A Weekend in Chicago…

Full of booze, fun, fish, bikes, and a couple wins.

Safe to say I’m exhausted. Good news is this Monday back at work we spent half the day playing “tiny golf” aka mini golf. So that was awesome!

This Chicago trip was one of the tops for me. I don’t know if it was all the Husker fans taking over the city or that we were able to pack so much greatness in a couple days. Let’s begin where it all went down…


Highly recommend staying at this sick Airbnb that is 3 APTS AWAY FROM WRIGLEY FIELD! I couldn’t believe it – def the way to stay in Chicago. Just a few blocks away from the Red Line and beach. Here’s what we did during the weekend (and what you should plan on doing when you visit Chicago next!!)



Wrigley Field Tour

Quick pro tip: Do the tour when there’s not a game that day because then you get on the field! We need to do this again, though because we couldn’t visit the opponent’s locker room since the Cards had already arrived. That locker room is one of the most historic places in the ballpark because so many famous athletes have been in there. Think Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, you name it!



Trader Todd’s

What we really wanted was karaoke and boy did we find it! THIS PLACE WAS AWESOME! It reminded me or a Margaritaville meets Nashville. If you’re ever near this place, be sure to visit Trader Todd’s.

I also sang “Friends in Low Places” for the 98th time. I’m really livin’ out that glory of the time I met the songwriter.


Cubs Game

Because, duh! Also made sure to get my brew, peanuts, and Giordano’s personal pizza.




Ride Bikes Along the Beach

This was so much fun (and so much work). We should’ve known that after drinking two days straight your muscles don’t work quite the same as usual. It was still awesome, though. We rented a bike for $10 then rode it along the beach from Wrigleyville to the Navy Pier. It’s a great ride that took about 30-40 minutes but for sure grabbed an Uber on the way back 😉


NE vs. Northwestern Football Game

Okay, so you can’t always do this but it was great! Always a good time there, it’s just straight up Husker fans all around. That stadium was FILLED with red – such a beautiful sight! BONUS: They had veggie burgers!!! Seriously, I love you Memorial Stadium but you NEED to get some veggie-friendly selections. It’s so not fun not having decent food to fill my booze-filled stomach with!


This trash can is no joke.

Shedd Aquarium 

THIS is getting its own post soon – OMGSH you guys, this was one of my favorite parts of the trip. When I woke up Sunday morning I had very rare end-of-the-weekend energy. I was determined to make it to Museum Campus to check out a place I haven’t been yet even if I went alone. So I did. The place was so cool and so worth a visit. I even found a book about Lake Michigan shipwrecks that I’m now currently reading and holy crap it’s fascinating. Will have to share my finds later on here 😉



The Types of Fans You Meet at a Husker Football Game

We have all witnessed one of these fans at some point of our Husker fan career…
*Please note: These might be dramatized and stereotypical arranged for one’s humor. 😉

1. The Heavy Shopper

This person is usually toting around a couple bags of new Husker merchandise. They are also about 98.5% likely to purchase a program at the game and upgrade to the souvenir cup at the concession stand.

2. The First Timer

Usually a kid under the age of 10. They look around in awe and have a red First National balloon in hand. They will remember the game for weeks to come and become a life-long Husker football fan. Witnessing “The First Timer” is a great fan site for any Husker.

3. The Drunk Guy

You knew this one was coming, huh? He might be screaming “GOOO BIIIIG REEED” in anticipation for a GBR chant from the crowd following or he could just be shouting words. Who knows. He may get angry at bad calls and stupid plays during the game, even drop profanities here and there, but he could also just fall right asleep sitting up. You never really know what to expect with “The Drunk Guy”.

4. The Drunk Girl

Ah yes, this beautiful fan. She might stumble in the game, drop a shooter or two in the bathroom stall on accident, and may need help walking up the stadium stairs. This one I like to call “The Drunk Girl”. We’ve all been her a time or two. I mean, Nebraska is known to tailgate and tailgate hard. Can we really blame her? She might also be fast asleep in her seat by the third quarter.

5. The Fancy Season Ticket Holder

Usually found near the Champions Club or on the west side of Memorial tailgating in the horseshoe with a badge (of honor) around their neck. They may pregame with fellow ticket holders and discuss business every once in awhile or schedule the next tee time.

6. The Husker Football Historian

Knows everything there is to know about everything Husker football. They might’ve even come from the Volleyball game before kick-off. This person misses nothingThey can spew off every former player’s name and what their stats were. They also have a Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne shrine at home. Might also bring binoculars and a radio headset to every game.

7. The Small Town Nebraska Fan

One of my personal favorites because nothin’ says Husker football like a small town Nebraskan. This person might stick out with their overalls, game jerseys, farmer hats, and boots. They enjoy being in the “big city” on game day. They’ll probably have a beer in hand and might get down to party. In fact, I’ve found there’s two types of these fans: those that are here to party hard and those who are just here to enjoy the game then head back to their town. Both equally great fans.

8. The Past Husker Football Player

This fan might still wear their letterman jacket (I’m lookin’ at you, Johnny Rodgers), but most just sit back and blend in with the rest of the crowd or give on-air commentary to local radio stations. Sometimes, you might even find them at The Bar The Bar, which is always refreshing to see other alumni reppin’ the college bars.

9. The Negative Fan

Ugh, the worst. The only thing that will please this fan is a National title every single year, and I bet they even still find something to criticize. Every once in a while, you might be placed by one of these fans in a game and I’m so sorry for that. They might make you feel uncomfortable as they shout mean things to our own team, but never give into their satire unless you want to yell positive chants nonchalantly when the team does great things.

10. The Person Who Has No Idea What’s Going On Fan

“Oh, we lost?”

Yeah, that fan. I like to envision this fan as a mom who is just happy to be out with her family at a game. This fan might accidently cheer for the wrong team every once in a while and ask what happened when a touchdown is scored. They will also most likely remain positive throughout the game, making you appreciate them more if you end up next to the negative fan.

11. The Wave Starter

You can love ’em or hate ’em. This person is probably a student and one of the first people in line to get into East or South stadium. They wear the red and white striped overalls, oversized corn head or foam cowboy hat, makeshift signs, face painted, you name it. Their main intention is to get the crowd “riled” up (see what I did there?)

12. The Question Asker

This fan might have a little “Has No Idea What’s Going On Fan” in them. Side note: Never watch a movie with this fan. Will ask play questions, ref call questions, who’s that player questions, you name it, they have a question for it.

13. The Worrier

On the edge of their seat the entire game. Doesn’t know if we can pull it off. Will squeal when we have to make a play to score a touchdown or kick a field goal. Every game is a playoff game in their eyes.

14. The Phone Checker

Only at the game to get a good Instagram pic. Snapchats are also a must for this fan and most of the game is spent checking social media. There’s two types of fans that can fall in this category: The one who legitmetaly doesn’t care or the one who needs to check Twitter for what other fans are saying while they watch the game. This may also get frustrated when service in Memorial gets shady.

15. The Unsportman-like Fan

Better known as the rude fan. Luckily, Nebraska doesn’t have many of them, but there’s always a bad apple in a sea of red. This fan might make snide remarks to opposing team fans and will most likely get belligerent at some point of game day. Be cautious of these fans, they aren’t worth talking to.

16. The Nostalgia Fan

Won’t stop talking about the good ole’ championship years. Is probably sporting swag from the 70’s or 90’s. Probably has a tailgate spot with a tricked our RV sporting a Husker football mural and stickers on the outside. Push the horn and you might even get the school fight song!

Which ones am I missing? 

September 11, 2001

Everyone has a story for 9/11, here’s mine.

6th Grade. Springville Elementary. Cafeteria. 

I was in the cafeteria line to get breakfast when I remember the lunch ladies were listening to the radio and instead of music playing, it was full of voices in a serious tone. I can literally still see the clock on the wall to see what time it was. It was almost 8am CST. School was about to start. I remember that no one seemed too worried, they were just in shock. That is until the second plane hit and everyone began to panic. You could see it on all of the teachers’ faces but still trying to remain calm to not scare the kids. I remember teachers walking up and down the halls to speak with each other.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to watch TV like a lot of my other friends did, so it was just all word of mouth and I never really had a full understanding of what was happening, I just knew that I had to feel scared.


At the end of the day, our principal spoke over the intercom to lightly explain what had happened that morning and to remain hopeful and pray. Mind you, this is a public school in a city so telling the kids to pray is not really allowed.

When the day was over, I was so happy to reunite with my parents, because that’s who I was worried about the most all day. My dad was parked in the lot with his ’55 Chevy and I just ran to the car, I was so happy to see him. My principal came over and talked with my dad and even mentioned that she could care less if she gets in trouble for saying to pray. When I got home I was glued to the TV to watch updates still unaware of what all was unfolding in front of my eyes.

Over the next few weeks, I was able to wrap my head around it a little more but still unable to fully comprehend what actually happened. I was just sad about the stories and lives lost.


A couple events that I remember like it was yesterday was when I saw a fleet of massive military trucks making their way across the interstate. I was terrified.

We could see the interstate from our house and I was looking out and saw all of them. I thought we ready to attack on our own land. It was probably military cars heading to Offutt.

Speaking of Offutt, it’s still so crazy to think that George W. Bush Jr. was that close to us on that day. I remember classmates telling us that he might be there. Which actually ended up freaking us out because we thought the terrorists would know that and attack Nebraska.

I will also never forget the night of October 7 when the first bombs dropped in Afghanistan. I watched the live footage on the small TV in my room and will never forget that moment. It blows my mind that an 11-year-old actually watched that.

15 years later, the day still hits you in the heart and everyone has their own story, but there’s something that is the same for everyone: The world stopped turning that morning but we always move forward and we will never forget. 

What’s your story?

10 Things You Probably Did If You Went to College in the Late ’00s

College. One of the most beautiful times of everyone’s life. Especially when it’s within the wonderful years of 2008-2010. Here’s just a few of the things that were probably part of your life during this time period.

1. Hair Teasing

“How high can my poof go?”

Awe, the times of Guidettes and their influence on the height of our hair. It was part of the getting ready process, to gather in one dorm room and tease our hair with lots of hair spray to maintain a hold that won’t undo if jungle juice gets on your hair.

2. Jersey Shore on Thursday Nights


Yes Yes Yes Yes. I LOVED Jersey Shore. Know what I loved even more? Watching the latest episode while getting ready to go out on a Thursday night. Grenades, chicken cutlets, and good times.

Oh yeah, Thursdays, Yeahhhh


3. Ed Hardy. Ed Hardy, everywhere…

I still look at Ed Hardy and wonder how in the world that stuff was so popular. I even had a poster in my dorm of an Ed Hardy design (replica below *facepalm*).The Ed Hardy perfume was pretty good stuff, though – I gotta give ’em credit for that.  But if you were rich, you were probably donning that Christian Audigier.


4. Your Party Playlist Consisted On…

Hits of Lady Gaga, Flo Rida (“Right Round”), “Single Ladies”, Katy Perry, Lil’ Wayne, 3Oh!3, “Boom Boom Pow”, Kanye, and so many great jams. I can’t say this with full confidence, but whenever I listen to music from 2008-2009, that miiight be some of the best music. I mean, “A Milli”… c’mon. So good.

5. Digital Cameras

You never arrived to a party without your digital camera in tow. Period. Ah, life before quality cell phone cameras.

Bringing up the point of…

6. Photo Limits

Ugh. After the weekend was up and you loaded all of your regrettable (really bad idea btw) party pics to Facebook, you had an album limit. 60. #FirstWorldProblem right?

That’s why you would then usually create an album for Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday. Simple.

Kids these days will never know what that was like! Now I can load 300+. Nice work, Zuck.

7. Cellphones

The great thing about the late ’00’s is we all had really, really bad (but epic) phones. I initially arrived on college campus with a stunning razr-type cell that took the blurriest of the blur pics.

Then I upgraded to a slick used Motorola Q. I remember not understanding if I was technically “allowed” to use the interwebz on the phone or not because at that time you paid for every minute you used the data. (Yes, my parents received expensive phone bills because of this #FAIL). I even painted glitter clear nail polish over my phone because I was a cheap college kid who wanted a cool looking phone.

You ready to see this masterpiece?



Oh, how far we have now come with our iPhones and massive Android screens. I’ll never forget the first pic I took on an iPhone. Our friend (hey, Kelsey!!) was the only one out of us who had one and I remember taking pics taking pictures on it in the middle of a Phi Psi party. Classic.

Here’s (part of) that pic!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.46.23 PM

8. The Hangover



Here was one of my fave things to do: Get ready for the night while watching The Hangover. It just got ya in the mood. Always left ya feelin’ great.

The Hangover never got old, it’s still not old. Pretty much everyone quoted this movie everywhere you went and that was okay. You were a good year, 2009.


9. Four Loco

I think my liver just flipped over while typing those two words. As if Four Loco wasn’t bad enough with all the caffeine, we drank it every time we went out at one point. I’m so, so, so sorry body. Also, kind of glad that phase passed because I don’t think my 26-year-old metabolism could handle 60+ grams of sugars bathing in alcohol.

So. Much. Four. Loco.


10. Mapquest

We weren’t quite blessed with GPS or Google Maps in the palm of our hands at this time. I totally forgot about this part of life until I was talking to someone the other day about how we used to write down (or print out) the instructions for our destination before leaving the crib. Thank tha lawd for Google Maps on our phone. I don’t really know how we did it. Also, this is the first “old thing” I will say… “Kids these days will never know what it was like to get directions to the party and hope you find it otherwise you’re screwed.” – Actually, you would just hit up the local gas station and ask the clerk for directions. Oh, good times.

Here is a picture of me (scarily) clutching the directions for the party. This is also a picture that will probably be used as blackmail one day…



So what am I missing? Let me know in the comments, this could get good… 😉

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Review

Harry_Potter_and_the_Cursed_Child_Special_Rehearsal_Edition_Book_CoverFirst of all, praise to you J.K. Rowling for blessing us with another installment of Harry Potter. I was a little worried about this book because of the mixed reviews I read but I assure you it’s a 5-star book. I literally finished it in a few days. That is unheard of with my lack of focus. It also helps that it is a script so you can flip through pages pretty quickly.

But I’m going in deep now, so beware, spoilers ahead!!

I read spoilers about people having a hard time with the book because of Harry’s adulthood antics like Ginny making him give up sugar–but it’s not that bad. I was worried that the book would be too far fetched and get rid of the Harry, Hermione, and Ron personalities that we love. But lez be honest, they are grown up now so it was bound to happen that they would deal with “being adults” and the real (wizard) world. I did feel like Ron was portrayed a little dumb. He’s just a side-kick to Hermione, but major girl power going on – which was awesome. I also loved Draco in this book. Finally, Draco gets to be somewhat of a hero and actually show that he has a heart.

Oh, I was also reading reviews that people felt like Harry’s and Draco’s sons had a little hidden love affair. But I didn’t get that vibe after I read the entire book. Besides, Albus had a crush on creepy Delphi and Scorpius likes Rose. Which by the way, how sad is everyone that Rose and Albus didn’t get along? That was a hard one for me to grasp, but I understand this was not supposed to be perfect. 🙁

Speaking of Delphi by the way, I did NOT see that coming. That was weird. I about had a heart attack when they got stuck in 1981. Also, how in the world can Voldemort possibly be able to procreate? I did read a review about that and I agree… how can he have enough emotion to even “do it”? EWWWWWWWW

So, so gross.

AND how can Cedric possibly be capable of becoming a Death Eater? I didn’t like that part. I felt like J.K. Rowling just wanted to ruin us.

It also felt pretty corny when Harry turned into Voldemort to trick Delphi. Like, what he was saying to Delphi, yeah right Voldemort would be that believing he had a daughter. I actually did want Voldemort to meet her to see what would’ve happened. I could see him just killing her.

Oh!  And can we just talk about Hermione being a teacher? And a really mean one at that? I didn’t care for that part. I also really hated when Harry talked smack to Professor McGonagall. How dare you, Harry Potter!

Okay, I’m calling this post good. One last thing, though.

For those who read it, what part did you like/not like? Do you wish it would’ve ended differently? I think that’s why it might not get as great reviews. We’re used to Harry Potter changing something by the end of the book and this one nothing really happened. It was just a learning experience. So that was why I think the actual books are better but this was still a great book! 5 out of 5 success!

The Best Part Of “Back to School Season” (with Giveaway)!

It’s that time of year again! Remember back in the day when back to school time meant perusing the store aisles for your new Jansport backpack? Don’t forget the Lisa Frank trapper keeper! Then fighting through the crowd to find all the supplies on your class checklist? I feel so bad for my mom looking back now. I remember getting flustered when my mom wouldn’t buy me overly-priced Milky Way pens.

Sorry Mom.

But the best part was picking out your first day of school outfit with your polished new sneaks (I once had those Adidas shoes with the interchangeable stripe colors #classic), crisp new jeans, a cool top, and spending hours in the mirror trying out hairstyles followed up with a sweep of Bath and Body Works Art Club glitter roll.

So much nostalgia! If I could I would totally go back in time and do it all over again. Luckily, I had a *tiny* bit of a chance to do that. Shoutout to Gateway Mall for sending me on a back to school shopping trip along with a gift to share with you guys!

I tapped into my inner student (not the one who got an A++ in partying, the other one) and here’s what I decided was this season’s must-have:

1. New sneaks.

And not just any sneaks. CHUCKS, BABY! Hands down my favorite shoe I’ve ever owned. I got them in middle school, during the prime emo years. I wore those things out and then ended up losing them. I’ve wanted a pair ever since, but settled for the $15 Target kicks, so this was my. time. to. shine.


Converse shoes found at Shoe Dept.

These bad boys are such an upgrade from my first blue pair. These babies have a floral pattern inside, soles that feel like you’re walking on a pillow, and tongues that stick out because I guess that’s what’s in these days?

2. A jacket

Jackets to me are like shoes are to most gals. I love ’em, can’t have enough of ’em. This jacket helps me channel my inner lumberjack. Just put me on the Mountian Men show with these threads!


Jacket found at Forever 21

Okay, so a little back story to this picture. Minus the fact that Brandon was extremely embarrassed to be taking pictures of me on UNL campus… Mwahaha! #BloggerHusband

But okay, quick story time: On my first day of freshman year of college at UNL it was pouring outside. Figures. I also never spent the weekend walking to the buildings to where my classes would be so I would know where to go. Sooo I got lost. In the rain. Holding a campus map. Soaked. To all you UNL kids, I was looking for Grandfather hall (ONLY THE TALLEST BUILDING ON CAMPUS) yet somehow I managed to find my way around Memorial Stadium and finally asking for help from someone who was probably a Senior and star athlete who I didn’t recognize. EMBARRASSING.

Derp Pro Tip: New college students should walk around campus to familiarize themselves with it and find where their classes are.

3. Jeans!

I was most excited for this back to school excursion because I could claim another pair of Express jeans. I am not kidding you, they are the best. Especially for my fellow short-torsos out there! They have mid-rise jeans AND “short” sizes. #MatchMadeInHeaven


Jeans found at Express

…and that picture is the most embarrassing “blogger pic” yet.

4. A Backpack!!!

Because I’m a teenage boy, I found this SICK lime green Nike backpack that was calling my name from the window. I walked by and stared at it about four times. I had to have it. Plus, I still take a backpack to work every day, because I haven’t grown up yet.


Backpack found at Shoe Dept.

 Now are you ready to join in on this back to school revolution? Enter the giveaway below and you can win a $25 gift card to Forever 21 and another $25 gift card to Children’s Place!!!!


You have up to 3 chances to enter every day! Here’s how:

1. Comment below about a favorite thing or memory when back to school shopping (Ex. Wearing Mary-Kate and Ashley clothes with butterfly clips in your hair)

2. ‘Like’ The Steezy Blog on Facebook

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Enter here…

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*Special thanks to Gateway Mall! Check them out online and sign up for the Oh, So Simple Rewards Program! Score $10 every time you spend $250 at Gateway Mall stores or restaurants.

Who Do You Think You Are? A 23andMe Story

HOW in the WORLD am I just not getting to this post? This topic consumed my life for months. I was so into it. First, let me tell ya where I’m going with all of this… For those who have not heard of 23andMe, it’s a DNA genetics test (no, we weren’t making sure my parents were MY parents), I wanted to know where the heck I was from! I have a good idea on my mom’s side but my dad’s side is a complete mystery. Literally, our last name Leonard isn’t even the real last name. Crazy, right?

So lemme explain…

How 23andMe Works


First, you sign up and they send you a box in the mail that contains a tube (for your spit!), instructions, and the tools to perfectly get your saliva into the tube.


After you spit in your tube, you seal it up, and send it back. The only downside about 23andMe is it takes a couple months to get your results back. Which is fair because your saliva is going through a lot of steps to extract your DNA and figure out who the heck you are. The cool thing is that you can always follow along and see where your spit is headed next in your 23andMe account!

When you get your results back, you will find out things like where you’re from (ancestry), hereditary traits, genes, nutrition, etc. I got my results about five months ago and since then I have gotten two extra reports emailed to me since they have made more discoveries since then. Something really cool is they use all of this for research. Today, I just received an email that scientists linked a DNA to depression thanks to 23andMe! WOW! Read more about that here.

The Results


I waited what felt like forever. All of the reports were going to be cool, but I was really looking forward to the ancestry part the most.

Then my world was finally coming together… & here’s what made me go “WHAT! DATS NUTS.”

  • I’m French and Irish! I had no idea I was either… Learning I was Irish was so cool because St. Patrick’s day was the following day when I found out! Now I had a reason to PARTAY!!! Now French, wow. Had no idea. The worst part is, I failed French in college. Too bad language doesn’t send a chromosome on over…
  • I’m more Italian than anything else (YES! JERSEY SHORE STEEZY WOULD BE SO HAPPY). Italian was the big thing the Leonard side claimed. If you see my dad’s family you will understand. The guys look pretty Italian. We also knew my grandpa’s family was from Sicily, Italy. What’s really cool is it shows that I am also a teensy bit Sardinian, which I had know idea existed and now I want to visit! LOOK AT THIS PLACE! It’s an island next to Italy.
  • I carry a trait that is fructose intolerant. This makes a lot of sense… I have always had a bit of a stomach issue (sorry, TMI). But how crazy is that? I would’ve had no idea! 23andMe can tell you if you’re likely to be lactose intolerant too.
  • I’m least likely to have a cleft chin (aka a butt chin) so I got the raw end of the deal on that one… because that butt chin is THERE!
  • I’m also more likely to have light brown or light hair. Not at all.
  • There are a gazillion distant cousins linking to me. But before I let myself think my grandparents had some serious flings back in their day, only 1 or 2 of those are relevant, the others are barely sharing anything but a DNA link or two. Goes back to the theory on how everyone is actually related. I now fully believe that.
  • We pretty much knew exactly what countries belonged to my mom’s side, but it was cool to see how much I actually had of what! (9.6% Scandinavian ya’ll!)
  • Guess what? Did you know almost everyone has at least 0.1% Asian descent? (23andMe says: The peoples of East Asia and the Americas have a shared genetic history. Their common ancestors left the Near East as early as 80,000 years ago, migrating across Asia. The ancestors of Native Americans began to cross into the Americas 12,000 to 15,000 years ago.)


If you’re into genealogy, you HAVE to do 23andMe! It connects you with others and gives you software to create your family tree. I still have a lot of connecting to do to figure out where the heck my dad’s side is from but if you have others in your family who have done 23andMe, you can start connecting each other too! Like, if I had my mom and dad’s 23andMe reports, I would have more detailed connections. Pretty sweet!

If you want to give it a try, click here! (I get a referral for it if you click this link) 😉

Life in Summer 2016 (So Far…)


After a 2-week hiatus of binge-watching Game of Thrones (Holy crap that was good), then discovering PokemonGO, then just not wanting to get back at it. HERE I AM BLOGOSPHERE!! I’M BACK!

I don’t even really have something relevant to say. I’m currently having a mix of writer’s block/I don’t want to actually do anything right now.

You know what I’ll do? Let’s just share life thus far in the summer of 2016. Here are a few things I’ve learned in the heat wave.

1. Cuban coffee is actually… LEGIT.


Ever since that episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami (you know the one), I’ve wanted to try Cuban coffee. I tend to find my way to caffeine even though I probably do not need it. Well, I tried it in a teensy tiny little cup (the waitress warned us that’s all we needed) from Miami and DANG. New fave thing. It tasted like chocolate!!!

2. Bull testicles are gross


Yes, I know. I’m ashamed. You have read that correctly. As a pescatarian, I don’t eat that stuff, but YOLO. We went to the annual Round the Bend Testicle Festival and it had to be done – at least one bite!! Well, it was no bueno. I’ll stick to my veggie patties! 🙂 I did have delicious nachos, though! Speaking of other foods at the festival, LOOK AT THAT CORNDOG.


3. I suck at golf.

I already knew this, but I verified it this summer. To be fair, I’ve never really given it a full shot. I’m a tennis player, and golf tends to bore me. But let me tell you I do plan on giving 100% at some point… With lots of booze involved, of course. I did manage to do one good swing and got it on camera!! I was so excited I ended up throwing my club in the air like I just don’t care. I even broke the tee, I was so pumped!

4. Adulting can be a little fun I suppose…

Brandon and I have never owned a “reliable” car. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved my Ford Focus back in the day and shout out to the Geo Prism who got me through high school! But neither of us have actually purchased our own vehicle. Literally, my air conditing didn’t work and Brandon sold his car to a junk yard and managed to get $200 when some only offered $25.

Well, that all changed this summer… I present to you “Ellen the Elantra”.


5. Game of Thrones was worth ALL the hype

GAH!!! My June was consumed by GOT. IT WAS SO GOOD. I should’ve started it later in the year, though because we have to wait so long for the new season!!


I’ll save a special little post later for GOT! 🙂

This is only a tiny bit of this summer so far and still so many great things ahead! But I’m just getting back into this and I already feel out of shape blogging. More coming later!


Goodbye, 25.

So I started watching Game of Thrones earlier this month and it has consumed my life which is why you don’t really see new posts coming out of me at this time. I’m already on season 5 (and if you did the math that means I just spent 40 hours watching TV), and I’m sooo close to finally being caught up with everyone else and then I can get my life back. So that’s my excuse on this blog in case anyone was wondering.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to squeeze one last writing segment out of me at the ripe age of 25 because tomorrow is my favorite day of the entire year. IT’S MA BEE DAY!

Ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you how annoying I am about my birthday. It’s honestly a month-long celebration and we’re just on the eve of the big day my friends. You know how ABC Family (RIP – now Freeform) does the holiday movie countdown to Christmas? That’s basically what I do in June. Except I just tell people every day that my birthday is coming up this month.

Sorry, not sorry.

I really don’t have a clue where this post is even going (thanks for still reading anyway!) but I just wanted to wish my 25-year-old self goodbye and wake up and see what 26 looks like tomorrow. 25 was a good year. A shiz ton happened. Like, I dunno, GETTING MARRIED!

Quick side note: for those who love their birthdays as much as I do, be aware that planning a wedding the same week as your birthday – you won’t really get as much birthday celebration.

So many people rolling their eyes at me right nowwww

But seriously, 25… Good year.

A couple awesome things that stick out when I think about 25 is…

Being married

Best pic, ever.
Best pic, ever.

Duh, that’s a big one. Our first anniversary is peeking its head around the corner right now!

Going to Aruba


Aw, the honeymoon. What a freaking fabulous time.

Having a super cool job


I started working at Travefy right before I turned 25 last year! I’ve learned so much about everything this past year!

“Meeting” Joakim Noah


When the Bulls were in Lincoln, the night before the game was a rare experience. I saw the team, told Pau Gasol and Nikola hello, saw Jimmy Butler just casually strolling on the downtown Lincoln sidewalks, and then met the awesome dude, Noah. Even though he doesn’t look as thrilled to see me it was awesome.





Only the best thing in the world to do. The year 25 took me to Aruba, Orlando, San Diego, St. Louis, Chicago, and Vegas. P.S. super pumped for traveling at 26 because not having a wedding to plan = more time to travel!

Steez T’s



Making t-shirts have been a dream of mine since college. I have to say, I’m just getting started with it all too. Be on the lookout for more coming your way. It really is the coolest thing to see someone wearing your tank/shirt or saying they saw someone wearing it! SO SWEET!

>>>> P.S. BUY HERE!!! <<<<<

Being more awesome

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.48.02 PM

And what I mean by that is this year I felt like I officially felt myself “growing up”. Not in the boring way but in a mature way. For example, I love reading now. It’s not that I hated reading before, but my priorities weren’t there. I should mention that currently, I am not actively reading every day because #GameOfThrones BUT this year, I read more, wrote more, and thought more. I’m FINALLY becoming the student all of my teachers wanted me to be… sorta. 😉

Becoming a “Wine Expert” in front of thousands of people


Okay, so in no way shape or form am I a “wine expert”, but hey, if you want to call me that I will not stop you! This experience was off the wall cool. I was so scared and then afterward, realized it’s something I could do every day. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the chance to do do more TV action!

Chopping off my hair and donating it

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.48.24 PMI did the typical bride thing and chopped my hair after the wedding. My hair was so long and I ended up cutting 10 inches! I’ve always wanted to do that, but way too scared. I also learned how much quicker I can blow dry and actually do my hair when it’s shorter… #GirlJoy


Goodness, I could go on and on and on… Seeing Britney Spears for the first time in my life. Catching Lil’ Wayne for the 5th time. And the best… hanging with old and new friends and spending awesome time with my families!!! 26 has a lot to top but I think it can do it.



14 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

Anyone from Omaha or Nebraska for that matter will tell you that the Henry Doorly Zoo is AWEEEESOMEEE!!! Fellow Nebraskans, you can ignore this post (unless you want to reminisce on the world’s best zoo) – because you already know how great it is.

For those who think Nebraska is a giant cornfield, shame on you first of all, but secondly, you should book your ticket to Omaha STAT! These pictures don’t even do the zoo justice. I’m just trying to work on my photog skills and thought this was the perfect opportunity. Also, it was 100 degrees on this day, so a lot of the animals were sleeping in the shade. Enjoy what I have! I tried getting 20 good photos, but then my camera died a little over half way through my zoo adventure.

Side note: The new African Grasslands is going to be super cool. You can tell it’s not 100% ready yet, but it’s going to be a game changer. I got the closest to a lion I’ve ever been!! Also, I think the Jungle still has my heart. It hasn’t changed one bit since I was little. I love it!















Was your fave pic the sloth? 😉 Or the Jungle rope that everyone and their mom has walked on.