Last Minute Halloween Costumes That You Haven’t Thought of Yet

As I sit here patiently awaiting the completion of my iPhone update for 150 new emoji’s, I decided to bless the world with this post. Which by the way, why the h-e-double hockey sticks do we need to add 150 more emoji’s on to the tiny 2-inch keyboard anyway?! Seriously, I can barely find the emoji I’m looking for already!

Oh well. I guess having a burrito emoji to truly express my emotions everyday isn’t so bad.

Back to da post. Now I don’t know about you gals ( sorry, this one isn’t for boys ), but I love me some Rent the Runway! Have you ever done it? If not, long story short you can rent dresses, clothes, and accessories for 4 or 8 days and then send it back after you’ve worn it. It’s great to do for party’s, wedding, anything where you can’t get away with sweats, basically. I’ve RTR’ed about 6 or 7 times now and I LOVE it. As I was looking for a dress for this weekend last night ( can you tell the procrastination is an issue for me? ) I saw so many dresses that I thought “Hey! That could be a Halloween costume!!” ( Because I also don’t have that planned out yet, either )…

Here were some ideas I had AND they beat out the cheap “sexy zombie Spongebob” any day. Oh, and won’t break your wallet. ( for real, I even have a coupon code at the end ) 😉


OPTION #1: Black Swan


black-swan-costumeHonestly, I just want an excuse to wear this dress. I know it’s not “technically” the same looking outfit Natalie Portman had on, but you’re up against naughty nurses and giant hard-shelled tacos, so people will appreciate the effort.




OPTION #2: Mellie Grant from Scandal 


Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 8.44.08 PMSHOUTOUT TO ALL THE SCANDAL LOVERS! I’m kind of obsessed with Mellie and it’s not just because she has a butt chin like me. Her hair isn’t my style but her volume IS. And she’s totally gorge. If you don’t like this dress, there’s so many other options on RTR. Just throw on some pearls, do your hair, and you’re good to go. You can also do the “haggard Mellie” in a robe, Lay’s potato chip bag, slippers, etc. You can also do the “Running for Senate Mellie” and get a campaign poster. GENIUS.



Rolling off the Mellie Grant, I came across another dress giving me an idea… Elizabeth North.



* You could do Olivia and Abby too with loads of dresses they have to choose from!




Throw this bad boy on. Do a high long pony, bun, or braid. Get some plastic num chucks, swords, etc. and you’re ready to go! HII-YA!


Now, wanna Rent the Runway for Halloween or another time? Get 20% OFF! BOOM.


Pumpkin Decor + Fall Recipe!


#BLOGTOBER14 | DAY 13 | Favorite Fall Recipe

Major fail on doing #BLOGTOBER14 and not stopping, but the weekend rolled around… Sworry!

Today’s post is my fave fall recipe. Since I didn’t get a chance to whip up a recipe ( who am I kidding, I don’t bake often… ) so instead I’m going to share one I’ve shared before and then give you an easy “craft recipe” 😉

So for a yummy ( and healthy! ) fall recipe, I present to you…



Right now, I’m also lovin’ spaghetti squash! DELISH!

Yesterday, I went to Junk Stock – a super awesome ( would you call it a festival? ) of junk and vendors who brings their junk, crafts, you name it! It was pretty awesome but I was a lame-o and came home with one thing… A PUMPKIN!

I wanted to decorate it, so I did and voila!


Now THAT’S a pumpkin! Here’s the ingredients:


( missing: little gems, they’re on the pumpkin 😉 )


Ah, fall is here! Here’s some other sweet pumpkin designs! Carving pumpkins is so over-rated…


The Daily Tay Blogtober14

How To: Make a Cross Back Tank (No sewing required!)


First off, man am I SOOO happy that we still have hot days in Nebraska. I’m not ready to let go of Summer yet… I know it’s over, but I have issues letting go. Everyone is raving about pumpkin-spiced everything and I’m just over here in my flippy floppys like hey, who wants to go the lake?

Sometimes it’s rough being a summer child.

Luckily I have found a solution to make it feel like summer still… wear tanks of course! 😉

I would like to thank the Nebraska-Miami game for this inspiration (GO ‘SKERS)! First off, picture this: I’m looking for a new Nebraska tank to wear to the game, but the prices are crazy and I know I’m probably only wearing the tank once, right? At least before Fall as we know it hits. So after not wanting to pay the price, I opt for a cheap tee that’s awesome and decide I’ll just cut it up. Well folks, here is the shirt I attempted at (not the one I planned to wear) – and it worked!!!


It was so easy.

But I’m not gonna lie here… I didn’t end up cutting the other shirt because I made a tipsy trip to the Nebraska store and bought this *facepalm*


Cute, right? I justified my purchase that I would wear it more than once because it can double as a gym shirt. So there ya have it 🙂