get used to.


Book: Finished Devil in the White City, Picked up On Writing Well 

Ya’ll, I finally finished Devil in the White City. Remember when I started it like a hundred years ago?


Or just seven weeks ago. But it wasn’t the easiest read. It gets a little dry, but it was still good! I would rate it a 3.5 out of 5. For those who have read it, this next part is for you (So move to the next paragraph if you don’t want spoiled): I kept wanting more about Holmes and less about the building of the fair but then once I read all of the Holmes stuff at the end, it was probably okay. How creepy is that all? I’m spooked out for life. Especially about the part where they mention how after he dies, all of the people related to his death die from all different causes. I literally just got goosebumps after typing that. SCARY stuff.

I’ve now moved on to On Writing Well by William Zinsser.


I actually tried reading this over a year ago but now it’s time. I’m SO excited to read this now because, after Devil in the White City, I need a quicker read. That book put me way behind on my lofty 2016 goals. (See, this is why you don’t do resolutions!!!) I’ve only read a few chapters and I have already noticed so many things about writing. P.S. I’m super embarrassed if there’s bad grammar in here now but hey, at least I’m trying! I love writing, but I like writing how I talk and I don’t always have an attention to detail, even though I try so I’m beyond ready to step up ma game. Wish me luck!




You guys!!! I was sifting through NOW albums on Spotify today. Yes, you read that right – I was sifting through NOW albums, like the NOW 34 that played all your Britney and S Club 7 hits! But I got to one of them and a song started playing and the singer was Kate Winslet. Um, what? Where was I when Kate Winslet was singing? Apparently it was in 2000 and it’s called “What If” and featured in Christmas Carol: The Movie. Then I began discovering she has a few other songs! WHAT IS THIS?! She has some serious pipes. Man, I already knew I loved ya Kate, but this takes it to a whole new level. Can I just be you?


Food: Mayo + Ketchup

Omg, you’re totally going to stop reading this blog now that you know my dirty trick. This was actually over a week ago, but I fully committed to it this week. But mayo and ketchup – you read that right. It’s a beautiful combo to dip your french fries in. I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed of myself for figuring this out but have you ever tried Freddy’s “fry sauce”? I swear this is what they do. They might add something else, but it tastes almost similar!!! Don’t knock it till ya try it!


Thoughts: The Pope Calling Out Trump

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.10.48 PM

HAH HAAAA! How beautiful that was. Click here if you haven’t heard/seen. “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.”

Not to get all political up in here but that was awesome and disturbing that the Pope had to even address it. Also, just discovered this article tonight and WOW. Pretty good read. I want so badly to write a novel about this campaign season, but those posts don’t get published 😉 So I’ll just leave these there.

Welp, that’s all I got folks! Have a great weekend everyone!