Ladders, Broken Mirrors, Lucky Pennies. SO. Many. Superstitions.


Today’s #Blogtober14 is a good one and very timely for Halloween. We’re talkin’ superstitions.

I’ve got a lot — I feel like I’m the bubble boy of superstitions instead of germs.

+ I will NEVER, EVER, EVER (Never have, never will) walk under a ladder. I’m serious. My life is over if I ever have to walk under a ladder.

+ I tell myself it’s okay, but I HATE when a black cat randomly runs by. Not okay. It’s happened before, and I’m still breathing and having a good life, so maybe it’s not bad. But I still prefer if I don’t see a black cat. I don’t even know how people own black cats. Scary.

+ Penny on heads? Pick that shiz up.

+ Breaking mirrors can make me a bit uneasy.

+ Eat fortune cookie AND THEN read you fortune. In that order.

+ Wish on every shooting star you see and don’t tell any what you wished for!! Although, I’ll let you in on my first shooting star wish ever, because it’s clearly not happening… I wished to be in a Harry Potter movie. I seriously thought it would happen after I saw a shooting star too. Now THAT’S crushed dreamz.

+ Blow and make a wish on your eyelash!

+ I strongly dislike if I see the number 66_ ( I can’t even finish it here ). Freaks. Me. Out.

+ I don’t know if this is really a “superstition” because I swear it’s true is when there’s a full moon, crazy things happen at night. I believe it. Full moons make everyone KRAY!

What about you? What’s your superstition? Do we share any of the same? 



#BLOGTOBER14 | DAY 25 | My Favorite Book

There is absolutely no way I could pick just ONE book. Even though I’m def leaving some good ones out, here’s a few that come to mind!

First off, I loveee “self-help” books. I hate saying that because it sounds like I’m a nut job ( I probably am, though ) that needs help with life. That’s not the case. I just love books with purpose and learning ( unless it’s Harry Potter – but we’ll get to that… ) A list of ma faves:

Skinny Bitch
The title says it all. I love this health book because it’s straight to the point with no extra crap with rainbows and glitter. They tell you straight on, health isn’t confusing – it’s easy. ALSO I truly believe in the vegan/vegetarian diet. I’m not vegan and probably won’t ever be, but I’m pescatarian and have been for 7 years now. It’s not hard and it’s not crazy. I love it, it’s def a lifestyle but I know it’s the lifestyle for me!

THIS BOOK IS THE ISH! I wrote a review for it on a previous post ( check it out ). This gal is so bada$$. I LOVEEE powerful women, they’re my icons. Which brings me to…

Normal Gets You Nowhere
I would say that THIS is the number one book I would recommend every person to read. This book is so freaking good and so in line with my thoughts about life. Kelly is a powerhouse woman who totally inspires me not just through hard work but her way of life. She even includes the Human Rights in this book. EF YEAH!!!! She talks about helping the homeless, giving back, and spirituality. If everyone read this book and was more like her, this world would be amaze-balls (and there would probably be a lot of black clothes ) 😉 I wrote a post on this book too, see it HURR!

Please, read this if you’re looking for something new to dive into! 🙂


Outliers: The Story of Success
Malcom Gladwell books are pretty much the epitome of the books I dig. I had to read this book for a college class and so glad I did. This book has stuck with me for so long! Reading stories about the 10,000 hour rules to perfection are so cool. I’m also currently reading his newest book, David and Goliath!

Okay, now I’m excited to share this one.

Two words: HARRY. POTTER. 


Haha Harry Potter is a no-brainer on the best books list. This post is good timing because I just started my Harry Potter quest to re-read all of the books again. Right now? Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, page. 1. I have a long way to go…

Wish me luck.


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Instagram ESSENTIALS | Weekend Recap

WOO-EE! It’s good to be back! I was on a major blog hiatus on accident. A new job and freelance job got me like “..Yeah, I should just go to sleep instead of blog.” I’m sorry The Steezy Blog.

So many things I want to talk about now but I don’t want to make this one random blog post with tons of stuff crammed so bare with me here…

Let’s start with #BLOGTOBER14: Fave Instagram Editing Apps

Oh, I’m unleashing secrets now to my “glorious” pictures. 😉

Let’s start with INSTA! P.S. You should follow me:







This app is bada$$. All the legit photogs are using it! I don’t get crazy on it, I just use it to make the lighting on the photo better. The filters are cool, but I usually pass on them just because I’m most likely putting the pic on instagram after.

I use this little guy for making my pics into those hipster-looking squares.

Are you ready for the best app yet…….










This app is a FREAKING GEM. OMG. I’m so happy I found Drake Shake, and I’m so happy Drake Shake found me. There’s really nothing else to say here expect that if you don’t have this app, you need it. NOW.

Now that you know one of the best-kept secrets of the world ( Drake Shake ) let me tell you about my weekend! The ‘Skers headed off to the big city to play Northwestern and it twas fun.


1. The bars don’t close till 4 AM+ in Chicago

2. Grabbing a giant slice of pizza in between bar hopping

3. Eating at Salt & Pepper Diner ( MY FAVE ) AND getting $1 jello shots.

4. Winning, DUH ( Huskers vs. Northwestern )

5. Everybody getting mad at Doug “McBuckets” because he appeared on the jumbo tron wearing Northwestern. HA-HA-HAAA. He didn’t go to UNL. There’s your proof Jayskers. Ah, that was so glorious. PS. He didn’t even know what that promo would be used for, so chillax jayskers.

6. Tailgating with this Northwestern fan. He had $100 whiskey and you bet I got some of that ( too much ). He was awesome though!! He’s a die-hard Northwestern fan, mad respect.
Side Note: Notice his fine whiskey and my ( fine ) $10 vodka. #HowIRoll




A Dose of Buddha Steezy


#BLOGTOBER14 | DAY 15 | Favorite Quote and Why


I EFFING LOVE THIS!!! Everything about this quote is the best. It’s inspiring & real.

This quote literally sends chills down my spine.

Ever since I was little I always knew there was a reason for each person’s existence. I even knew my reason when I was young. I feel like I’m here to make people happy and bring positivity and light to their day ( awww sorry for the saps). If you find out what your purpose is in life, or even just soul search for it, that’s what I believe is livin’ my friend ( “L – I – V – I – N” – Matthew McConaughey )


Peace, love, and finding out why you’re here.


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My Funniest Childhood Memory


*update: I totally just realized I said “BLOTOBER”. I’m too lazy to fix it though. Pretend it never happened*

#BLOGTOBER14 | DAY 14 | Funniest Memory From Childhood

While I can’t tell you my funniest mem from childhood ( because there’s a lot and when I pick one I’ll remember a different one ), I can give you a tiny glimpse into my childhood ( and it’s funny ).

I’m a weird kid. I’ll admit it. Always have, always will be.

So I was home this weekend and did that thing you do when you become a “grown up” – clean out your room so your parents can make it into a work out room or home office, whatever, it’s sad. But it’s all a part of this thing we call life. So anyway, cleaning through everything and I find my time capsule!


I stuffed it in late 1999/Jan. 1, 2000 and then opened it in 2010. There was some not-so-neat and NEAT stuff! We’re talking pokemon cards, a mini Barbie from a happy meal, Princess Diana newspaper clipping from 1997 ( that was a cool find ) tons of other things and little questionnaires that I filled out for my future self to find.

Are you ready for this, people? …

Displaying photo.JPG

So here are some takeaway’s:

1. 48 POUNDS?!!!!!!!!! Holy SHHHH.

2. I think I meant, unless it’s changed from the years. That’s good though, I could’ve been doing bad things on the internet instead of playing highly educational games! ( I kid, the games didn’t work, I was an average student in school ) :/

3. Soda Pop – Britney Spears. Not a bad choice young steezy.

4. Pokemon! yeah dawg, I was into that! Don’t act like you weren’t 😉

5. A singer? Nope… not even close to happening. Sorry.

The Daily Tay

Pumpkin Decor + Fall Recipe!


#BLOGTOBER14 | DAY 13 | Favorite Fall Recipe

Major fail on doing #BLOGTOBER14 and not stopping, but the weekend rolled around… Sworry!

Today’s post is my fave fall recipe. Since I didn’t get a chance to whip up a recipe ( who am I kidding, I don’t bake often… ) so instead I’m going to share one I’ve shared before and then give you an easy “craft recipe” 😉

So for a yummy ( and healthy! ) fall recipe, I present to you…



Right now, I’m also lovin’ spaghetti squash! DELISH!

Yesterday, I went to Junk Stock – a super awesome ( would you call it a festival? ) of junk and vendors who brings their junk, crafts, you name it! It was pretty awesome but I was a lame-o and came home with one thing… A PUMPKIN!

I wanted to decorate it, so I did and voila!


Now THAT’S a pumpkin! Here’s the ingredients:


( missing: little gems, they’re on the pumpkin 😉 )


Ah, fall is here! Here’s some other sweet pumpkin designs! Carving pumpkins is so over-rated…


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I Never Thought Blogging Would…


#BLOGTOBER14 | DAY 10 | I Never Thought Blogging Would…

Okay, I’ll have to make this post fast because I’m writing it the night before and I’m heading off to see Pearl Jam!!! ( ROCK ON!!!! ) Lolz. Tonight should be interesting!

Anyway, I never thought blogging would… Keep my passion going and not get sick of it. I have a bad habit of starting tons of things, losing interest and calling it quits fast. With blogging though, that’s just not happening. I can tell that it’s REAL. It’s something that makes me feel successful ( not in a money-makin’ way – at least not yet! ) but every time I follow through with a post and share it on social media I get sense of accomplishment and pride! Even if no one is noticing. I’m somewhat okay with it because I know I have a long ways to go and this first year is just me practicing to get better.

I’ll never forget reading an interview about Cupcake and Cashmere‘s Emily Schuman when she said,

“It’s funny – I thought I was successful when I wrote consistently for three months. That felt great, even though my parents and husband were the only ones reading it.”

That stuck with me because that’s exactly. how. I. feel! It makes me feel successful and in charge of something which is one of the greatest feelings ever, I think. 😉

I can’t wait to hear what other people post for this day’s prompt. I can’t wait to see how this blog and I evolve. I’m excited. Just gotta stay consistent with it and this ole’ thing might become more than just a night hobby!

The Daily Tay

Halloween: Through the Years


#BLOGTOBER | DAY 9 | Best/Worst Halloween Memory #TBT

Any bad mems of Halloween.. let’s just leave them in the dust, shall we? I would rather #TBT to the years of my horrible ( and interesting ) costumes.

So I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY X 1000 wish that I had access to old Halloween photos right now for this blog post but they’re all at my parent’s house 🙁 You’ll have to make do with what I’ve got and I’ll try to improvise.

So I could be wrong but I think my first Halloween costume ever was a little kitty cat ( aw, how cute right? ) 😉

I was also a witch one year and then get ready for it… an M&M!!! ( this one I really which I had the original pic for ) but what kid WASN’T an M&M at one point of their Halloween career?


Then here’s one of my most prized-costumes of my life:


A. NERD. Dude. This was such a success. I even had a locker made out of box to put over my head so when I trick-or-treated I would open the door to the locker to collect my candy. Gawd, it was brilliant.

Here’s when it gets not as fun. I can’t really remember what else I was because I don’t have the photo proof. I might try to get those before Halloween so I can post though, I’m sure they’re all golden gems.

If we move quick to 2008 ( my first year of college ) I was a “pimp” aka make-shift costume for the Halloween procrastinator. That cloak wasn’t even mine, if it was it would’ve been legit though!


aw, the joys of first college parties in Halloween. I remember I was actually battling a minor case of mono during this. Can’t stop, won’t stop right?





Throwbacking to high school with my old Pom uni! AKA I needed another costume – that’s the thing with college, it’s a week/weekend long celebration and you usually need more than one costume to suffice.

2010 – Taylor Swift and Kanye. Classic.


2011 – Dazed and Confused Seniors ( SO GOOD!!! )


2012 – “Paul-o-ween”


This one was so epic!! Hahaha I had everyone wear masks of one of our bosses! Simple, easy, DIY costume 😉

2013 – PB&J // Creepy 70’s man ( you might have seen this one a last post )



This year… we shall see what it’s going to be. I hope I can top all of these! Not too hard to do, besides the nerd costume, that will forever be my fave 😉

What’s your favorite Halloween costume of ALL TIME?!

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A Letter to Future Steezy…


#BLOGTOBER14 | DAY 8 | Letter to Yourself in 10 Years

Oh boy, this will be a veryyy interesting post 😉 Writing to my 34 year old self? Where to even begin…

Dear Stephanie ( aka Steezy, that’s what they all call you ),

You’re so awesome ( lolz ) but seriously, I hope you’re still full of life and spirit at the tender age of 34. Don’t fall for people or yourself for that matter telling yourself that you’re old, because YOU’RE NOT. You have so much fun left. The 30’s is the new 20’s they say! 😉

I hope by now you’ve traveled the world and followed all of your hearts little desires and continuing to do so! As I write this I’m not even hitched up with Brandon yet, I wonder if you’ll have a kid by now? I said I would possibly have a kid in 10 years so that probably means you’re preggers now ( that stinks, you can’t drink wine like I’m doing now – not to rub it in or anything. )

Anyway, here’s my little bucket list for you and even if you haven’t completed it all… there’s still plenty of time girlfran!!!



10 Year Bucket List for Steezy:


1. Visit little Lewis in Africa ( he’s 20 years old now! )
So Brandon and I sponsor a little boy in Ghana and we want to meet him in real life so bad!! PS. Don’t forget that you want to adopt a kid from Africa one day 😉


2. Travel the world!! I hope you’ve visited Harry Potter filming destinations ( duh, that’s a life must ), see the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, ride in a rickshaw in India, go to a Buddhist Temple in Tibet, the whole shabang, I hope you’re livin’ it up!!!

3. Skydiving… Yup. It’s a given. Brandon, if you’re reading this I’m going to try and get you to do it too! 😉
…. actually, we’ll think about. I just googled for a pic to add to this and I came across awful ones. *sour face*

4. “Never work a day in your life” 
I believe in passion and I believe it should fuel you everyday, all day. Right now, you’ve started an awesome, cool job and I bet it’ll take you somewhere really sweet. I can’t wait to see where you are in 10 years!


5. Never stop having fun.
This is simple. Keep that energy and never give up. #GIRLPOWER!!!!!

The Daily Tay

Best Vaykay EVA: Nashville, TN


#BLOGTOBER14 | DAY 7 | Best/Worst Vacation

The post for #BLOGTOBER14 today is Best/Worst Vacation, however I don’t believe in bad vaykays ( actually I know they’re out there, I have just luckily never experienced it. )

My favorite vaykay doesn’t really exist because I’ve LOVED every travel I’ve ever been on! If I have to narrow down to one of my faves though, NashVega$ comes to my mind first. That place is AWESOME.

I’m just going to give you a little list of the things I did when I was there and I recommend you do the same if you ever visit!!

At Tootsies!!!

1. Tootsies Orchid Lounge!!!
Urmurgurd this place is so many things of greatness. Best part: You can watch it live online. ( You’re welcome for future entertainment ) 😉 It’s at the Nashville airport too! So you can start partying it up when you get into Nashville STAT! Singers/songwriters like Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline & many other got their start there and some famous country singers even come back from time to time to jam out on the famous stages!

2. Loveless Cafe
Duuuuuude. This place. All of the noms. I feel like a biscuit and mashed potatoes will never satisfy me again quite the same like Loveless Cafe did. So I have a little confession. I may or may not have been over served on Broadway the night before and let’s just say I was the epitome of hungover during my time at Loveless Cafe and it still did the job on the best food ever. Also, if you ever find yourself in the same situation there’s hidden restrooms behind the restaurant:


3. Country Music Hall of Fame
If you’re into country music ( which I highly suggest you are if visiting Nashy 😉 ) then you have to check out the Country Music Hall of Fame! There’s some pretty neat stuff there! Up top left is George Straight’s clothes! Bahaha… That one was for you mom 😉


4. Rent some bike and go for a little stroll 😉
They have bike rentals all over the place and we found a rack next to our hotel so went for a ride! Visited the Titan stadium and all! You know how they say you never forget how to ride a bike? Well, that’s sorta true. It was a little rough, but hey, I never fell!

5. Three words: Grand Ole Opry
You MUST try so hard to go to the Opry. They have amazing concerts every time they let someone on that stage! We saw Charles Esten ( aka Deacon! ) and Rascal Flatts!

6. Speaking of Deacon from Nashville

I Nashville stalked and found the house from the show… 😉
AND the Bluebird Cafe!



7. The Ryman!!
I never actually got to go in but was sure to snag a pic with it!


8. Most importantly, hit up downtown!! 🙂
Goodness that place is great.

Have you been to NashVega$? What was your favorite thing to do??

The Daily Tay