Fashion at the Sochi Opening Ceremony Winter Olympics


I also love scoping out the fashion from of the countries. For better and for worst. Here’s some of my highlights:

Germany ย 

I can’t figure out if I like this outfit or not… It’s cool and krazy with a ‘k’ but I don’t know… I dnk…

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.08.35 PM
Literally wore burmuda shorts… and almost-knee high socks *shakes head*

Cayman Islands
2014 Winter Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

Honestly, this outfit is bad (for the Winter Olympics) but I’m a huge fan of the summer and beach and this outfit reminds me of it, so in my book, I’ll let it slide. (“I GOT MY SWIM TRUNK, AND MY FLIPPY FLOPPYS”)


What I Want Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 8.08.18 PM

It’s inevitable, you always want everything when you’re trying to stick to a budget. Well, here’s what I’ve been on lately and let me tell you the shopping list is only growing by the minute (HELP ME Shopaholics Anonymous).

1. Yonce. I just can’t stop loving her.

2. Gawd, I’ve been wanting these ‘bans for quite some time!

3. It’s a cheaper version of the Steve Madden one! WHATA STEAL!!

4. This shirt will be one of the greatest shirts I ever put on my bod-ay.

5. The fact that Juicy makes workout clothes is awesome. That fact that shirt shirt says champagne on it is even better.

6. AH HARRY POTTER!!! *in British accent*

7. I swear, this stuff works like a gem. Is WAY better than soda and makes you feel like you’re on cloud 15!

8. I love everything about this workout program and the beliefs behind it. SO. BADA$$.






Designers jazzed up some football helmets and is giving people the option to bid on these bad boys so that you can put it on your fireplace mantle or something. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Some of my fave helmets are above, check out the rest HERE!

Pimp Yo Office | Part I.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 12.34.05 PM


I’ve always been a sucker for office supplies. I’m combing a short list (I could go on forever) of some cute new items for your office!

I. Anything Beyonce is good in my book! How about a nice lil’ reminder that you’re awesome first thing in the morning?

II. Nothing beats a handwritten note! Who doesn’t want a fancy fountain pen?!

III. Staples are a desk ‘staple’ (see what I did there?) So why not have a pretty one on your desk!

IV. I still love a good ole’ fashioned calendar, this Kate Spade one is just adorable!

V. Okay, pencils with inspiration on them… awesomeeee!

VI. Just like the stapler, this is a desk must-have. So why not make it cute?

VII. I LOVE journals, I NEED one sitting by me at all times.

VIII. Are you starting to see a pattern here? I love pens & pencils, and gold and metallic. ๐Ÿ™‚

White Elephant Gift Essentials

photo 1

I don’t know about you, but I <3 <3 <3 White Elephant Gift Exchanges.

They most likely turn into my all time fave gifts.

Even when I got a 24 pack of Toilet Paper last year. I mean, that’s awesome I hate buying toilet paper!!

I found some legit gifts to get for your next White Elephant party!

Check these bad boys out:

photo 2

1. Who doesn’t want a pretzel pool float? No better time to start preparing for the summer when it’s negative -3 outside.
+ $24

photo 3

2. Two Words. Squatty. Potty. Laugh at me now, but this lil’ baby is the gift that everyone wants but won’t ask for. Do them a favor and buy it. Oh, and buy one for yourself too. There’s so many health benefits!
ย + $30 & up

ย Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.02.18 PM

3. Aw. The holiday must-haves. Thanks Clark.ย You really can’t go wrong with this one, folks.
+ $18

ย photo 1

4. This is always a party hit. And you can use it all year-round. BOOYA.
+ $20

photo 2

5. With the dreaded Sriracha Apocalypse goin’ on this gift will probably be worth millions one day!
+ $20

photo 3

6. Vain peeps rejoice! You can now properly take a selfie (instagram filters not included).
+ $31

photo 4

7. This whole site is just pure gold. Great gift sets for the white elephant in mind.
+ $8

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.11.22 PM

8. This one’s not cheap but totally worth it. It’s a Hip Hop Santa. I mean, whaaaat? This is just plain awesome and the best sweater on the block, hands down.
+ $80

She gon’ done it again!


Seriously, Beyonce? Can you GET any cooler?

You’ve probably heard by now but this Queen just did something amazing. She released an album while the world was asleep.

Also, there’s 32 new songs & videos to add to your iTunes collection. No bigs.

I’m mind blown.

They’re all good too, not that I’m surprised.

Give your ears some lovin’ and download this shiz. You won’t be sorry!


“There’s More to Life Than This”


When was the last time you chatted with a dead person? Serious question.

So you may or may not be familiar with Theresa Caputo, star of The Long Island Medium on TLC, but I got the chance to see her Live, in-person! Boy, was it an experience! First of all, I truly believe in what she does and I also believe that there’s fakes out there. I never thought she was one despite all of the backlash she gets for making money off it (which she did clarify all of the rumors during her show. She gives most of the money she makes from the show to charity).

Holy crap though. I could’ve never prepared for what I was about to witness. The whole night was amazing and by the end of it I felt exhausted and drained by what had just happened. I think I teared up about 4 times and gasped about 20. Here’s one story:

So she starts talking about a young red-haired boy, and kept saying that her head hurt so he died from head injury. No one was claiming they knew this story. She starts looking throughout the room and goes, “hold on…” and starts walking the back up to the balcony (where I was sitting). Then she comes up by us and here I am just staring at her hair and long nails as she communicates with the deceased (of course). Anyway, a mom and her son about 2 rows up for me stands up and says that it’s her son (and the boy’s brother) who passed away… wait for it… wait for it… 2 WEEKS AGO. OMG. So I guess he passed away from having a seizure and fell and hit his head and that’s how he died. He was right outside of his mom’s room when it happened and the mom said that she can still feel his presence in that spot and Theresa goes, “that’s him you feel”. (ODG. Not sleeping tonight)

So not to freak you out… but you know how sometimes you feel like someone is there but really isn’t? Yeah, sorry, I might’ve just ruined your slumber.

It was a night I’ll never forget and one that I hope I can partake in again. Have you guys ever seen or been to a medium??