What’s Goin’ On? 3 Things to Do This Weekend


February got a little dicey at the beginning for blogging then I got super busy and had crazy things happen so I just decided to give up on the shortest month of the year. Which, by the way last month was the craziest, fastest month of my life by far (then I was quickly reminded it’s the shortest month of the year so this is probably accurate for everyone)…

Anywho, I have a couple great posts lined up but I just wanted to craft one today to let you know that I’m still alive and kickin’. I wanted to share a few random tidbits and things that I think you should know about. This was actually pretty much my February in a nutshell but decided it could be a “What Should I Do This Weekend?” post.

So here’s a few ideas:

Read Gone Girl 

This technically should go in a separate “February Books” blog post but as you can tell from where this post started, I didn’t really get to reading like I did in January. However, I did read Gone Girl, and yes, I read it in a few days tops, I had to finish it! I never watched the movie so it was all fresh for me. Here’s what I will say about the book; it wasn’t bad but I expected way more. I kept reading because I was waiting for the mind-blowing end and I didn’t really feel like I got it. I won’t give away any spoilers so don’t worry, but I really thought there would be a crazier ending. Don’t get me wrong, it was crazy but I thought there would be an alternative ending from what happened.

After I finished the book I watched the movie and it was good! Crazy seeing Rosamond Pike playing Amy, I only know her as Jane Bennet in Pride and Prejudice!

I would love to hear what you thought of Gone Girl! Most people would rate in their top books that they couldn’t put down. I’m waiting to read The Woman in Cabin 10, as I hear it’s pretty similar on the thrill scale.

Watch movies fo free at fmovies.se 


I sure hope I don’t get in trouble for this one but this was hands down one of the best internet finds, ever. The website fmovies.se lets you watch any movie you want online! Even those in theaters! Say goodbye to your productive weekend with this site. I literally watched back-to-back movies one day. Passengers, which was good. Arrival which was super, super confusing. And Ms. Sloane which at first I wasn’t sure about it but after thinking about it I recommend it, especially if you like shows like Scandal.

Plan an “Experience” 


THIS IS FLIPPING AWESOME. Airbnb just launched a new thing called Experiences where you can book actual adventures instead of a place to stay. You get to connect with local experts and they will create experiences for you whether it’s planning a horseback riding trip in Rome, run and fitness in London, and my favorite: party like a disco queen in L.A.

I mean, seriously! How. Cool. Is. That?


I know it’s only Tuesday, but whatcha doin’ this weekend? Did you realize that time saving starts this Sunday?… I can’t believe it either. It’s already almost Spring ya’ll!!



All of the Thoughts I Have While Watching The Bachelor

This might become a 20-part series because of all the thoughts that run through my brain while watching The Bachelor. Before you knock it and tell me it’s brain damaging, let me tell you something. It keeps you on the tip of your toes! (Even though you start to realize it’s also way over-dramatized like every season that came before it). Oh well! I’m just going to sit here and pump out a blog post while watching tonight’s episode. Enjoy! Please share your favorite moments in the comments so we can laugh together and make fun of this show.


How does everyone look so healthy and skinny? Don’t they just drink a lot and they have to share space with all these people, how are they maintaining such great hygiene? I would have like 10 pimples, be bloated, and have greasy hair from avoiding trying to steal the shower from someone else. I bet there’s always cold water.

Girl #1: “You just have to get competitive to get time with him. That’s what we signed up for.”
Girl #2: “Hi Nick, can I steal you for a second?”
Girl #1: “OMG! I hate her. I can’t believe she thinks she can just take time with him. We have to share.” *cries*

When Nick goes back to his hometown do you think he really personally knows all those people in his hometown? It’s Milwaukee that’s a big city and you just so happen to know the pastry chef? No.

WAIT. An ex just appeared right after I typed that! NO WAY. This just can’t be real. Have you seen the movie The Interview? Where the fake grocery store appears in North Korea? That is how this town “date” feels.

I want to like Nick but then he says stuff like, “Uh, I had a couple firsts here… with girls”. Really? Are you trying to brag? That might not be first date material. 

I honestly just don’t know what to say about Corrine. I just needed to say at least something here because she can’t be ignored. Don’t you think she’s just forced to stay on this because she makes it drama filled? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that’s how this show works. Correction, that is definitely how this show works.

I can’t believe some of those people are in their early 20’s. That is just insane to me. It’s like the Real World. I can’t watch it anymore because they are younger than me and I used to look at them like they were super old. 

The awkward moment someone reads your name on a date card… “Woooo!”… “Wooo” …”Yay!” …”Woo!”

“Oh, I’m so happy for you… you have a one on one!!!!” – a girl hiding behind so many angry feelings 

I love how the million dollar question whenever they are on a date is asking why they are on this show. It’s like they lowkey know that this show probably won’t help and they have to be crazy to think it will.

One of my pet peeves: “I have a surprise for you!” FALSE. The producers of ABC paid lots of money for you to do this one thing.

Question. Someone please answer this for me. How come when they go on those dates where there’s a huge audience, someone doesn’t spill the beans and spoil it? I’m assuming a contract, but that’s a lot of people! 

How awkward is it to dance and kiss in front of 1,000+ people? No thanks.

Corrine at the farm just reassured me that she is being paid to be on The Bachelor. There’s no way this is real life.

“We’re in Wisconson and I couldn’t be happier.” – an actual girl on this show. Yeahhhh keep telling yourself that!


“Do you call this immature? *While grabbing her boobs*” – Corrine
Wait, what?

Fake laughs. Fake laughs everywhere!

Oh hell no. She just called herself a Cornhusker (Corrine). NO! You can’t be!!

Vanessa has already won. I call it. 

How long do you think they sit around drinking while Nick talks to each person individually? How are they not wasted.

Dawg. Christina. I LIKE HER!!! Where did she come from???

“I had a lot of fun,” – Corrine *who actually said the date was the worst and ran away and hated life on the farm*

The amount of girls who run and jump into Nick’s arms… #CORNY


“Nick go skate around by yourself for a bit” – producer 

“Okay, everyone clear the floor and watch these adults make out.” – producer to the kids at the skating rink


Ohhh the drama when someone who already has a rose asks for more attention. 



That’s all I got, folks! Next week I’ll be sure to drink vino at the same time to get better enhanced thoughts. 


The Day I Became A “Wine Expert”

What. A. Friday! I got to do a check off the good ole’ bucket list on Friday… To go live on the news! I was soooo nervous but it was awesome! I would love to do it again. I mean, it’s just talking. I LOVE TALKING!

So long story short, a PR company from NYC was looking for a person to go live on Lincoln’s CBS 10/11 to share products for National Wine Day (on May 25th). I wanted so bad to say no, because that’s a little scary going on the air to talk about something I have no idea about. But all I could keep thinking about was Shonda Rhime’s book Year of Yes. I would totally regret saying no. So I went for it. Plus, I was able to keep all of the wine they would send – so I was sold!

I received the products and studied up. I had no idea what I was going into, which made me extremely nervous all week. I’ve never wanted 5pm on a Friday to come so bad (because that would mean the segment was over)!

During the day of I was freaking out over what to wear. If you Google “What to wear on the news” you will read that the #1 rule is no black, white, red, or patterns. OMG. Literally, my entire wardrobe is black and white. I ended up using my ONLY pastel colored tank and had to put a jacket over it because it was spaghetti strapped and probably to promiscuous for a 4pm Lincoln news segment.

Steezy secret: I went shopping this weekend and purchased a new dress and a top in case I ever find myself in this position again. I’m calling it my pathway to becoming Oprah.

Laugh if you want. It’s a joke but I won’t stop it if it were to happen! 😉

Anyway, I roll up to da studio and the producer just tells me to set up then leaves the studio. I’m just like ummm omgsh, she thinks I really know these products and that I’m actually a wine expert… I’M NOT! AHHHH! HELPPPP!


The news gods were with me that day thankfully. The news anchors were super laid back and awesome! I was going to be the ending part of the show (FINALE!!) so I got front row action to the entire news! I’ve never learned so much from the news than I did in about 15 minutes. It was awesome!


Then… my 2 minutes and 27 seconds of complete Lincoln fame came. I literally had no idea the news was live at first (you can tell if  you watch my face in the first few seconds).

After I was done, they were like, “This was perfect! We would love to do this again.”

Then my head blew up and I walked out of 10/11 all like…


So hopefully you see more of this. I’m calling myself “The Lincoln Party Expert”. I’m thinking of pitching segments that revolve around partying and entertainment. Thoughts?


I went straight to one of our family member’s house and watched the 2:27 worth of epic footage. But first, made sure to drink some of that wine. (I refused to watch it until I had a glass of vino in my hand).

Then I started getting tipsy and role playing how I wanted the segment to go…


On that note, go prepare yourself for National Wine Day on the 25th!!


You Know You Were a Pre-Teen in the Late 90’s/Early 00’s When…

Lots of inspiration went into the making of this post. Here’s a quick breakdown:

1. Kobe played his final NBA game last night (isn’t this the end of the era for all of us M.J./Bulls/Grant Hill/etc. era kids?)

2. I have listened to so much Britney Spears in the past week because I’m seeing her next week!!!!!!!! (*freaking out*)

3. It’s #ThrowbackThursday and I lurve reliving the ole’ glory days. Especially the days when I rolled glitter on my eyelids with the help of Bath and Body Works.

So it got me thinking… What were those highlights of our early years? Well, here’s what I got.

You know you were livin’ when…

1. Beads dangled from your door.


Admit it, you had those and they would fall down ALL THE TIME. Imagine yourself storming away to your room because your mom wouldn’t let you use the ethernet cord to get on the internet because she had to call someone. Then right when you push through the beads, you slam your door and the beads get tangled in the door knob and they fall to the ground.

2. Inflatable furniture graced your bedroom floor.

Sure, inflatable furniture is a good idea in theory, but that shiz was awful. It never stayed full of air and I was never able to find the holes in that thing where the air was sneaking out. Also, did you ever come in hot and sweaty from playing outside and sit on that thing? UCK. I even had an inflatable table. TABLE. How is that possibly a good idea to hold liquid substance that will stain the carpet. My parents must’ve hated me.

3. A Furby.

I feel so bad for our parents. Because 1.) that thing is terrifying and 2.) I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure my parents waited in a crazy long line for that and spent too much money on it. I don’t remember the price, but I remember feeling like it was $100. Also, the worst part… Did it ever randomly start talking in the middle of the night?!!! I removed the batteries after that. HELL NO.

4. Beanie Babies. Beanie Babies everywhere.

Those things are still lingering in my parent’s basement “because they will be worth something one day.” I even have the Princess Diana one! I also have a secret: I have it in a plastic case next to my bed (at my parent’s house)… To this day.


5. Your “iPod” before iPod’s were even a thing.

Yup, I’m talking about those little keychain music things that you could buy at McDonald’s and get about 30 quality seconds of a hit song. “Hit Clips”. Bonus points to whoever can tell me how much each “song” cost. I can’t remember but I remember my parents telling me “no” every time I asked for a new “song”.


6. Talking on the phone and talking with a see-through masterpiece.

Not only was talking on the phone a way of life but if you had your own line and/or a see-through phone, you were making it in life. You were going to places that only other kids could dream of.

Side note: Just looked up a picture of a phone and found some on Ebay… Here you have a “Vintage Retro Clear See Through Corded Phone”. EXCUSE ME?! “Vintage”? “Retro”? WHAT IS THIS. If only I still relied on a landline I would purchase one of these bad boys to fulfill my younger life fantasies.


7. *~StEeZy Is AwAy RiGhT nOw~*


AIM Away messages were EVERYTHING. Sometimes I would just put one up to make it look like I had a life outside of playing on the computer, but in reality, my “buddies” just weren’t talking to me. Also, remember emo song lyrics as your away message? WHO DID WE THINK WE WERE?

8. You decided that you were going to Harvard Law thanks to Elle Woods.

“What? Like it’s hard?”

9. You witnessed your parents stock up on bottled water during Y2K just in case.

Man, looking back at that is HILARIOUS. We actually thought we might be at risk. I remember once it hit midnight, everyone just stood still for like a millisecond to make sure we were still alive then continued on shouting. Classic.

10. You learned to debate at an early age thanks to Backstreet Boys VS. NSYNC and Britney VS. Christina

And before that was which Spice Girl was the best. I held onto the fact that Sporty and Ginger was btw. I always played the Sporty barbie doll but always acted out Ginger. My parents were probably frightened at what I would grow up to be because of that.

When it comes to the BSB and NSYNC – we all know NSYNC takes the cake. As well as Britney. If anyone disagrees, I will fight you like it’s 1999.

11. You have a lot of regrettable fashion choices.


The furry sweaters, pleather pants, pleather everything, butterfly clips, cloggy-shoes. AHHHHHHHH


It’s Okay to Be Annoyed When…

In true Monday fashion, let’s all be mad at the world and relate on these together. Just kidding. I just wanted to make you laugh and say, “Yup.”

1. Trying to create a password you will have to remember that also must have 1 capital letter, 1 under case letter, 2 symbols, and must be 15 characters long.

2. The giant advertisements on newspapers sites. Take a look Lincoln’s local Journal Star. If you try to view any article, you’re going to get slammed with an ad that takes up the entire screen and you’ll end up clicking it because it just took up the entire screen.

3. Peanut butter M&Ms. They look too similar to the regs and they already have Reese’s pieces so there’s no need for those.

4. Startup buzzwords. I get it’s fun, but stop saying you will be the Uber of something and will gain traction and disrupt Google.

5. “An Open Letter to…” blog posts

6. Facebook trolls on local news stories who can’t tell the correct “there” “they’re” and “their” among many other types of fundamental grammar.

7. An email that just says “Call me.” or some other short, vague question when I’ve never even talked to the person. JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT SO I HAVE CONTEXT TO YOUR NEED.

8. Drivers who can’t make up their decision. JUST GO ALREADY! Oh, you’re not going to turn? I’ll go then. *starts driving* other driver starts turning.


9. People who try to troll with stupid NFL memes that everyone already saw 4 years ago. *picture of kid* “Mommy, why don’t they have rings?” IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY

10. When you get in line in front or behind a pack of loud high school or college girls or boys.

11. Donald Trump.

12. Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

13. When someone goes to the gym to lose weight and then drinks a large Mocha Frappe with whipped cream after.


14. Bad stock photography and brands actually using it. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the same girl working for so many different companies.


15. *Dresses up, does hair and makeup* See no one. *Rolls out of bed, ungroomed, runs to check mail* Sees an entire group of old college friends.

16. When someone posts everything they did on Facebook multiple times a day.

17. Selfies that have been airbrushed and you can tell. When your nose is all blurry, I’m betting that’s not natural…

18. When FedEx has a package for you but you have to be home to sign for it

19. Overly priced boutique fitness classes. $30 for one 50-minute workout? No thanks.

20. Incorrect news sites being shared as if they are real and 100% accurate.

21. When people have comic-y sans font as their main font on their phone. The worst is when it appears in a Snapchat. Maybe I’m brainwashed by Apple, but I can’t stand none-plain font on phone!

22.That immediate feeling of regret when you ate too much too fast.

23. Turning up on a week night after the age of 22. Sorry, but those hangovers can’t hang.

24. Brands trying too hard to make an April Fools joke work. One (that shall not be named) sent an email that we can now “scratch and sniff” clothes. That’s dumb. We all know you can’t do that through a phone. Gmail also failed.

What am I missing? 🙂


That Time I thought a Fictional Alien Podcast Was Real

*Please note: I actually started writing this in November, but because of my lack of posts lately, I had to bust something out of the Steezy archives. So enjoy this little number. You can enjoy my stupidity 😉 

So here I was, listening to a new Podcast and as I kept getting deeper and deeper in it I kept asking myself how was not everyone talking about this?!! THIS IS INSANE!!!!


The podcast is The Message (oh god, you’re shaking your head at me now aren’t you?) It follows a lady as she documents decoders decoding a message from…wait for it… wait for it… aliens. Or is it?

Basically, the audio recording is from long ago and has a rep of cursing people who listen to it.

Side note: I don’t feel as if I’m spoiling right now because everyone else in the world besides me knows this isn’t real. I won’t get into heavy details so I don’t spoil the good stuff. K?

But back in my “reality” I was like WTF. Am I going to die? Is this real life? This is how it ends?


But there are so many other people listening to this! Are you saying this podcast is going to ruins millions of lives? NOOOOOOO. But then I was like…

“Wait a second, is this real?”


Well, I’m one of those people who can be easily tricked if you will. And not to mention, they sounded cheesy when they would talk like it was all set up. So I did a fact check.

*begins Googling*



it’s not.

Andddddd just realized the podcast is under the genre “Performing Arts”.




I started listening to podcasts to massage ma brain cells and keep up with current events and learn more. This wasn’t what I wanted!

In conclusion, I guess I do suggest listening to this podcast if it’s your kind of thing. I mean, I did listen to it the whole way through because I had to know what happens. I’m also glad that my life isn’t in any danger.



(I was trying to find a good alien gif and found this.)


Throwback Thursday: People Magazine Edition

You’ll never believe what I found among the hoards of things in my old closet at my parent’s house. Magazines over 10 years old. HELL. YES.

I love magazines, always have. Fun fact: Changed my major only once so I could target my degree at a magazine career, but then I was sewing clothes because it was part merchandising and I switched back because you should’ve seen the baby clothes I made. I have a pic of it somewhere… I’ll work on finding that for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway, I found the People magazine from December 1, 2003.


The features Include:

  • The infamous “Sexiest Man Alive” grazing the cover and it’s none other than Johnny Depp (Plus: Brad, George, Russell Crowe, Nick Lachey, & Justin). Dang, We had it good then, now it’s like Justin Beiber or someone from One Direction. Bleh.
  • Bachelor Bob and Estella TELL ALL!!!! OMG YOU GUYS!
    “We want to make it last” – Estella
    I believe he has been married and divorced from someone else and just got engaged with a new chick.

Let’s dig into this mag and laugh at 2003, shall we?

OMG! Ashton and Demi – together! I didn’t realize the were married that long ago…


Okay, tear. Brittany Murphy at a Lakers game. 🙁 RIP


EW LOOK AT DAVID BECKHAM! That hair cut is hideous, David.


Ohhhh yeahhhh this was when Christina Aguilera got all “dirty


BRITNEY IS SO HEALTHY!! This was 4 years before she went bat cray (but now she’s BACK!!) <3 Also, excuse me People Mag for 2.5 stars. HOW DARE YOU.


…whoa. This was when all of that was happening… :/


Haha!! Who remembers Average Joes?!


Alright, we’re moving into the epic “Top 10”. We got…

  1. Brad Pitt
  2. Ashton
  3. George
  4. Lenny Kravitz
  5. Justin Timberlake *drools*
  6. Hugh Grant
  7. Russel Crowe
  8. Hugh Jackman
  9. Denzel
  10. Colin Farrell



Ah yes. This. Never watched that show, actually.


OH YES OH YES!!!! A young 21 year old Andy! EEEEEE!!


P.S. He dated Mandy Moore????

Peter Dinklage! For all you G.O.T. fans out there…


Here you go, Bachelor fans!


Aw, Trista and Ryan planning their wedding!


Last but not least, let’s all reminisce when these bodies made their way down the V.S. runway!


Hope you enjoyed your trip down memory People magazine lane 🙂


I Think Steven Avery Did It

…JUST KIDDING! I’m sorry, #Clickbait.

Like everyone else, I have been CONSUMED by this show. I woke up this morning and my first thought was Steven Avery. I even had a dream that there was some piece of evidence that wasn’t brought to the table, and it what so good it totally saved S.A. Unfortunately, I do not remember what that evidence was supposed to be, though. Shoot.

I just keep waiting for one of Avery’s lawyers to go all Elle Woods and say, “Where you got in the shower?!”

Dean Strang whips his head back and forth walking down the stairs, “The rules of hair care are simple and finite. Any Cosmo girl would have known.”

But that Dean Strang and Buting, though. Man, they’re good. Maybe not good enough, but no one would have been good enough for that trial. I should mention that I need to finish the final episode – I’m so upset. Especially Brendan. He’s the one I feel the most for. Steven Avery I do believe is innocent, but there’s still questions lingering with me for him.

  1. What exactly is his timeline for that day? Why are there no witnesses, receipts, security videos…ANYTHING. I’m also mad he didn’t testify. I understand there’s a lot more to that then what I see and ole’ Kratz would poke holes in him. But if the jury could just hear him speak about his day and hear it in his voice.
  2. The extra evidence floating around that Kratz is putting in everyone’s ears. Even it’s real, it still doesn’t explain everything – but it’s scary.
  3. The letters that Steven Avery sent to his then-wife when he was in prison the first round. They were divorcing and his letters were NOT normal. They would say “I WILL KILL YOU. HAHA” and other threats. Now that’s not right. It’s always at the back of my mind.

I’ve been scouring the Making a Murderer subreddit for goods, and dang people have some interesting theories! I honestly don’t even know what I believe. I 100% believe Brendan has nothing to do with any of this, I don’t think S.A. did it, but like I mentioned, I want the holes filled in on some things. I also think her brother and ex-boyfriend might be a bit suspicious. AND! The one I hang on is that random “German Man” – have you guys heard of that yet? Read this! 

Also, I don’t know how these people keep their composure in court. I could not sit silent in that.

Okay, I’m going to finish this season up. This might not be the last post about this. Tell me your thoughts!! I think any guess is good from the crud of “evidence” we’ve seen!

Oh, also. I really hope S.A. didn’t do it, because when I look at him and his eyes, I feel so, so, so sorry for him.

An Ode to My Grey Hair Strand

It happened. The moment every person knows will happen, but can never be fully prepared for. It was a morning like every other just brushin’ the locks and BAM! Something on my head glistened in the bathroom light ( note: I have dark brown hair ) and there it was… a grey hair.

Nice try, grey hair, try to make me feel old. I feel like I’m still 15. Just because I get hangovers after minimal drinking effort and just because my bones seem to crack every time I stand up after sitting, old age has nothing on me.

So the grey hair sent me down memory lane. Particularly, middle and high school. 8 Mile happened to be on TV and there I was rapping like a straight gang$tar “Lose Yourself” on the bus to middle school again.

When I hear a song, I remember memories like it was yesterday. So naturally, I created a playlist full of 04-08 hits.

A couple songs I feel should be highlighted:

  1. “Say Goodbye” – Chris Brown – Well, first of all, he totally came to Omaha North in ’06. I’m pretty sure this was also the unofficial ( maybe official? ) class song for ’06 at North. CLASSIC.
  2. “Since U Been Gone” – Kelly Clarkson – Two words: LAGUNA BEACH. Also, I never noticed how many songs had “U” in it. Holy crap, that was such an early ’00s thing I never noticed until now.
  3. “Bring Me to Life” – Evanescence –  They’re reuniting! Also, I can’t really listen to that song now, it’s way too emo. I remember jamming on my MP3 player on the bus to middle school. Sorta embarrassing…
  4. “Grillz” – Nelly, Paul Wall, Ali and Gipp – DUUUUDE. I loved this song. I remember playing it in English class and getting in trouble. Guess I couldn’t hold down my $wag.
  5. “Swing, Swing” – All American Rejects – My first concert! AND I got to meet them, I still have their signed poster on my wall at the rent’s house. Will never take that golden masterpiece down. I still love AAR!!!! They had so many hits through the magical high school years.

So many more songs and so many I’m missing on this playlist. Feel free to leave more classics in the comments below and I’ll add them to the playlist!


Moral of the story: I kept my grey hair on my head as a reminder that life is precious. And every day I see it, I should live my day like it’s my last.



Behind the Filter

We all know it too well. That new Instagram post looks perfectly divine and now you’re all jelly. But don’t be fooled, I’m debunking those perfectly-filtered Instas. Take my account for example…I’ll break down what was actually going on behind the camera and that moment.


I have a brightness filter problem and this shows it. I love making the colors pop and it looks absolutely NOTHING like this in real life. But it gets the people clickin’ the heart – so why not make it look fake? This was in St. Louis and we were walking around Busch stadium. It was great, but it was HOT. I was so uncomfortable. You know when your shorts stick to your legs and beads of sweat were rolling off my forehead, so yeah. It wasn’t as perfect as this well-groomed field looks.    


Okay, so I was like severely hungover on this beer tour (it was the day after the BYU game). When I took this picture, I was finally starting to feel better, hence my grin. I’m all like “SUCK IT HANGOVER” in my head. While at the same time if you handed me a beer, I would sip on it wishing it would instantly turn me drunk so I didn’t have to deal anymore.


This was great and also like our 108th picture together to get “the perfect one”. No joke. We tried so hard for a good pic. My iCloud account is now littered in what looks like the exact same picture of all three of us. Luckily, we settled on this pictures–and I think it’s perfect! 🙂    


So this picture is awesome but before we took it…not so awesome. We decided to rent a car and drive ourselves around the island of Aruba. Every time we wanted to go somewhere, we got lost and could not find it and therefore, taking us through winding roads up and down and all around. Needless to say, I got car sick. It wasn’t until we got in the water that I was like ahh…I feel better. “BRANDON, LET’S TAKE A PICTURE!”

Also, carrying around the GoPro selfie stick is not fun. But worth it for the footage and pics. After taking this one we were like okay, this thing needs to be put away.


I’m not going to lie, 60% of buying the Butterbeer was to get a picture. Haha, I wish I was kidding. I loved trying it though and I barely finished it. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but getting a picture was so worth it! Also not shown in this picture was how tired Brandon and I were (because we had just gotten married 2 days prior with little sleep) and it was raining nonstop, so that’s never beuno.  


I love this picture and shirt but no joke, I had just gotten home from work, found this in the mail, put it on, and walked in the hallway of our apartment and made Brandon take like 50 pictures before I chose this one. I also had to take my hair out of a ponytail and make it look like it wasn’t all dented from being in a messy pony all day. Hehehe, ah – the hidden side of Instagram!


This is the ultimate eye roll Instagram picture because I’m trying to show off baked goods and coffee. So lame. Best part? I totally used the red thing to be a background for this photo (shame on me). Also, it was so hard to take this picture without taking a bite from the donuts! I sadly put my Instagram pride before my hunger AND ONE SHALL NEVER DO THAT.