Well, That Was Fun!

It’s been… 23 days since we’ve landed back in the states (did anyone else think I was going here or just me?)

I don’t even have my all of our pictures organized and I have strong ambitions to create one of those Shutterfly photo book things and a video from our adventures. But it’s been almost a month and I don’t even have all of my pictures loaded on Dropbox! Who knew this stuff would be so much work? Kinda reminds me of post-wedding. So many ideas, so much time, but so little motivation (because shows like The Handmaid’s Tale comes out and I can never say no to a happy hour…)

I’m feelin’ pretty ambitious today, though and I really want to share our trip to Europe. I’m going for tons of posts on here because I want to share everything (seriously, I took pictures of every meal I ate and made Brandon real embarrassed almost every time).

So to keep it somewhat short, here’s where we went and what we did in a nutshell and then I’ll go way more in-depth soon to come!

First stop: Minneapolis

No, really. Our layover was here and we boarded the plane to complete decadence. This was my first international flight and man do they treat you good! I was a kid in a candy store – you get food brought to you so many times (YUS), TONS of movie options (including brand new ones and Titanic, ahem), a warm washcloth to wash your face, and complimentary eye masks, earplugs, and headphones. WHAT. A. LUXURY. And we were in the cheapest seats avail. Can you tell it doesn’t take much to impress this princess? (Kidding)



Well, I’ve only waited my entire life to visit!!!!! I’m still shocked that I didn’t cry when we landed because I was so happy. London was incredible and I also need to be on the next flight out of the states to London ASAP. I can’t wait to return someday. The city is amazing and there’s so much to do, it’s the one place I really feel like I didn’t get to do everything – there’s just so much to see!

I will go way more in depth at a later time but I will tell you that The Tower of London was probably my favorite place to visit. I’m addicted to learning about the Royal Tudor family now. I’m reading a book that I’ll probably share later. Talk about scandal! I mean, King Henry VIII, amiright? Wowzas.

Also, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. They took my breath away!





Southampton, England

You will quickly find out this turned into a personal Titanic experience… We went here because it’s a such a prominent place for the Titanic. It’s where Rose boards… Okay, so I know she’s not real but it really was where elites like Mr. Andrews boarded and the White Star Line headquarters was here as well. This was a huge docking spot for Titanic and a ton of the workers were from Southampton. We got to stay in the White Star Hotel, a restaurant/hotel that was once where some of the Titanic passengers stayed the night before their fateful journey began. Down the street from our hotel was the hotel where many of the first class passengers stayed (like Mr. Andrews), and across the street is an infamous bar called The Grapes where a couple passengers missed their boarding time from drinking and wasn’t able to board at all (lucky for them).





Back to London… AKA Harry Potter Tour!!

Oh yes, this happened. And it was magical!!!! The whole entire thing was a pinch-me experience.




What’s a trip to Europe without a soccer game?! I’m proudly a newfound Hotspur fan now.




We flew into Cork, rented a car (that was fun), and drove in Cork, to Cobh, then Kinsale where we stayed a couple nights and let me tell you, that is one postcard-perfect-looking town!

Important to note: Cobh was the final boarding stop for Titanic (see the boarding dock below).






Ireland: Blarney Castle, Fanore, Cliffs of Moher, and places in between

The Blarney Castle was one of my favorite places to visit on the entire trip! I kissed the stone!!! We stayed in Fanore which is where I’m going to retire. We also ate at the famous Durty Nelly’s along the way!






Inis Oirr AKA Islands off the west coast of Ireland

Oh do I have a story for YOU! This island was great, about 200-some people reside here so when we got dropped off we found a pub! I had a few Guinnesses and… it didn’t end the best for me. Aparently there’s a lot of iron in a pint of Guinness and I’m pescatarian so iron isn’t really something I’m high in, so I’m blaming that! ; )






There is SO much more from where this came from but I just overdid it on blogging for one day and I’m now pooped.

Ni night!! 🙂

What Happens in Vegas… When You Get Sick?


Last week I was in Vegas from Sunday to Wednesday for work. It was a great time, not to mention had a major career moment when I spoke on my very first panel during the conference!! Here’s where it goes from THIS IS AWESOME to WUT. I got sick. I NEVER get sick. Seriously, I really don’t. I can’t tell you the last time I was sick (besides last week). Well anywho, I start feeling a little sluggish on Sunday, but I also got about 4 hours of sleep thanks to a few libations on Saturday night so I figured that was the cause.

Monday morning I wake up with a sore throat but figured it was from all of the smoke in the casinos. After being up for a couple hours I started to get the chills and my head/nose started to hurt. CRAP. It was happening.

I got some DayQuil and slowly began to feel alive again until about 4 hours later when it wore off and I had to slug back a couple more DayQuils as I talked to hundreds of people. It was brutal.

So I went to bed early (in Vegas, who does that?) and hoped I would wake up better. I tossed and turned throughout the night and woke up sweaty then freezing. Basically, the apocalypse was happening inside of me. It was so bad and to make matters worse I knew people were having the time of their lives outside my hotel window. The next morning my fever broke and I was just a sore throat, stuffy nose gal. Much better than the previous day. But through this entire fiasco I learned how to be sick in Vegas and now I’m going to share it with you in case you find yourself in this position some day (I hope you don’t). This is also being created for that one lucky person who someday Googles “what to do when you’re sick in Vegas”. 😉

Look, Vegas is a hard city to be sick in people! It’s full of dry air, smoke, lots of walking, heat, and good food and lots of water is more work to come by then it needs to be. Here are my tips:

1. Get DayQuil. 

I can’t stress this one enough. DayQuil is my go-to. It’s the medicine you need to take if you still have to try and function while being sick. You can go for NyQuil too but I usually just stick to DayQuil unless I know I can get a lot of sleep in. You can get it anywhere in the convenience stores within the casinos or at Walgreens or CVS.

Zicam is another winner, this stuff is AWESOME! If you’re havin’ nose problems I feel bad for you son, I got Zicam and… yeah, I got nothing. I thought I had a better line for this. 

2. Drink Liquids: The not-fun kind.

Keep drinking water and warm water with honey if possible! I made a horrible mistake of drinking a hardcore cold brew on Monday morning and I swear it escalated my cold times a hundred. Drink tea only if it’s non-caffeinated. It’s so tempting to get drinks there even if it’s not alcoholic because everyone has a drink in their hand. Also, realized how hard free water can be to come by in Vegas. Get a large water bottle somewhere and then just find places to fill it up. This might be a hard task because water fountains are practically non-existant but I found them in the meeting areas of hotels. So look around and go deep into the hallways of the hotels way past the casino part and you might get lucky. Or just keep buying water but you’re already sick so you might as well try to save money.

If you can get your hands on a humidifier go for that too! You need all the hydration you can get in that city!

3. Rest. 

Look, I know it’s Vegas but if you need to lay down for a couple hours DO IT. I was lucky that I had my own hotel room so I could just go to sleep early but if you’re with a ton of people this might get rough. Try to push through and sleep as much as you can. I also understand if you just want to YOLO and deal with it when you get home…

and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Feel free to get a shake if ice cream helps your throat too 😉 My go-to was Johnny Rockets! I also ate a massive pizza and delicious pasta. And In-and-Out. Not sure if that helped or not…






A Honeymoon in Aruba: Where to Stay and What to Do

I’m only about two years late on this post but it’s finally here! A recap of our honeymoon to Aruba! First, let me tell you why you should choose Aruba! Aruba is “The Happy Island” and it really does live up to its slogan, everyone is super nice and it’s one of the few Carribean islands where you don’t have to stay on a resort. It’s extremely safe so you can go all over the island and explore.

Where to Stay

While there are resorts on Aruba, staying on a resort isn’t required in Aruba since it’s so safe. We stayed at the Marriott Stellaris Hotel and Casino. They have normal rooms but the top floor is reserved as the “Tradewinds Club” that costs extra but gets you amazing views and lots of food and drinks! I felt like it was pretty close to a resort vibe with the upgrade to the Tradewinds Club. We ended up staying there and it was awesome. They had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The lunch and dinner were a sample of food from the restaurants at the hotel and this is what we ate every day (minus one night) and it totally fills you up! They also have free cocktails every evening with a fully stocked bar where you can just make your own drinks (this part was the best!!!). They had good booze too, think Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, etc. They also had a stocked fridge with pop and the local beer that you could get throughout the entire day. So if you wanted to drink for free all day, your options would just be the beer and then wait for the hard liquor in the evening.

All the “Chill” beer you want! 


The Marriot Stellaris also had an awesome pool, great restaurants, and a casino! We only went to the casino for a bit but it was cool to walk from the beach and into a casino and feel like you’re in Vegas!



If you want another option, there are tons of hotels along the beach all side-by-side and they all seemed pretty similar. Next door to the Marriot was The Ritz-Carlton and holy crap that place was really nice. We walked around the hotel and it was beautiful. Very upscale. If that’s the style you are looking for, I would recommend The Ritz.

We almost stayed at The Renaissance Resort but the only downside is that it’s not on the beach, however, they do have a private island that you can go on and there are even flamingos on it! Chances are you have seen a video of this on your Facebook timeline, it’s that magical looking paradise with flamingos walking around!

What to Do

Safe to say there are lots to do on the 19.6-mile long island of Aruba. Here’s what we did below!

Snorkeling Tour


The waters are crystal blue and amazing! Neither of us had snorkeled before which a pro tip on this one; if you have never snorkeled before, try practicing before you go! I ended up swallowing so much salt water that my stomach did not feel so hot.

We went on the Mi Dushi snorkel tour (they also offer other boat rides, but we did the “Taste of Aruba”) and it was a great experience! We went to 3 different locations, the first one was an easy one for beginners and the other one was easy too then we did one hard snorkel dive in the deep waters where there was a shipwreck! If you’re an experienced snorkeler, you could’ve dove down and saw it since it’s not too far from the surface. On our tour we got lunch and I think it was my favorite meal there. My mouth is watering thinking about it. It was fish, rice, and I think veggies with a dessert. They also had alcoholic beverages for all you could drink, but not going to lie, I barely had any it didn’t seem like the others were really drinking either. You’re in the water most of the time.

The Mi Dushi tour was also a great deal for 4 hours of snorkeling and lunch! They also stop and let you jump off the boat and have some fun.


There I go!

Road Trip!

Again, one of the great things about Aruba is how safe it is! You can rent a car and go off and explore the island on your own! As fun as it was, we got super lost and it made my pretty car sick thanks to all of the small, winding turns up hills and the road signs are not the same as in the states… But it was still great! Might be the highlight of the trip actually because it was just us two navigating our way around this island. The island is barely 20 miles long so you can go to both ends and stop numerous times in one day. We found ourselves in a lot of places… like a random baseball game, the cliffs by the ocean, even PIZZA HUT! Side note: They have Pizza Hut and Taco Bell so we ate at both to taste test it. Spoiler alert: It tastes exactly as it does in America. Lol


Also, are you ready for one of the best parts of this mini road trip? The car. And it’s even better if you know Brandon and I (we’re both small people, and this car was perfect for us).



Just look at that beaut!

We did drive to my favorite place in all of Aruba, rock wish gardens next to the coolest cliff I’ve ever seen.



Now here’s something you HAVE to do if you visit Aruba. Leave your “wish rocks” on the beach. There were piles of rocks all over the place, and they are left from others who have visited. You are supposed to pick flat rocks (as many as you want), and then start your “tower of devotion” they can contain a wish each.

Here’s mine!




We also stopped at a couple of other beaches and even went snorkeling again (by this point we were practically pros)!

Archaelogoical Museum of Aruba

For all my history buffs out there! It’s a small museum and free of charge. It’s close to downtown so I would suggest getting dropped off there by a taxi then walking around to the shops. You shouldn’t have to plan a ton of time at this museum since it is smaller, but it’s fun to see everything and learn more about the history of this island. It’s definitely a place they don’t teach you about in school!

The outside of it is beautiful too. Just look at the colors of these buildings!





Go Shopping!

They have a mall and the downtown area (aka Oranjestad) that is perfect for shopping and getting street food! I even got a coconut drink that a guy cut with a machete and even let me have a whack at it! The shops are great and something for everyone. They have typical souvenir stores, beach stores (think: like Pacsun), grocery stores, and basically everything. It’s a cruise ship stop so you’ll probably see a lot of people purchasing things they need. I actually bought a straightener at one of the electronic stores because I forgot mine at home #FirstWorldProblems.




The Kukookunuko Party Bus

Saving the best for last on this one. YOU GUYS THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! The Kukoo Kanuku is a party bus that takes you around to bars of Aruba and they have a tour that includes a dinner as well. We did the dinner one and it was awesome, it’s a great opportunity to make friends on your trip. We made a few friends that we saw throughout the trip (a couple even gave us their snorkel gear because they didn’t want to take it on the plane – and now we own snorkeling gear! BOOM)

But for real, please go on this if you like to have a good time. They start off by picking up everyone at their hotels. Then, we went to the beach for a kick-off champagne toast and then to our first bar.



Next up, we ate dinner at some random place (if you do this option, don’t be afraid when they take some backroads to a dark place…) The food was awesome and it gave you the chance to meet everyone on the bus. Keep in mind, if you aren’t interested in meeting new people and you’re just hanging with your sig. other, that’s okay! You won’t feel pressured to talk to other people. But once the drinks get flowing you might think otherwise…

They have a special deal where you can purchase a small water bottle from them for like $10 and then when you go to the bars, you can get really cheap drinks in your water bottle (think $3 and under) – this also brings up an important point: They will accept American money and debit cards at some places.

Highly suggest purchasing the water bottle, though, it’s a great deal!


I would love to flood this post with pics from this night, it was EPIC. Please promise me you will consider this if you visit Aruba!

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Visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley


Ah, Harry Potter. One of the greatest things on earth. I don’t know about you, but I pretty much breathe everything Harry Potter. I’m constantly reading the series, watching one of the movies at least a couple (or few) times a month, scroll through multiple Harry Potter Facebook groups, you get the idea… So when Brandon agreed to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter during our quick stop in Orlando before heading to Aruba for a honeymoon, I was pretty much in heaven.

Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter did NOT disappoint. We only made it to Diagon Alley for lack of time, but still worth every penny galleon. We even waiting in line for almost 3 hours to board the ride “Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts”. You guys, I almost cried after this ride because it was like a childhood dream coming true! (More on that below).


So first, I would plan on at least one entire day or two just to be safe that you cover all grounds at both parks! There are two parks connected by the Hogwarts Express. Diagon Alley is inside the park and Hogsmeade is out on the island. Since we only had a limited time we opted for just Diagon Alley so we could explore it with the rest of the park. If you have to choose, I would suggest Diagon Alley because you have to pay for the Hogwarts Express as well, so it’s definitely the cheaper option.

You enter Diagon Alley from the streets of London feeling like a true muggle turning eleven and discovering that “yer a wizard ‘Arry”! It’s SO COOL! Here’s what it looks like on the outside:


Next thing you know, you’re in Diagon Alley! Now go get yourself a wand ya wizard! Stop at Ollivanders Wand shop and choose a famous wizard’s wand or opt for the interactive one!



This is something I wish I would’ve planned ahead of time. Here’s why: I thought that if you were buying a wand that you could do the whole “the wand chooses the wizard” thing. But it’s actually chosen at random sometimes for a quick show while everyone is in the shop. The other thing is you can only buy wands from other famous witches and wizards, where I thought it would be all kinds of wands you could choose from. So I went for Harry’s wand and to this day I still wish I would’ve gone for Dumbledore’s wand (the Elder Wand). That’s okay, though, looks like I will just have to start collecting them all… 😉


The wand isn’t cheap, I believe it was $40 and not interactive. You can buy an interactive wand which is SUPER cool! Basically, it comes with a map to interact with things around the park. For example, there might be a feather in a shop window that you can make levitate. I would suggest this if you’re planning on spending a lot of time there to give you optimal time to explore all the secret wand places. Oh, and I suggest getting your wand early on to start your wizarding experience right!



One of the best parts! Bring an appetite and empty belly because there are a LOT of food and drink options everywhere you look. They have lots of little pop-up shops for drinks and candy that are so much fun to check out! I of course, snagged a butter beer with an upgrade to a collector’s cup! Gotta be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of it but I still drank it because I just wanted to sip out of that cup! We also had lunch at The Leaky Cauldron which was one of the coolest experiences. The entire place is so realistic, it’s incredible what they did to build that entire park. So many details and it just feels like everything you’ve watched and read is right in front of you.

Expect The Leaky Cauldron to be pretty busy all the time, but they actually move quick and get you in fast. It helps that there was just two of us so we could squeeze in. So if you’re in a larger group, you might need to save a little extra time for it. I had fish and chips and they were DELICIOUS!


Photo Credit



Bahaha! That meme will never get old. Diagon Alley is one heck of a place at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! The shops, food, everything. It’s just pure perfection! They do have one ride, “Harry Potter and the Escape to Gringotts” and holy crap it’s so awesome. You will most likely wait awhile in line to get in but it’s worth the wait. They use holograms and… I don’t want to give away anymore! But let’s just say you will feel like you are in the movie. It’s amazing. I almost shed a tear after it.

I don’t really have much more to say other than YOU NEED TO GO IF YOU HAVEN’T YET! I would be sure to plan lots of time if you can (it’s a busy place) and save money so you don’t have to hold back on anything like an interactive wand and trying all the foods you see 🙂






I want to hear! Have you visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? What was your favorite part?! Any tips?

48 Hours in Chicago

Flashback to last Wednesday around 2pm. Brandon messages me that he has something to discuss and that he’s coming up to my office (I work on the floor above him) and here I’m thinkin’ dangit, what’s he up to and what’s happening?

He comes upstairs and proposes that we hit the road to Chicago Friday afternoon and go to both Cubs games on the weekend. WHOA. WHAT? OKAY!

So I was in. Plus, ROOOOAD TRIP! I’ve never driven to or from Chicago before (and gotta say, it’s actually not as bad as I thought)!

We left around 3pm Friday, stopped at Chipotle in Des Moines (of course) and landed in Chi City around 11:30pm. I got the vibe that the hotel we were staying at was in a business district so we were striking out left and right trying to find a place to get a drink around midnight, but we were on a mission.

Hour 2:

We ended up finding our way to CityScape Bar in a randomly really fancy Holiday Inn. I was impressed.

Hour 12:

Breakfast and time to PARRRRTAY! We make our way to the Signature Room on the 95th and enjoy overly priced $16 cocktails…



Also: I really think you get buzzed up there because you’re so high up. I was only a few sips in and felt a little somethin’. Maybe it was just that Chicago feeling 😉



Hour 14:

Makin’ our way to Kirkwood for the Husker game! For those unfamiliar, Kirkwood is one of the Husker alumni bars in Chicago, also happens to be the Indiana basketball alumni bar… awkwarddd

Next up, the first quarter. Um, can I just say that was some of the best minutes of my life? Can we always play like the first quarter?!! I was so amped up I bought a boot. Couldn’t resist. (I also did not drink most of this).



So here we are just completely lovin’ life, with a boot filled with beer, what more could we possibly want? Uh, I DNK – how about TIM MILES WALKING INTO THE BAR.

No joke. Tim and his wife came into the bar. I knew in that moment that this would be one of the most special days of my life. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sadly, I do not have a pic, but we did chat with him and his wife. I just wanted to feel cool and not ask for a pic, ya know what I mean? Also, he told Brandon and I that he has this picture of us from when Brandon proposed to me with a ball signed by him. WE HAVE OFFICIALLY MADE LIFE SUCCESSFUL, MY FRIENDS!!

The game started to get a little crummy but my spirits were still as high as the Signature Lounge on the 95th. So we made our way towards Wrigley Field and watched the rest of the Husker game at the other Husker alumni bar, Rockwood Place.

Hour 17.5:

Tensions were starting to run high. Nebraska was not looking so hot, but I was doing juuuust fine. Had a drink in my hand and was in Chicago. Plus, the Cubs hadn’t even played yet! But then, the miracle happened. WE WON.

So we took our pride with us down to the Cubby Bear for one last drank before heading into Wrigley, then life waved its wand and made magic happen again…

A Jimmy John’s promoter was handing out free JJ’s and HATS! HATS YOU GUYS! Like legit Jimmy John’s hats. We were so happy, you have no idea. Also, they were quality New Era hats! WHAT? So… we have a Husker win, talked to Tim Miles, and now this? OKAY!

(Yes, we were actually this pumped up about JJ…)


Hour 20:

First Cubs game of the weekend. LEGGO!


What a fun game! Thoroughly enjoyed this one – and that Grand Slam in the 8th. AMAZING.




Hour 37:

While I struggled through the day a bit (thanks ‘skers and Cubs), we still had a good time IN A BOAT!

You can rent little electric boats on the hour at Chicago Boat Rental! It up to holds 10 peeps and I hear you can usually find a 50% discount during the weekdays!


Look at how small that little thing was! haha! This wasn’t our boat, but someone else renting the same one:



Hour 39:

Bub City brunch. I sustained from the booze and ordered mac n’ cheese instead. My body just couldn’t handle.

Afterward, we were all feeling the wrath that Chicago gave us and took a quick nap at the hotel. No. Shame.

Hour 43:

Made our way to the Cubs game and got ourselves Giordano’s pizza. P.S. Did you know that all food is 25% off an hour before the game starts? Boom!


The game didn’t quite end as good as we hoped. 🙁

Next up: Drive back to Lincoln. I slept the entire way, landed in Lincoln around 7am, got ready for work and was back in the office within the hour.


Cheers to next weekend!







A Weekend in Chicago…

Full of booze, fun, fish, bikes, and a couple wins.

Safe to say I’m exhausted. Good news is this Monday back at work we spent half the day playing “tiny golf” aka mini golf. So that was awesome!

This Chicago trip was one of the tops for me. I don’t know if it was all the Husker fans taking over the city or that we were able to pack so much greatness in a couple days. Let’s begin where it all went down…


Highly recommend staying at this sick Airbnb that is 3 APTS AWAY FROM WRIGLEY FIELD! I couldn’t believe it – def the way to stay in Chicago. Just a few blocks away from the Red Line and beach. Here’s what we did during the weekend (and what you should plan on doing when you visit Chicago next!!)



Wrigley Field Tour

Quick pro tip: Do the tour when there’s not a game that day because then you get on the field! We need to do this again, though because we couldn’t visit the opponent’s locker room since the Cards had already arrived. That locker room is one of the most historic places in the ballpark because so many famous athletes have been in there. Think Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, you name it!



Trader Todd’s

What we really wanted was karaoke and boy did we find it! THIS PLACE WAS AWESOME! It reminded me or a Margaritaville meets Nashville. If you’re ever near this place, be sure to visit Trader Todd’s.

I also sang “Friends in Low Places” for the 98th time. I’m really livin’ out that glory of the time I met the songwriter.


Cubs Game

Because, duh! Also made sure to get my brew, peanuts, and Giordano’s personal pizza.




Ride Bikes Along the Beach

This was so much fun (and so much work). We should’ve known that after drinking two days straight your muscles don’t work quite the same as usual. It was still awesome, though. We rented a bike for $10 then rode it along the beach from Wrigleyville to the Navy Pier. It’s a great ride that took about 30-40 minutes but for sure grabbed an Uber on the way back 😉


NE vs. Northwestern Football Game

Okay, so you can’t always do this but it was great! Always a good time there, it’s just straight up Husker fans all around. That stadium was FILLED with red – such a beautiful sight! BONUS: They had veggie burgers!!! Seriously, I love you Memorial Stadium but you NEED to get some veggie-friendly selections. It’s so not fun not having decent food to fill my booze-filled stomach with!


This trash can is no joke.

Shedd Aquarium 

THIS is getting its own post soon – OMGSH you guys, this was one of my favorite parts of the trip. When I woke up Sunday morning I had very rare end-of-the-weekend energy. I was determined to make it to Museum Campus to check out a place I haven’t been yet even if I went alone. So I did. The place was so cool and so worth a visit. I even found a book about Lake Michigan shipwrecks that I’m now currently reading and holy crap it’s fascinating. Will have to share my finds later on here 😉



The Types of Fans You Meet at a Husker Football Game

We have all witnessed one of these fans at some point of our Husker fan career…
*Please note: These might be dramatized and stereotypical arranged for one’s humor. 😉

1. The Heavy Shopper

This person is usually toting around a couple bags of new Husker merchandise. They are also about 98.5% likely to purchase a program at the game and upgrade to the souvenir cup at the concession stand.

2. The First Timer

Usually a kid under the age of 10. They look around in awe and have a red First National balloon in hand. They will remember the game for weeks to come and become a life-long Husker football fan. Witnessing “The First Timer” is a great fan site for any Husker.

3. The Drunk Guy

You knew this one was coming, huh? He might be screaming “GOOO BIIIIG REEED” in anticipation for a GBR chant from the crowd following or he could just be shouting words. Who knows. He may get angry at bad calls and stupid plays during the game, even drop profanities here and there, but he could also just fall right asleep sitting up. You never really know what to expect with “The Drunk Guy”.

4. The Drunk Girl

Ah yes, this beautiful fan. She might stumble in the game, drop a shooter or two in the bathroom stall on accident, and may need help walking up the stadium stairs. This one I like to call “The Drunk Girl”. We’ve all been her a time or two. I mean, Nebraska is known to tailgate and tailgate hard. Can we really blame her? She might also be fast asleep in her seat by the third quarter.

5. The Fancy Season Ticket Holder

Usually found near the Champions Club or on the west side of Memorial tailgating in the horseshoe with a badge (of honor) around their neck. They may pregame with fellow ticket holders and discuss business every once in awhile or schedule the next tee time.

6. The Husker Football Historian

Knows everything there is to know about everything Husker football. They might’ve even come from the Volleyball game before kick-off. This person misses nothingThey can spew off every former player’s name and what their stats were. They also have a Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne shrine at home. Might also bring binoculars and a radio headset to every game.

7. The Small Town Nebraska Fan

One of my personal favorites because nothin’ says Husker football like a small town Nebraskan. This person might stick out with their overalls, game jerseys, farmer hats, and boots. They enjoy being in the “big city” on game day. They’ll probably have a beer in hand and might get down to party. In fact, I’ve found there’s two types of these fans: those that are here to party hard and those who are just here to enjoy the game then head back to their town. Both equally great fans.

8. The Past Husker Football Player

This fan might still wear their letterman jacket (I’m lookin’ at you, Johnny Rodgers), but most just sit back and blend in with the rest of the crowd or give on-air commentary to local radio stations. Sometimes, you might even find them at The Bar The Bar, which is always refreshing to see other alumni reppin’ the college bars.

9. The Negative Fan

Ugh, the worst. The only thing that will please this fan is a National title every single year, and I bet they even still find something to criticize. Every once in a while, you might be placed by one of these fans in a game and I’m so sorry for that. They might make you feel uncomfortable as they shout mean things to our own team, but never give into their satire unless you want to yell positive chants nonchalantly when the team does great things.

10. The Person Who Has No Idea What’s Going On Fan

“Oh, we lost?”

Yeah, that fan. I like to envision this fan as a mom who is just happy to be out with her family at a game. This fan might accidently cheer for the wrong team every once in a while and ask what happened when a touchdown is scored. They will also most likely remain positive throughout the game, making you appreciate them more if you end up next to the negative fan.

11. The Wave Starter

You can love ’em or hate ’em. This person is probably a student and one of the first people in line to get into East or South stadium. They wear the red and white striped overalls, oversized corn head or foam cowboy hat, makeshift signs, face painted, you name it. Their main intention is to get the crowd “riled” up (see what I did there?)

12. The Question Asker

This fan might have a little “Has No Idea What’s Going On Fan” in them. Side note: Never watch a movie with this fan. Will ask play questions, ref call questions, who’s that player questions, you name it, they have a question for it.

13. The Worrier

On the edge of their seat the entire game. Doesn’t know if we can pull it off. Will squeal when we have to make a play to score a touchdown or kick a field goal. Every game is a playoff game in their eyes.

14. The Phone Checker

Only at the game to get a good Instagram pic. Snapchats are also a must for this fan and most of the game is spent checking social media. There’s two types of fans that can fall in this category: The one who legitmetaly doesn’t care or the one who needs to check Twitter for what other fans are saying while they watch the game. This may also get frustrated when service in Memorial gets shady.

15. The Unsportman-like Fan

Better known as the rude fan. Luckily, Nebraska doesn’t have many of them, but there’s always a bad apple in a sea of red. This fan might make snide remarks to opposing team fans and will most likely get belligerent at some point of game day. Be cautious of these fans, they aren’t worth talking to.

16. The Nostalgia Fan

Won’t stop talking about the good ole’ championship years. Is probably sporting swag from the 70’s or 90’s. Probably has a tailgate spot with a tricked our RV sporting a Husker football mural and stickers on the outside. Push the horn and you might even get the school fight song!

Which ones am I missing? 

14 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

Anyone from Omaha or Nebraska for that matter will tell you that the Henry Doorly Zoo is AWEEEESOMEEE!!! Fellow Nebraskans, you can ignore this post (unless you want to reminisce on the world’s best zoo) – because you already know how great it is.

For those who think Nebraska is a giant cornfield, shame on you first of all, but secondly, you should book your ticket to Omaha STAT! These pictures don’t even do the zoo justice. I’m just trying to work on my photog skills and thought this was the perfect opportunity. Also, it was 100 degrees on this day, so a lot of the animals were sleeping in the shade. Enjoy what I have! I tried getting 20 good photos, but then my camera died a little over half way through my zoo adventure.

Side note: The new African Grasslands is going to be super cool. You can tell it’s not 100% ready yet, but it’s going to be a game changer. I got the closest to a lion I’ve ever been!! Also, I think the Jungle still has my heart. It hasn’t changed one bit since I was little. I love it!















Was your fave pic the sloth? 😉 Or the Jungle rope that everyone and their mom has walked on.


Visiting The Chicago Field Museum

I wanted to visit this museum for years and when I finally did, it definitely lived up to the hype. It’s a fantastic museum for all ages, groups, interests, you name it! You’ll probably love it. I also can’t believe how HUGE that place is. I’m so mad my Jawbone UP band died before I went because I bet we walked 15,000 steps in that place. I don’t think we even saw everything either. There was seriously something new peaking around every corner.

First, we would be in the Terracotta Exhibit then walk into Dinosaur bones. I mean it’s stuff only history nerds dream of!

Here are some tips for your future museum visit!


Doing anything touristy isn’t cheap anymore, AMIRIGHT? But it’s not bad for as much as you get! If you only have a couple hours to spend, just have it mapped out where you want to go so you get your money’s worth. If you have all day, then go for the complete package!

To see the entire museum (this includes all exhibits, permanent and featured AND one 3D movie of your choice). We did this one and it’s $38 for adults, but only $32 for students, which just means you need to have a student I.D. (Helloooo N Card!) I used my old school I.D. and saved $6 – WIN. For children, it’s $26. They do have a pass option below this that includes the featured exhibit and others, just excludes the 3D movie I believe. That one is $31/adult. Then one that excludes the featured exhibit for $29/adult.

If you don’t have a ton of time to spend there, you can also opt for the “Basic” (am I the only one that wants to be like, YOU #BASIC)? No? Okay. Moving on then… That is $22/adult.

When you first arrive, Sue will greet you upon entering the massive museum hall. This is the Field Museum’s prized possession. She’s the largest and most complete T-Rex! And! From South Dakota.



First and foremost, bring energy because there’s a lot of walking! We went at the end of a filled travel weekend and I was pretty exhausted. I definitely feel like I need to go again to experience it at 100%. You are allowed cameras. You can’t bring food or drinks (of any kind) into the exhibits, you can only drink and eat at the designated locations (which there are a ton of spots you can plop down to eat/drink/take a break at). The cool thing is that you can bring your own brown bag lunch! You can also chill by (not sure if dead or fake?) animals behind the glass, like these Narwhals! < Seriously didn’t think those were actually real animals.


If you want to get food there, they also have a cool dining place when you first walk in as well as vending machines planted all over the place.


3D Movie

You can choose between 3 different movies, they all start at different times and around 20-30 minutes long. The ones you could choose from was one about Dinosaurs, Africa, and Galapagos Island. I picked Galapagos because I have no idea where that place is even at.

It was the first thing we did – and I’m glad we did that so you could get it out of the way then spend the rest of the time exploring. It was super cool to watch and the perfect length. (Minus the 3D spiders – HELL. NO.)

The “Every Animal You Could Think Of” Exhibit

It’s obviously not really called that but omg, they had every animal possible stuffed and behind glass. It was pretty cool and it goes on forever. You would turn a corner and run into giraffes, then walk a football field length and find the entire wild cat species. Also, if you’re a bird lover, you would freak. I’m pretty sure they have every bird on show (all fake/stuffed of course).


The “Brandon, come look at these *hint hint*” Exhibit

Yup, we’re talkin’ bling upon bling, people! It’s the Gem Exhibit.



All I could think about was how much money was in that room and how I would hate to have the job of cleaning that glass every day…

The other exhibits go on and on… from taking a stroll through African history, walking amongst the dinos, and even watching scientists behind the glass doing work! It was like Jurrasic Park! Speaking of… Look at this bug inside the amber!

Somebody get my frog DNA, STAT!

It was truly an awesome place and one you can go back to over and over again. Here are some more pics to check out!







A Weekend in Chicago

It’s amazing how badly your body can break down at such a tender age when you’ve vacationed too hard.

I never seem to learn my lesson, either.

When on vacation, it’s like you’re 21 again and on spring break and there ain’t no stopping ya from having a good time! …Until you get home. Every plane ride back home is a giant wish of crawling under a rock and not coming out for a week. I feel permanently ill and I always seem to catch that cold the first day back to the “real world” comes around. Every vaycay I tell myself I’m going to work out (HAH – wishful thinking), drink tons of water, and get plenty of rest.

Buuut enough of the after-vacation talk. Let’s get on to the fun! Here’s my weekend top cinco.

1. Beyoncé



Because, DUH. You guys, I cried. I literally cried because Beyonce is so beautiful, amazing, perfect, and everything in between. I couldn’t believe she was standing RIGHT THERE!!! And all of her songs were so good! (P.S. that playlist is dead on!)

When she sang “Halo” I lost it. Just like I figured I would. On the flight back, there were a couple other girls saying they cried at it, too. I still can’t believe that all happened. It feels like a dream!!!!!!!!!

2. Cubs Game




Not a Greezy vacation to Chicago without a Cubs game! We had awesome tix. Got a couple brews, pre-gamed in Wrigleyville and ate a mini Giordano’s pizzas. And that, my friends, is what I call a good time.

3. Field Museum



Well, I have wanted to go here for YEARS. Then finally – just like the Beyonce gods graced me on this trip – it was time. Got to meet Sue! The only bad part was it was the last thing we did and my dogs (feet) and legs hurt from all the walking and exhaustion I endured over the past 3.5 days.

Secret tip if you go: Bring your student ID – you save seven doll hairs!

4. Boat ride!!


I’m such a sucker for tourist things. We went at night, but it was still great! Also, learned that there’s a ton of old planes underwater near the Navy Pier! Who knew!

5. Da Beach


We found the best part under an umbrella to sip on some cocktails and people watch. LOVED IT. It just helped because I pretty dehydrated like a dead fish out in the sun. (I blame the Cubs game)

BONUS: The food and dranks!!

First up, we’ve got the mother of all… A SUSHI BURRITO.


Aaaaand Red Robin. Like three times. No joke. We ate from there three times. Instead of the restaurant style like it typically is, it was more fast food style. IT WAS AWESOMEEEE.


THIS THING. Thanks Howl at the Moon!


Now, I must leave you with this adorable little fake otter licking a baby otter at The Field Museum.