Throughout the week, I always have a gazillion thoughts, finds, random new interests, and everything in between. Some call it ADHD, I just call it bein’ Steezy. I tried to remember to collect all of these things and dish them out here.

So here we go. “This Week” AKA things that don’t deserve an entire blog post by themselves, volume one.

Movie: Nightcrawler

On Valentine’s night, Brandon and I just stayed home and ate dinner at our table for the first time EVER. We got our table around October (I think). So yeah, it was a big deal! We made dinner together for the first time (I’m no cook) so it was a pre-made bag of garlic shrimp and pasta that you literally just throw in a skillet and heat (mad props to the genius who invented that), but we did outdo ourselves by making bruschetta… 😉 even though it’s one of the simplest foods to make.



Anyway, afterwards we watched Nightcrawler on Netflix and you guys… I don’t think I liked it. Jake Gyllenhaal was soooo creepy, I’m surprised I haven’t had a nightmare with his bulging eyes and skinny self in it yet. I prefer my movies happy and fun and that did not do it. Which reminds me… The Revenant, have you seen it? So nuts and not one good part about it, but it’s such a good movie production. Nightcrawler is just freaky. Good acting and great story line, though – it doesn’t surprise me it has a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. But definitely won’t watch it again.


New Find: Billion Dollar Shipwreck TV Show


HOW IS THIS SHOW NOT A BIG DEAL? It has a crazy storyline and holy crap, I just want to know what happens so bad. When I first started watching it, I thought it was a documentary and I would find everything out by the end, but nope. It just turned off and I almost cried. I was so invested. There are two storylines going on. One about finding the “treasure” and one about the family’s falling out (hint: someone kills someone, but don’t worry, that’s not a spoiler because it’s all we know so far!) A dad (pictured above lookin’ like a true pirate) and son are on a quest to recover gold coins from a shipwreck back in 1865 that was mysteriously hidden from shipwreck maps and this guy (the Dad) knows why – because it’s hiding gold. The ship is the SS Republic and also a White Star Line (HOLLA! #Titanic) so I’m hooked. I LOVE a good conspiracy theory and history.

You can watch this show on the History channel and I think it just started, so you shouldn’t miss much. Oh, and it’s super intense because every day they are out to sea trying to get the gold, it costs over $50k A DAY. One diver is almost dying right now because of a malfunction from going down in the ocean and coming back up. It’ll leave you on the edge of your seat, people. (Maybe. It’s a little slow and has lots of commercial breaks FYI).


DRANK: McDonald’s French Vanilla Iced Coffee


(Stephanie, ignore my chipped nail polish plz) 

WHERE. HAS. THIS. BEEN. ALL. OF. MY. LIFE. It’s delicious and it’s like $1.80. Hell ya! I’ve heard people rave about how good McDonald’s coffee is but I figured it probably didn’t have a high standard anyway, so it was probably just o-kay. But people of coffee land, I now understand. This stuff is bomb. I don’t even really like coffee! And I like the iced version I’m coming to realize. I hate hot things (except for Brandon. See what I did there?) But this stuff I can get used to.


Book: Finished Devil in the White City, Picked up On Writing Well 

Ya’ll, I finally finished Devil in the White City. Remember when I started it like a hundred years ago?


Or just seven weeks ago. But it wasn’t the easiest read. It gets a little dry, but it was still good! I would rate it a 3.5 out of 5. For those who have read it, this next part is for you (So move to the next paragraph if you don’t want spoiled): I kept wanting more about Holmes and less about the building of the fair but then once I read all of the Holmes stuff at the end, it was probably okay. How creepy is that all? I’m spooked out for life. Especially about the part where they mention how after he dies, all of the people related to his death die from all different causes. I literally just got goosebumps after typing that. SCARY stuff.

I’ve now moved on to On Writing Well by William Zinsser.


I actually tried reading this over a year ago but now it’s time. I’m SO excited to read this now because, after Devil in the White City, I need a quicker read. That book put me way behind on my lofty 2016 goals. (See, this is why you don’t do resolutions!!!) I’ve only read a few chapters and I have already noticed so many things about writing. P.S. I’m super embarrassed if there’s bad grammar in here now but hey, at least I’m trying! I love writing, but I like writing how I talk and I don’t always have an attention to detail, even though I try so I’m beyond ready to step up ma game. Wish me luck!




You guys!!! I was sifting through NOW albums on Spotify today. Yes, you read that right – I was sifting through NOW albums, like the NOW 34 that played all your Britney and S Club 7 hits! But I got to one of them and a song started playing and the singer was Kate Winslet. Um, what? Where was I when Kate Winslet was singing? Apparently it was in 2000 and it’s called “What If” and featured in Christmas Carol: The Movie. Then I began discovering she has a few other songs! WHAT IS THIS?! She has some serious pipes. Man, I already knew I loved ya Kate, but this takes it to a whole new level. Can I just be you?


Food: Mayo + Ketchup

Omg, you’re totally going to stop reading this blog now that you know my dirty trick. This was actually over a week ago, but I fully committed to it this week. But mayo and ketchup – you read that right. It’s a beautiful combo to dip your french fries in. I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed of myself for figuring this out but have you ever tried Freddy’s “fry sauce”? I swear this is what they do. They might add something else, but it tastes almost similar!!! Don’t knock it till ya try it!


Thoughts: The Pope Calling Out Trump

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.10.48 PM

HAH HAAAA! How beautiful that was. Click here if you haven’t heard/seen. “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.”

Not to get all political up in here but that was awesome and disturbing that the Pope had to even address it. Also, just discovered this article tonight and WOW. Pretty good read. I want so badly to write a novel about this campaign season, but those posts don’t get published 😉 So I’ll just leave these there.

Welp, that’s all I got folks! Have a great weekend everyone!