History Bits: The Titanic Actress

Remember on Friday night when I said this “new” blog will contain things I love like history? Well, saddle on up, folks. Here’s the first installment! It’s about my most precious history lesson of all time: The Titanic. It is zero secret to my friends and family that I’m obsessed with the Titanic. Sure, it started because of a certain Leo and Kate but grew into a real-life weird craze. Just wait till I get to the post about our European Titanic adventures. It’s epic.

But I wanted to keep the first “History Bit” simple and easy. You might even know about this already!

Did you know that before James Cameron wrote his amazing hit of a movie, the first film based on the tragic event was released just a month after the sinking? A MONTH. 

It gets even wilder. The actress? Dorothy Gibson, a Titanic survivor, who played herself and even wore the same dress that she did the night of April 14, 1912.

Dorothy Gibson was a silent film actress who sailed the Titanic with her mother, Pauline. She was playing bridge with others and had just gotten ready to go back to her stateroom when the Titanic struck the iceberg. She, of course, was able to get on a lifeboat with her mother and survived.

A scene from the film of her playing bridge.

Saved From the Titanic was released on May 16, 1912. Gibson was having an affair with the film’s producer so it may have been an easy persuasion for her to sign onto the silent film. She signed up just a few days after being rescued by RMS Carpathia. She was also co-writer, which makes sense because they needed her to fill the word-less script with memories and an account of what happened on the Titanic and the night a month earlier. The movie was filmed in Fort Lee, New York on an empty ship in the New York Harbor.

It was said that Gibson would burst into tears several times during takes, obviously still traumatized by the event.

The film completed in a week and was ten minutes in length. Of course, the film had quite a few critics that believed the film was in poor taste, especially being released so soon after but it also had many raving reviews.

Gibson’s promotional photo for the silent film, wearing the same outfit she did on the night of the sinking.

Dorothy quit acting shortly after the Saved From the Titanic. Ready for a crazy extra history bit? She moved to Paris and became a Nazi sympathizer and allegedly a spy. WUT. Yeah, this is true. She was later jailed as an anti-Fascist agitator. She then escaped but then died of a heart attack in 1946.


I hope you liked my first little history bit! I have so much more coming your way!!!

I’m Back!

“Do you even know your password?” – Things my blog just told me logging in to write this.

I have been spinning ideas of what I want to do with this thing the past few months. Then my Bluehost bill auto-subscribed for another year and my domain renewal was up so now I gotta keep this thing to get my money’s worth!

I’ve had a major writer’s block if that’s even what you would call it. I’ve really probably just been spending more time watching T-vizzle. Whoops! But, the crappy thing about having a blog is that you feel like you need to conform to some type of topic and create content that is likely to be shared and make your pictures match the same aesthetic and cross-promote your posts on social media channels. Bleh sounds great if that was your full-time job.

I still want to write and share, though! But my favorite posts are personal stories and sharing things that I love and want to talk to other people about. So I decided that’s what I’m gonna do! Because I’m a millennial and enjoy talking about myself *flips hair*

JK. sorta. I really do enjoy talking so imagine what it’s like when I start typing away. OHH BOY! So that’s what you’ll get here from here on out. Not a blogger trying to purposely monetize a website and make a gazillion dollars (although, I’ll take it). You’ll just get posts I want to talk about, which a quick forewarn might include history posts and a 500-word essay on a movie I like.

Hope you love it! 😉

“Minding the Gap” and Other Things You Should Know About London

YAS. Another Europe blog post! I read this article recently and was like, omg I wish I would have known #3. Picture this: Two little Americans (Brandon and I) both carrying massive duffle bags in the busy London “tube” (that’s train system in London terms) and standing on an escalator that’s for real about 200 feet long. Terrifying, right?

It gets worse.

We’re lugging about 35 pounds of our stuff AND THEN people start budging us while walking up the escalator. Like, what the heck man? I’m about to fall to my death here if you knock me over.

Come to find out, it’s a thing. You’re supposed to stand on the right side so people can walk up the left on an escalator that’s about two feet wide. Sounds stupid, huh? IT IS. So be careful on that.


So, that’s number one. Don’t even think of standing in the middle, the left, or slightly into the middle. Still unsure how you can properly position luggage without breaking this rule. If anyone has a trick, please, fill me in.


Now, this was a delightful surprise. They are so classy across the pond that when you order a mixed drink you get the alcohol on the rocks and the mix still in the glass bottle! I guess I’m too used to Barry’s $2 Fireball shots, but this made me feel ultra clazzy. It happened in Ireland too! The only downfall to this is that I did feel a bit gypped on the amount of alcohol I received because of this.


Save them and don’t forget to use them! Their coins (AKA pence) are worth more than what we’re used to in The States. We kept forgetting to use them and we had about £6 worth of coins! That’s not a lot, I know, but seems like a ton when you’re used to your coins all creating a whopping $1.13. Also, the paper cash is actually called “notes”.


This is GENIUS. I actually despise the U.S. for not doing this once we came back home but over there the price you see listed is actually what you pay. The tax is already wrapped into the price tag, so you don’t have to worry about not knowing the exact amount of cash you need. Beware, though, I feel like it made me buy things easier because, to me, it looked cheap because of the currency difference and the fact that it’s the entire price up front. For example, an awesome souvenir would be £10 which seems like $10 to me but it’s actually almost $13! Which is not bad, but it’s totally deceiving.


Okay, take this one with a grain of salt but I was alerted about this before going to Europe and apparently (I could be totally wrong here) shots aren’t as common as they are in the U.S., especially what we’re used to good ole’ Nebraska. We never ordered a shot from a pub while abroad because it never felt like we were supposed to and I didn’t see anyone else getting them. Gotta say, we never had a hangover either. Wonder if that had anything to do with it… :smirk:

Don’t let this stop you, though! I’m sure it goes DOWN in the hostels!


I mean, this is a complete duh! but for real, it is crazy packed with tourists. We went in April which isn’t necessarily a slow time if they even have those, but it’s not the busy season. The thing about this though is that you really need to plan out where you’re going and when because there will be a ton of tourists like you thinking the same thing. The early bird totally gets the worm on the hot spots in London.

One other thing: Being from The U.S. I did feel like people would look at us when they would hear us talk (WE HAVE ACCENTS AND I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT DISCOVERY). Sometimes when we were sitting at a restaurant I noticed people looking at us but then I thought, ya know what? I practically stare if I hear a British accent in Nebraska. So I get it. There was only one time that I felt like being from The States was a bad thing when I could hear someone in a bar loudly talking about how crappy America is, which I don’t believe but I felt like “hey man, I’m mad about the U.S. stuff you’re talking about too…” So it felt pretty crappy, but that only happened once. I’ve heard similar stories from friends traveling in other places but other than that everyone is really friendly! Even in London, I never felt that “snobby” vibe. It was actually quite the opposite!


And I know travelers to the U.S. think the same thing about us! There were some weird things, though. Like the fact that french fries, ahem, I mean chips, came with the steak and I know that isn’t weird but how it was presented was by the steak basking on top of the fries which seems like a meal someone just threw together without even thinking. I also discovered gas station (without the gas) pre-made sandwiches made of tuna AND CORN. Hell yes. I loved this combo. Can’t believe I haven’t thought of that one myself. Also, they have some brands that are the same as they are in the U.S. but have different names. Like Lays potato chips and this isn’t food, but they have “T.K. Maxx” instead of T.J. Maxx and it’s totally the same store!

When you’re eating and order a soda, that’s gonna cost ya more than it does over here and oh, want water? You’re going to have to specify that you want “tap”, they will automatically assume you want bottled and remember the difference between still water and sparkling. I hate sparkling water and we accidentally bought it so many times because it’s right next to the still bottled water. It was pretty annoying. Why they so fancy?

In conclusion on the food topic, the food was on another level from what I’m used to, it was SO good! Loved every bit of it and those fish and chips really are somethin’ delicious.


I almost forgot to mention the meaning behind “Mind the gap”! It was a saying over the intercom on the train when there would be a gap between the tracks and the platform and omg one time, the gap was like a straight up foot and a half! Not sure how we survived that. I even hoisted up my big ole’ duffle bag across it!

*Please note: I’ve only traveled to London once in my life so my opinion is one to take lightly. I could be totally wrong about some of the things I mentioned. If you’ve been there, you already know, but if you haven’t you should probably go book your plane ticket ASAP! 

Book Review: Szen Zone

The Szen Zone: Reaching a State of Positive Change by Gary Szenderski was honestly unlike any other book I’ve read before, minus the Chicken Soup for the Soul books because it was similar to that! Szen Zone is basically just a bunch of short stories each put together for one purpose – to make you think and feel inspired. At first, I started reading the book from front to back then quickly realized you didn’t need to do that! Just search for a topic you want to feel inspiration or motivation in (i.e. productivity, work life, improving life, and more) and then read one of the dozen or so stories. Each story is short, only a couple or few paragraphs, so it’s a handy little book to keep on hand anywhere you might need a quick positive boost!

The best part is after each short story there’s a “Szenippet” (ha, get it?) for a recap of what you should reflect on after reading that specific story. I love this book, I can tell I’ll be keeping it around for probably ever because there are so many stories you could keep re-reading them over and over again! This should be a bookshelf staple… So many great mini nuggets of inspo! Here are a few of my faves:

“Willpower is desire in motion.”

“Selective memory is our best weapon in fighting failure.”

“The wink of a single thought holds the power to illuminate our path. One single, elegant, clear-minded thought is all we need to change our world.”

Looking for more inspiring reads? Here are a few others I LOVE:

The Secret

The 5 Love Languages

The Alchemist

What’s your go-to inspo read?

Doin’ Vegas with My Mom

If anyone knows Sheryl, you know what a real treat it was to experience her in her natural element in Viva Las Vegas. For a quick backstory, my mom’s perfect night is going to play keno and maybe even end up at the casino *GASP*. Scandalous that one. The best part is, she doesn’t drink and spends at tops $40 a night. She might correct me on this but seriously she plays on $20 for hours at a slot machine. She also thrives on the free pop you receive. Oh, that wild woman.

Anyway, I knew going to Vegas with my mom would be entertaining. She lets me do my own thang (drink *cough*) and she just goes off on her own little adventures. Sheryl ended up at the pool almost every morning before us youngins were even awake. She walked miles up and down the strip searching for her next “lucky slot” and enjoyed grabbing an ice cold Coke from the nearest McDonald’s. Things would be so much simpler if we just did Vegas like Sheryl, I swear. While we felt like near death on the plane ride home she was excited and full of energy.

Her most entertaining evening was at Ellis Island; it was a match made in gamble heaven. Not only did she find her “lucky slot”, she also discovered a CHEAP and delicious steak for dinner. She was on FIRE. I don’t know if it was the exhaustion or what but we about peed our pants laughing at her. To give you some context here, we were finally seated at a table to eat but Sheryl was nowhere to be found so we just waited for about 10 minutes. Finally, I went on the hunt for her and found her right outside of the restaurant on that lucky slot. She wasn’t done playing yet and brushed me away and said order whenever, she’ll be there soon. Ohhh kay, Sheryl, jeez. 

Finally, she arrived with guns blazing. I swear, if you didn’t know her, you would have thought she was drunk! But nope, just high on Ellis Island and winning. She couldn’t stop talking about her new Ellis Island rewards card and that slot machine. Then came the steak and omg, you would have thought it was her 21st Birthday. The woman was loving life.

Here she is on her “glory night” at Ellis Island. Look at her texting all of her friends!

Oh, she also got back to her hotel room at the same time or later than us every night! She was unstoppable!

If Sheryl was to write this post and give you her recommendations on the best places to go, I think this is what she would say…

Ellis Island, DUH

This is actually a total crowd pleaser. We go here every trip. It’s cheap, fun, great food, and… THEY HAVE KARAOKE!!! If you go, tell them that Sheryl sent you. I’m sure they know who she is – she’s one of the top fans for sure.


One of the best places to bet on horses! One thing Sheryl taught me at a tender age was how to box those exactas and win those trifectas!


This is where Sheryl played roulette for the first time and WON! They also have beer pong. It’s located right in the Linq area.

You can also grab a refreshing, cold frozen Bailey’s. Even Sheryl had one!

WINNING! With a side of soda.

MGM Grand

This was a place Sheryl wanted to take us through (I had never been in) so we HAD TO GO. Then, when we got there the hidden surprise of a real lion was gone. Sheryl was pretty disappointed in that. Here she is asking security where the heck that lion went : joy:


This is where Sheryl stayed (and so did we one night). They have a pretty nice Keno setup and the rooms are pretty nice!!

It’s tradition to put $20 into the $1 slot machine when you get to the casino.


We love this place! Sheryl did too! Had one of her two alcoholic beverages of the trip there!


Fremont Street / Golden Nugget

I better throw this up on Sheryl’s list because she has stayed here before and really loved it!

I’m sure I’m missing plenty of other gems but maybe if we get lucky enough one day, Sheryl will highlight her Vegas favorites on this blog! Also, feel free to check out my Twitter account for the best of Sheryl in Vegas!

Until next time, Vegas! 

The Ultimate London Tour Guide

I feel like I’m taking on a lot to even begin writing this post. Once I got back home from our England and Ireland trip I quickly realized that London is probably my favorite city in the whole world. This is no shocker considering I’ve been obsessed with it since I could remember. I used to have aspirations of attending Oxford (get out of your laughs out now…) and I proudly hung the U.K. flag in my bedroom. I also watched What a Girl Wants religiously one summer and decided I would live that London life one day.

So it’s not a shocker that I feel like I’m unqualified to even write this post because I barely skimmed the surface of everything you can do in London. I’m already getting ready to book that plane ticket back there so I can go to all the places I didn’t have time for! I’m going to share with you what we did do along with other things we were told about but didn’t have the time to try! I’m also including all of the tips I learned along the way!

The London Tower

This is No. 1 for a reason. It was my favorite stop on our Day Tour of London and now I’m completely obsessed with the Tudor family. I just finished the book Three Sisters, Three Queens and if you’re into scandals (who isn’t?), I highly suggest reading up on this royal family. Everyone is familiar with King Henry VIII…well this is the place where he beheaded a couple of his wives. It’s a pretty spooky place. If it wasn’t a sunny day and full of tourists I’m not sure how long I would’ve lasted on the London Tower grounds.

Tip: Speaking of tourists, the place gets very, very busy. We even went during the off-season of tourism but it was on the weekend of Easter, which we quickly discovered they celebrate hardcore across the pond. Pretty much everyone has a long weekend and spends it with family. I would suggest getting there early (we went right after lunch) and getting in line for the Crown Jewels first. It seems like that is the place that fills up the quickest. We didn’t even get to see them because our tour guide said it would be at least a 45-minute wait, so we just explored all the other places.

But everything that we did see was amazing – the torture chamber, The White Tower, Ravens, it was all extremely interesting. It was hard to believe that the history you have been told happened on the same ground you were standing on.


London Eye

The London Eye is sort of one of those things you have to do as a tourist. Now, I will say it’s not easy on your wallet and the entire experience only lasts about 30 minutes, but it’s pretty cool! If you’re trying to budget, I think you could skip it. If you’re going all out, then definitely add this to your list of things to do!

Tip: Book your ticket in advance online and take caution that the place gets extremely busy and it’s a very congested area when it does. It was one of those times that I actually didn’t like all the people. There were SO MANY people it was bit annoying. We ended up going on one of the last rides around 7:30 pm and it cleared out so much that I highly recommend going later if you’re not into crowds of people. See pic below.


Buckingham Palace

One of Her Majesty’s homely abode… Buckingham Palace was so cool to see (even though I did feel like it was a bit smaller than I had anticipated, I for real thought it was Kensington Palace when we rolled up to it). We were supposed to go on the day that they did the Changing of the Guards (this is scheduled and doesn’t happen every day, so plan accordingly), but it ended up getting moved to the next day due to security. You know what, though? I think I liked it better the way that I saw Buckingham Palace because we went early in the morning around 8 am and there was barely anyone there! We could get all of the pics we wanted right up to the gate – which does not happen once the day gets going, that place gets really busy. Now, imagine it with the Changing of the Guards ceremony. Talk about a storm of people!

Tip: My tip here is like above, just get there early if you really want to spectate and maybe plan a different day to come back and watch the Changing of the Guards. I hear they play Katy Perry songs during it (seriously).


St. Paul’s Cathedral 

Did you know that this is where Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married at?! You can literally walk down the “aisle” like she did! St. Paul’s Cathedral is breathtaking, it’s huge and full of so much art and history. We went on a guided tour that we purchased through Viator, but you can also go by yourself and rent a listening guide and walk through St. Paul’s on your own.

Tip: My only tip for this is if you are interested in going during an actual service, you can! Just check their schedule and join a Sunday service or a special chorus performance, I think they have those often.


Trafalgar Square

I loved Trafalgar Square, there is always so much stuff going on. We were there on Easter weekend and they were doing a free play for everyone. It’s a cool place to walk around and just hang out and admire all of the statues and architecture. If this tells you anything how cool it is; I had no idea we were in Trafalgar Square and I took like 150 pictures then realized where I was. There was so much to look at!

Tip: Grab some food and take it Trafalgar Square for a picnic!


Boat Ride on River Thames 

This is an easy way to see a lot of London in a fun way! Pro tips: You can use your Oyster card ( the same card you use for the train system) on some of the boats and I *think* all boats have food and drinks aboard. One we went on even had an option to have afternoon tea!

Tip: Try to go with a tour guide if you can (Viator has options) because then they will be able to point places out to you and tell you more history.


Westminster Abbey

This place completely took my breath away. I seriously felt like I had a spiritual awakening when viewing this masterpiece. It’s the grave to many extremely prominent humans who have graced this earth and it’s also a place where someone like Princess Diana has had her funeral held. I was standing in front of the door that they carried her coffin in and I remember watching that on TV when I was little. We were only able to view the outside, but it’s at the top of my list for the next London visit.

Tip: Go early! This is a busy tourist spot. The doors open at a different time each day, you can find the times here. The day we went, we were there around 8:45 – 9 am and there was hardly anyone around. Right around 9:15 I looked back at where we were and there was a huge line! It fills up quick, so I highly suggest going right when they open. It’s a place not to miss.


The Tower Bridge

View from The Tower of London

This is a place we didn’t get to visit (only saw it from afar) but I hear it’s really cool! You can walk at the top and walk over glass to see below!

Tip: Schedule your visit and book online ahead of time, this was partly why we weren’t able to visit because we couldn’t get in!


Visit London’s Oldest Wine Bar: Gordon’s

This was a place recommended to us by a friend and I’m so glad we were told about this gem! Grabbing a bottle of wine, or half (you can buy half a bottle!) then sitting outside on the large patio or if you’re lucky, find a spot in the inside, it’s an old cave-looking place. You’ll feel like you’re going back in time there. It’s fairly priced too, a glass is around 5 pounds and snacks are reasonable as well.

Tip: It gets pretty busy around 6 pm during the weekdays because of everyone getting off work and grabbing a drink. We went around this time and it was so busy that we had to make a makeshift table out of a lawn chair…  


British Museum & National Gallery Art Museum 

Sadly, this is one place that we tried to go to but the line was about 2 miles long (okay, that might be exaggerating just a tad) but it was so busy. The next time we’re in London, I’m waking up bright and early and getting my butt in line. This museum holds some of the most fascinating and rare things in the world – including the Rosetta Stone. This place is huge too, you probably won’t be able to see everything so map out your plan ahead of time.

Tip: All museums in London are free – YAY! They do, however, have tours and special events that you can pay to see and are usually still cheap!

Even though we were bummed about not being able to go to the British Museum, we just headed to the next museum we could find. That’s the beauty of them having free admission! You can go to all of them without spending a dime! We ended up walking through the National Gallery art museum, which did NOT disappoint! We saw art by Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Leonardo, Monet, among many others.


London Olympic Stadium Tour

For all you Olympic fanatics, this one is for you! You can still visit the grounds of the 2012 Summer Olympics! The stadium is now home to West Ham United soccer team and the tour is a little focused on them but they do a great job of focusing on the Olympics too. The tour was so great, it’s a self-guided tour with a mobile device and headphones to listen to different parts of the stadium to highlight Olympic moments and to explain what it’s used for now.

Tip: For any swimmer fans, you can visit the pool but it’s not part of the stadium tour. The pool is just a short walk from the stadium and it’s now a rec center and gym so you’ll have to pay just 1 pound to get in and see it. They also have little peddling boats outside too! There’s randomly a lot to do around there and there’s a huge outdoor shopping center close by too.


Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter

First, I just want to say one thing: If you are not a fan of Harry Potter, it doesn’t matter. This is still worth a visit. This tour was everything I thought it would be and MORE! I’ve visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando so I expected it to be similar but a bit on steroids. Well, it is! But even more intense than that! The tour will give you props galore (including major props like the house on Privet Drive, parts of the castle, and more). You will quickly see how much intricate detail the design team put into everything. Even books that will go unnoticed on stage have every detail imaginable. Another cool part: This is the same studio where the movies were actually filmed at too!

You could spend so many hours at this place. Just when you think you’re done with the tour you walk into a brand new section of the place. It’s amazing!

Tip: The Studio Tour is actually in Watford, so it’s about a 30-min train ride outside of London. You can book your train ticket in advance and once you get there, they have a Harry Potter double-decker bus to pick you up for a few pounds and it will bring you back.


Oxford Street

This place feels like the Europen Times Square! There’s a ton of shops and places to eat here. We spent an evening walking around here and then ate at Masala Zone, a popular Indian restaurant in London.


Isn’t London just a beaut?! 

I can’t wait to return.

Well, That Was Fun!

It’s been… 23 days since we’ve landed back in the states (did anyone else think I was going here or just me?)

I don’t even have my all of our pictures organized and I have strong ambitions to create one of those Shutterfly photo book things and a video from our adventures. But it’s been almost a month and I don’t even have all of my pictures loaded on Dropbox! Who knew this stuff would be so much work? Kinda reminds me of post-wedding. So many ideas, so much time, but so little motivation (because shows like The Handmaid’s Tale comes out and I can never say no to a happy hour…)

I’m feelin’ pretty ambitious today, though and I really want to share our trip to Europe. I’m going for tons of posts on here because I want to share everything (seriously, I took pictures of every meal I ate and made Brandon real embarrassed almost every time).

So to keep it somewhat short, here’s where we went and what we did in a nutshell and then I’ll go way more in-depth soon to come!

First stop: Minneapolis

No, really. Our layover was here and we boarded the plane to complete decadence. This was my first international flight and man do they treat you good! I was a kid in a candy store – you get food brought to you so many times (YUS), TONS of movie options (including brand new ones and Titanic, ahem), a warm washcloth to wash your face, and complimentary eye masks, earplugs, and headphones. WHAT. A. LUXURY. And we were in the cheapest seats avail. Can you tell it doesn’t take much to impress this princess? (Kidding)



Well, I’ve only waited my entire life to visit!!!!! I’m still shocked that I didn’t cry when we landed because I was so happy. London was incredible and I also need to be on the next flight out of the states to London ASAP. I can’t wait to return someday. The city is amazing and there’s so much to do, it’s the one place I really feel like I didn’t get to do everything – there’s just so much to see!

I will go way more in depth at a later time but I will tell you that The Tower of London was probably my favorite place to visit. I’m addicted to learning about the Royal Tudor family now. I’m reading a book that I’ll probably share later. Talk about scandal! I mean, King Henry VIII, amiright? Wowzas.

Also, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. They took my breath away!





Southampton, England

You will quickly find out this turned into a personal Titanic experience… We went here because it’s a such a prominent place for the Titanic. It’s where Rose boards… Okay, so I know she’s not real but it really was where elites like Mr. Andrews boarded and the White Star Line headquarters was here as well. This was a huge docking spot for Titanic and a ton of the workers were from Southampton. We got to stay in the White Star Hotel, a restaurant/hotel that was once where some of the Titanic passengers stayed the night before their fateful journey began. Down the street from our hotel was the hotel where many of the first class passengers stayed (like Mr. Andrews), and across the street is an infamous bar called The Grapes where a couple passengers missed their boarding time from drinking and wasn’t able to board at all (lucky for them).





Back to London… AKA Harry Potter Tour!!

Oh yes, this happened. And it was magical!!!! The whole entire thing was a pinch-me experience.




What’s a trip to Europe without a soccer game?! I’m proudly a newfound Hotspur fan now.




We flew into Cork, rented a car (that was fun), and drove in Cork, to Cobh, then Kinsale where we stayed a couple nights and let me tell you, that is one postcard-perfect-looking town!

Important to note: Cobh was the final boarding stop for Titanic (see the boarding dock below).






Ireland: Blarney Castle, Fanore, Cliffs of Moher, and places in between

The Blarney Castle was one of my favorite places to visit on the entire trip! I kissed the stone!!! We stayed in Fanore which is where I’m going to retire. We also ate at the famous Durty Nelly’s along the way!






Inis Oirr AKA Islands off the west coast of Ireland

Oh do I have a story for YOU! This island was great, about 200-some people reside here so when we got dropped off we found a pub! I had a few Guinnesses and… it didn’t end the best for me. Aparently there’s a lot of iron in a pint of Guinness and I’m pescatarian so iron isn’t really something I’m high in, so I’m blaming that! ; )






There is SO much more from where this came from but I just overdid it on blogging for one day and I’m now pooped.

Ni night!! 🙂

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Are We Really Empowering Women?


I feel like I’m beginning a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired article by making the title up there a question. I had an experience the other day that made me think about feminism and empowering women. A millennial women’s blog reached out to my work interested in featuring our product and sharing tips on trip planning – keep in mind, coming from a female because it’s a women’s blog. I thought it was pretty cool! Then realized they were fishing for a woman CEO and I’m the only girl at my work so I never heard back.

It made me disappointed that a place whose purpose to empower women had zero interest in sharing a woman’s perspective that lacked a big title next to their name. I totally understand that getting a CEO for an article is way better than just a random person, but is it really when it’s a female talking to other females?

But it made me realize that we all do this even if we really want to raise women up. Think about it, if you had the opportunity to take a CEO out for coffee or the behind-the-scenes hard worker, you would take the CEO because it’s a “CEO”. However, many strong-willed women aren’t the one who’s the face of a company, many are secret power workers. Stay at home moms for example… that job is a tough one. But where’s the excitement towards them?

I mean, I do it too. I automatically turn my head at what looks like an “average person” but if that’s how we work this world, we have a problem on our hands. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Am I making a big deal out of nothing or am I on to something?

What’s Goin’ On? 3 Things to Do This Weekend


February got a little dicey at the beginning for blogging then I got super busy and had crazy things happen so I just decided to give up on the shortest month of the year. Which, by the way last month was the craziest, fastest month of my life by far (then I was quickly reminded it’s the shortest month of the year so this is probably accurate for everyone)…

Anywho, I have a couple great posts lined up but I just wanted to craft one today to let you know that I’m still alive and kickin’. I wanted to share a few random tidbits and things that I think you should know about. This was actually pretty much my February in a nutshell but decided it could be a “What Should I Do This Weekend?” post.

So here’s a few ideas:

Read Gone Girl 

This technically should go in a separate “February Books” blog post but as you can tell from where this post started, I didn’t really get to reading like I did in January. However, I did read Gone Girl, and yes, I read it in a few days tops, I had to finish it! I never watched the movie so it was all fresh for me. Here’s what I will say about the book; it wasn’t bad but I expected way more. I kept reading because I was waiting for the mind-blowing end and I didn’t really feel like I got it. I won’t give away any spoilers so don’t worry, but I really thought there would be a crazier ending. Don’t get me wrong, it was crazy but I thought there would be an alternative ending from what happened.

After I finished the book I watched the movie and it was good! Crazy seeing Rosamond Pike playing Amy, I only know her as Jane Bennet in Pride and Prejudice!

I would love to hear what you thought of Gone Girl! Most people would rate in their top books that they couldn’t put down. I’m waiting to read The Woman in Cabin 10, as I hear it’s pretty similar on the thrill scale.

Watch movies fo free at fmovies.se 


I sure hope I don’t get in trouble for this one but this was hands down one of the best internet finds, ever. The website fmovies.se lets you watch any movie you want online! Even those in theaters! Say goodbye to your productive weekend with this site. I literally watched back-to-back movies one day. Passengers, which was good. Arrival which was super, super confusing. And Ms. Sloane which at first I wasn’t sure about it but after thinking about it I recommend it, especially if you like shows like Scandal.

Plan an “Experience” 


THIS IS FLIPPING AWESOME. Airbnb just launched a new thing called Experiences where you can book actual adventures instead of a place to stay. You get to connect with local experts and they will create experiences for you whether it’s planning a horseback riding trip in Rome, run and fitness in London, and my favorite: party like a disco queen in L.A.

I mean, seriously! How. Cool. Is. That?


I know it’s only Tuesday, but whatcha doin’ this weekend? Did you realize that time saving starts this Sunday?… I can’t believe it either. It’s already almost Spring ya’ll!!



The Worst Job I’ve Ever Had (Part 1)

I’m about to go rogue on this post, ya’ll. It’s Thursday night and we’re going to a concert that doesn’t start until 11 and I’m freaking out about how tired I will be tomorrow. HOW OLD HAVE I GOTTEN? So what am I going to do in the meantime? Write this post with some liquid courage by my side.

Everyone has that one job that was just bad. Well, I have two. I’ll start out with the not as bad one AKA “Part 1”.

It was the end of my first semester freshman year in college. I hadn’t had a job since coming to college so I was down for some money! I also didn’t have a car in town so I didn’t have a million opportunities coming my way. However, one of my friends mentioned that she worked at an office downtown at night and just calls people (so basically it was a call center) and it paid A LOT, like we’re talkin’ like $12-14/hour, and that was a fortune compared to 2007-’08 minimum wage of around $7-something. I can’t remember the exact amounts here but let’s just say this job paid a ton more than what I was used to. (Just wait till you hear how I spent these doll hairs…!)

Anyway, I was definitely going to try and get this job. So I went to interview and it was downtown Lincoln in the Gold’s building (found out later it was walking distance but my little freshman legs still found a way to hitch a ride every night). Here was the job. Are you ready for this?

Here’s what you do at this job.

  1. Sit in front of a computer with a headset. Okay, I got this. That’s easy.
  2. The computer will call someone automatically and you better be ready to read that script verbatim in front of you requesting money for a politician or political matter that has to do with something independent and/or progressive.

That’s all you did. Basically just calling people all over the country and asking for money. Guess what? On one of my interviews I had to call someone, read the script in front of me, and by golly, this person actually gave me money! WTH. Come to find out this would never happen again…

None the less, they hired me on the spot. EF YEAH.


So I worked for about two weeks following. It was awful, you guys. I do love talking but I’m not the biggest fan of talking on a phone, especially to people who don’t even want me calling them! To make matters worse I have to ask for money. Ah, I hated it so much.

Looking back now I do wish I tried harder. Not because of the job but because of what they were doing. I remember some politician guy doing a live video conference with everyone because the team helped raise so much money for him. For all I know, it could’ve been Ralph Nadar! I dnk! But everyone was freaking out about it but I had no idea what was going on.

Anywho, I was bad and did not like the job. I just didn’t fit in and I was becoming exhausted having to work every night. My last night there the manager pulled me away about an hour in my shift, took me in the office and agreed this just might not be a good fit, but to let me decide what I wanted to do. It was also time for winter break and I was leaving to go back to Omaha for a few weeks and work at my beloved PacSun. She let me wait it out and give her an answer when I was ready.

Side note: I worked at PacSun for a couple years and it was my first job where I actually called my coworkers my best friends so I had high expectations going into this Lincoln establishment.

A week or so into winter break PacSun job I realized, ya know? Why work somewhere you hate? I know what it’s like to work somewhere you actually love so this job in Lincoln just wasn’t worth it.

So I called my manager during my lunch break and she sounded almost as relieved as I did that I wasn’t coming back. So she set up my check to be sent my way. I hadn’t worked long enough to get more than one check at this point. But here’s the catch… I get my check and it was a good chunk of change. So what do I do?

Purchase a roundtrip flight to Arizona to see my best friend and book tickets to my first (of many) Lil’ Wayne concerts in Phoenix. OMG my mom was so pissed that I just spent all my money like that. Looking back though, it was worth every single penny, I still think of that trip all the time!




So moral of the story: Try new things, you might hate it, but at least you can get Weezy tickets out of it!

Best of all: Once I returned from Arizona, almost a week to the day: Lil’ Wayne announced he was coming to Omaha. ROUND TWO!!!!!!!

Fate has a funny way of working, huh?

Also, shout out to all the workers at that place – they were super nice people who really cared for what they were working for. I wish I could remember the name of the place, but it’s somewhere in the Gold’s building. Not sure if they’re still around but if this sounds like your line of work – go find them!