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I’m a bad parent and missed my child’s birthday. My blog child that is. We’re talking like 6 months late. So it’s more like happy 1 1/2 years of living TSB.

I wanted to take this opp to showcase some of the true gems from the past year and a half.

According to Google Analytics here are the winners:

1 | Steezy’s Review of Lincoln Bars


This makes me so proud to call you all my readers. This blog being #1 lets me know that I’ve done my job correctly.

2 | Engagement Photo Sneak Peak!



Hehehe, this was my plan alllll along! Instead of uploading the pics to Facebook I thought, “Hey, why not send some traffic to ma blog.” πŸ˜‰

3 | Cheap Date Ideas



This one is a true winner. I was pretty proud of this one!

4 | Steezy’s Most Influential People of 2014


I’M SO GLAD THIS GOT BROUGHT BACK TO ATTENTION. You know why?? Because I called it that Kylee Jenner’s lips were fake and we found out that they are!! ( I’m sorry, I know that there’s better things in the world to worry about, but I just wanted to say “I told you so.” )

5 | How to: Make a Cross-Back Tank



There are two amazing things about this post:
1 – It was October and we were still wearing tanks.
2 – This was in light of the Miami game. AKA my fave Husker game ever!

6 | Getting Married? Here’s Some Unsolicited Wedding Advice



This is a newbie, but a goodie. Read up my engaged frans, I hope this helps a little! PS – 22 days… AHHH!

7 | Instagram EssentialsΒ 


This one was pretty good, huh? Haha! I mean just take a gander at the pic above. CLASSIC. Also, highlights from the Neb/Northwestern game. Always a good time. πŸ™‚

8 | The Best Damn Homemade Protein Bars



I can not lie. These are delicious. I’m glad that have risen to The Steezy Blog surface once again!

Most importantly: Thank you to all who have given up a second of your life to read this blog. It means a lot. I also need to get better at writing more blogs to keep the folks entertained. And by folks I mean my Mom because I know she’s probably counting for most of these article views πŸ˜‰ THANKS MA!

Cheers to the next 1.5 years!!


Links I’m Lovin’


1. These are so PUNNY! (Sorry, that was bad…) Check out awesome puns from the net!

2. I’m all for inspiration and motivation! This article about Kobe Bryan’s work ethic was brilliant! Might I add, MJ was the influence πŸ˜‰ (GO BULLS!)

3. *sips on some green tea after reading this article*

4. I’m so down for a new ‘do this Fall and I might just have to mock up this purty “sombre”

5. TED Talks are just the – Luckily, someone compiled a list of them that are “sure to get you off your a$$”

6. This bada$$ lady is almost 100 years old and she’s probably in better shape than me…

7. OH SNAP. This girl just put popular artists to SHAME! I just can’t… this girl’s voice is a mix of fergie and Jesus.

8. Okay, some of these I can see as div-ah’s, but Jennifer A? No! Not Jen A…. πŸ™