‘Twas the Night After the Holidays…


Oof. The days we all dread. The Holidays (Christmas and New Year) are officially over and it’s time to get back to reality. My decorations are put away and I’m really sad about it. I never realize how bare this apartment can be without a Christmas tree taking up an entire corner with lights and bling. I feel like our living room just went from full-on “winter candy land” to “simplistic spring”. No joke, there’s flowers and white colors everywhere and I feel like it should be spring now. Too bad next week 8 degrees tomorrow… EEK.

This holiday season was an unforgettable one, we spent almost an entire week living in a small Nebraska town. Working from home and bowling at a bowling alley where you keep your own hand-written scoring!! NO JOKE. More on that in a bit.

Starting on Friday (12/23). Brandon and I started our own little tradition where we spend the holiday alone together. We made pasta, drank wine, and shared presents. It was great and nice to hang out before the madness of the week began!

img_6878On Christmas Eve, I was back home for the first time in two years. My fam has an amazing tradition of day drinking so you know I participated! It was so much fun and still managed to get home in time for dinner, fun, and sober up in time for bed. Which was good because we had an early A.M. wake-up call for a drive to western Nebraska!

Christmas day we headed to Paxton and holy crap it was just like tornado weather outside! We had to pull over a few times because it was nuts outside. Very, very odd weather. It definitely did not feel like Christmas day. There was one point lightning struck close to us and it was the loudest boom! It made it feel real ominous with slow Christmas jams playing too. NO THANK YOU.

But, alas, we made it!


Just in time for Christmas celebrations at the bar! Yes, you read that right… at a bar! If you’re ever in Ogallala, Nebraska, might I suggest stopping at the Underpass?

It was another great day full of family and fun!

The rest of the week, we worked from Paxton and spent the nights having more fun! One night, we wanted to go bowling and got shut down by two separate bowling alleys in surrounding towns because of bowling leagues. So we had to drive an hour away to a tiny town to go bowling and what an experience it was! YOU HAD TO WRITE YOUR OWN SCORING! No computers here, folks! It was nuts! I’ve been bowling my entire life and never had the chance to keep my own hand written score, it is an experience every bowler should have at least once lol.

Here’s how it works: You get a projector screen to write the score on and it projects it up on the screen over the lane! MIND (BOWLING). See what I did there?


My mind was about to get even more mind blown because I realized that Colorado was extremely close to where I was. I had no idea. I promise I passed Geography but I didn’t realize that the panhandle was that close to me! We could literally see lights from Colorado and even went to a restaurant for dinner in Colorado! WHAAAT.



Next up: NYE!

For New Years we went to Kearney… Yup, Kearney. And it did not disappoint! I have to say Kearney is pretty fun and have great bars. We went to the Stars/Storm hockey game (Brandon’s idea) haha and might I add that we had glass seats – BOOYA! We also hit up Mac’s Creek tasting room (last wine of 2016)!!!




Then headed to dinner at the one, the only, Chicken Coop, and then bar hopping! Bonus: The close bars at 1am in Kearney, which was very good for my liver.

We also decided that every new years eve should be spent in a small (or smaller) town! Next year… any recommendations?

Which brings me here… Watching Harry Potter for the 4th time in two days (Thaks Freeform channel). Getting ready to head back to work tomorrow and crush 2017!


20 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn’t So Bad

As 2016 unraveled before our eyes, we felt all kinds of feels, some bad, some really bad, and some were just downright awesome (yup, awesome)! Unfortunately, the negative tended to lead the race this year, but in the midst of the grossness that 2016 gave us, there was a lot of greatness.

In fact, throughout 2016, I kept channeling my inner Countess Luann.

Me in 2016 to just about everything:


The good news is that there was a lot of cool in 2016. Not only did you just live through another year but the world did change in great ways. It might be hard to see it, but I promise, this list will help you see the silver lining in what seems to be one of the most brutal years of our lives.

1. The amount of homeless veterans has been cut in HALF!

Read more about this here.

2. AIDS is declining!

Read about it here and here.

This fund alone has saved 20 million lives!

3. People rallied together for a homeless teen who biked 6 hours to get to college classes.

Read about it here!

4. Texas inmates broke free from their jail to save a prison guard.

Read about it here.

5. A group of people found out that their Uber driver had a son in the Olympics so they rallied together to send him to Rio.

Read about it here!


6. An all-female pilot crew landed a plane in a country that women aren’t even allowed to drive in!

Yay! Women empowerment! 

7. One man donates his kidney to his college friend and all eyes were leaking.

8. Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge that swept Facebook in 2015, scientists were able to make break-through discoveries.

Check it out!

9. Cell phones are helping to lift hundreds of thousands of Kenyans out of poverty.

Read about it!

10. Woman with cancer wins 6 games of Jeopardy and donates winnings to cancer research.


“What is… awesome?”

11. Have you seen the priest and imam Amazon commercial? They are actually BFFs IRL!

Read about it.

12. Remember the first bit of 2016 good news I shared? Well, homelessness in total is down!

Great news!

13. THIS man.

Read his story.


14. A high school creates a yearbook in braille for a blind student.

Check it out! 

15. This school raised money for new shoes for a student!

Watch it here.

16. Boy wearing plastic bag meets his hero!

17. Black man befriending KKK members has led to 200 people quitting the organization!

Awesome! < Read it!

18. Subway passengers come together to prepare anxious man for his job interview.

Check it out!

19. High school student gives new shoes to other student being bullied.

These stories get me every time! Watch the feel-good clip here.

20. Refugees had their own team in the Olympics!

Check out more about them here!


This barely cuts it when it comes to how many awesome things happened in 2016, but to be honest, I was lazy and realized that 2017 is literally a day away and this post needs to get out and make people feel good!

Want more good news like this? Here are a couple positive sources:

  1. Sign up for the Goodnewsletter! This is my favorite. Each week, Branden Harvey will send you inspirational and uplifting stories.
  2. Check out the GoodNews Network!

Cheers to 2016 and cheers to making 2017 better. I saw a quote today that said, “2017 will be different. Not because it’s inevitable. Because we say so.” Veronica Roth.


Holiday Gift Guide Under $30 For Your Crazy, Fun Friend!


Everyone! Can you believe it!? I know, I know that we still have a day until Thanksgiving, but guys, Black Friday is this week and gift giving season has begun! I love weird knick-knacks and trinkets and I also feel like anything over $30 is expensive so here ya go! Here’s the perfect gift guide for your crazy best friend, office mate, sister, or really… anyone!

(Make sure you click the arrow to the right for more!)

What am I missing? What’s your fave gift under $50 that you love giving to your “fun friend”?

Halloween Hangover

By the time you’re reading this Halloween will be over, your stomach might hurt from to much sugar (good job!) and you’re probably tired from staying up too late because you scared yourself from watching scary movies.

If this is true, congrats, you did Halloween right!

I’ve been out doing my typical Halloween in the past seven days, and currently watching Hocus Pocus  for the third time in the last five days. Goodness, it’s a great movie! P.S. I can’t stop thinking of this meme I saw once:

How I think I look in the morning:


How I actually look:


Bahaha that will never get old. I’ve also been flipping between The Ring during commercials. Still a pretty freaky flick 12+ years later and to think I watched it when I was 12! TWELVE!

And before this (when it was still light out) I watched The Babadook. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t scare me (I refused to take a shower until Brandon was home), but it wasn’t AS bad as I thought it would be. It’s just a really dark movie that sets the stage to make you worried during every scene.

So this year I did it again. You know when Halloween begins to peep its head out and you’re all like “I’m going to have such a good and creative costume this year” – then it’s suddenly a couple days before Halloween and you’re just trying to find something on Amazon Prime that will ship in time?

This was me. On Tuesday I decided that I could put together a “Chef Boy-ar-dee” AKA “Chef Boy-ar-Steez” outfit together with three things: a chef hat, red scarf, and chef coat. So the day before I needed my costume the chef hat arrived and I found a scarf at Wally-world. The coat, of course, arrived Sunday, when I no longer needed it. THANKS A LOT AMAZON PRIME! I learned a valuable lesson here: always look at the expected delivery date when checking out, it will deceive you. Good news is I had the most important pieces for my getup.


BOOM! Good enough! We watched the ‘skers play at the movie theater and LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. This was so much fun. So much fun in fact that I returned to the theater the next day (Sunday) for a full-out Harry Potter marathon. It was fantastic. Paid $5 for the last two HP movies, then got a wild hair to pay for overly priced popcorn. Yeah, freaking $6 for a SMALL! *internally cries* followed up by a stomach ache. I’m used to going to Tuesday night movies: $5 movies and free popcorn (highly suggest this move if you live in the Lincoln area)!

Now it’s time to finish up Hocus Pocus and then start blasting Christmas music tomorrow morning.

Happy Halloween!


Adulting into the Holiday Season

Adulting: verb (A-dult-ing) – Doing something grown up and responsible.

As one age, one must become more responsible and mature. Especially in light of the holidays–there are people to impress, food to be made, money to spent…

OH HELL. I’m not ready for this. I’m never growing up. I do however like getting lit (chugs wine), donning gay apparel (like this), jamming out on holiday tunes (particularly this one), and decking da halls (or our small-ish apartment).


So I’m  not going to lie. The tree looked awesome until I plugged this picture in this post. BWAHAHA. This tree looks like it went to The Brass Rail the past five days IN A ROW. It’s like a flourishing Charlie Brown tree, better than a stick, but not quite there…yet.

Let me say that those gold streamers were a good idea at first! Now the streamers just show off how uneven we set this tree up…

However! This year the tides are turning. It’s time to adult my way into the holidays and here’s why.

Reason #1: Holiday Cards

Say Wha. We’re talking about the same person here who almost lost a full head of hair because of the stress of mailing wedding invites? Yes. In 5 months, I have matured to a level my grandmother would be proud of. (It also helped that we have hundreds of wedding pics we now have no idea what to do with.)

Holiday cards are the epitome of “Look, I have my shit together.” It’s the ultimate adult thing to do.


Reason #2: A fully decorated tree

Not only is it fully decorated, but there’s mother effing tinsel. TINSEL. I started with solid colored balls and now we have real ornaments collected from the past couple years sprinkled in the mix! It’s looking like a real-deal family tree!

Like, we seriously have a donut ornament. A DONUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


…Yeah, I’m really not convincing you that I’m adulting here, huh? PS. My reflection in the corner bulb is fantastic.

Also, an excuse to bring up The Titanic. LOOK AT THIS ORNAMENT. It’s my favorite one.


Reason #3: I already have half of my shopping done.

I’m losing myself. I don’t even know who this person is. But I like it. It’s less stressful. This year I have simplified my shopping list and stuck to a smaller budget and magical things have happened. The only downside? I’m like a raging Black Friday shopper who saw a pair of socks for $4 which isn’t even that cheap, I just want them because I get a high on buying a “deal”. But that sock is just all the rest of the presents I need to get – I WANT TO FINISH THIS LIST!!!!! It pains me that I have things on there not purchased yet.


Can I also take your attention away from the cable cords totally messing up my display and focus on the immaculate wrapping I did? I even cut the ends of the ribbon and did that thing with the blade of the scissors when you make it curl. That my friend is called DED-I-CATION.

*Side note: I’ve only wrapped three. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, yours isn’t under there yet.

Reason #4: I have only impulse bought 3 things…

And followed up on how I just exposed my secrets of “loving a good deal” I have been doing good this year. And one of the two times I lost my shiz was when I was under the influence of vodka and soda, so that doesn’t count…I saw cool ornaments 50% OFF, so yeah, I bought them.

But the killer deal of them all…are you ready for this? Cyber Monday. Amazon. Complete Harry Potter BLU-RAY collection $34.99. It doesn’t even matter that I already own the DVDs. These are all together and Blu-Ray. CALL ME SANTA CLAUS.

Reason #5: I MAKE FOOD NOW


Listen up, people. I made freaking green bean casserole. AND! It didn’t burn, didn’t light on fire, and didn’t make people sick. It also helps that it is like the easiest recipe on the planet because it’s on the back of the french onion container and requires like three other things. But, it was delicious.

So in conclusion, I’ve realized that I’m far from truly adulting into the holiday season, but I just said five measly things. And after exposing my tree decor to the world, I’m realizing I need to read Homes and Gardens and start watching HGTV and step up my decor game.

Maybe next year. One step at a time. For now, I’ll spend some quality time with friends, family, and booze.



The Gift That Keeps on Giving (and Changes Your Life)

I’m going to write this quick before the big Nebrasketball/Miami game tonight, so don’t judge with spelling and grammar please :p ( literally just misspelled grammar right there, but Grammarly saved me )!

So today is #GivingTuesday right? Well, I have an AWESOME charity, I’m super passionate about and have been meaning to conjure up a little blog post dedicated to it! It’s called Compassion. It’s where you can sponsor children from all over the world for $38/month. You get to write letters back and forth and Compassion does an awesome job of keeping you up to date on your little friend, including sending you new pictures each year!

So let me back up. How I got to the point of sponsoring a child? First off, I have always have felt a strong connection to Africa for some reason. That country is so beautiful and sooo sad. There’s so many things there that us Americans don’t even know about! The first charity I ever gave to was The Water Project, to provide clean water for those in Africa.

Then I watched Blood Diamond. Yes, the one with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. You can roll your eyes at this, but it hit me so deep. I was like nope. No. Naw. I need to help in any way I can to this country.

So I did some research and found Compassion. Spending $38/month sounds like nothing, but that adds up because you don’t want to just stop sending money ( you can if you need too, though ), but you can sponsor someone until they’re 18 – so in the long run, it adds up. But so worth it.

Then you “shop” for a child, which was extremely heartbreaking. They tell you how long that child has been waiting for a sponsor and some have been waiting years. *Que many, many tears*

I wanted THEM ALL. I had to stop though, it was too much. I found a little boy in Ghana named Lewis who was 10 years old. OMG LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. So Brandon and I went for it, and now sponsor Lewis, who we call “Little Lewis” AND HE’S THE FREAKING CUTEST THING ON THIS PLANET.

I immediately cried when we finished the process. Happy tears because we can change a child’s life and sad tears because it hurts of the position they are in.


Two weird things we learned about sending letters/gifts:

  1. You can’t send them large items and toys ( we wanted to send basketballs… ) lol but only things like coloring books, stickers, small things.
  2. It takes FOREVER to receive and send letters. When we get a letter from him, I think it was a couple months ago that he wrote it. So you will only get about 4-5 letters a year depending on where your child is located.


The great thing is that when the Holidays come around, you can give gifts to their family, we give $25 and you can also choose things out of Compassions’s “Gift Catalog” to give to other families like goats, clean water, education, and to children who are waiting to be sponsored.

If this is ever something you have considered doing, I highly recommend it. It’s amazing for both you and the child!

You can also give a gift from the catalog! 🙂


Let me know if you have any questions regarding Compassion – I’m happy to answer!


Steezy’s Most Influential People of 2014


Ah, 2014. As we draw one day closer to the final day of 2014, I can’t help but think about the year.

SO. MUCH. HAPPENED. Good and bad we were there for it. Here’s a couple people ( & things ) that come to mind when looking back at this good ole’ 2014 year.

1 | Kylie Jenner’s Lips


I’m sorry. I shouldn’t even recognize this because it’s so crazy and insane and bizarre. So, about these lips. I’m sorry but I’m totally not buying that this new look is achieved with lip liner and lipstick. LIKE WHAT? So messed up considering she’s like 9 years old. ( I know, she’s actually 17 – when I was 17 I don’t think I even know that lip liner existed ). One last thing. I hate that this is even thought of when I reflect on 2014 ( shame on me ) but unfortunately, everyday I log online I see a news article about these lips and that girl. UGH.

One more pic of proof. If she claims this is just the effect of lip liner and lipstick, why are her lips jutting out of her face?

2014-12-21 18_25_58-Khloe Kardashian’s Big Lips Selfie With Kylie Jenner_ Fights Surgery Rumors - Ho

2 | Richard Sherman

Need I remind anyone of this?

OMG. I was DYING. Hahahahahaha! I can’t believe this was this year, it feels like it was forever ago but it’s still just as classic today. I love this guy.This will forever live on in history’s greatest sports moments. Poor Erin Andrews.

3 | Robin Thicke


This. Guy. This dude was a disaster this year. Dedicating his album to his ex wife. Classic. This one hit wonder is kinda a one hit FAIL. He annoys me so much. At least he found love ( ? ) with an 19 year old! True fact.

4 | Tim Howard’s Beard


This guy is not someone I would want to get in a fight with. That beard just screams bada$$. I mean, just watch this:


5 | Buckets! Bucket’s EVERYWHERE 

The infamous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It took over the internetz. Particularly Facebook.

(1) Stephanie Leonard - Google Chrome_2014-12-30_20-54-32

6 | Sam Smith


He became one of my favorite singers on the planet real fast. Goal of 2015 – See Sam Smith live. This guy just KILLS it. Check out some sweet remixes on this blog post. Also, ‘Stay with Me’ will NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER get old.

7 | The Cast of Frozen

frozen I’m not gonna bag on Frozen because I think it’s a great movie but the Frozen popularity is OUT OF HAND. Every kid and their MOMS are geeking out over Frozen.

8 | Iggy Azalea


Okay, so this is the ultimate “hataz gon’ hate” story. I LOVE this chick! She takes a lot of heat for being a white Australian rapping, but this lady is living my dream! I can’t wait to see what she comes out with in 2015!

9 | Kawhi Leonard

2014 NBA Finals - Game Five

MY COUSIN!!! No, not really, but hey, great last name Kawhi! 😉 I love how quiet and humble this dude is!!! Youngest NBA Finals MVP too! Nice work, cuz! I even have a sweet t-shirt jersey of his!

So humble 😉


10 | Alex from Target 


This guy is one to admire and as an advertising major this whole scheme was brilliant. Do I wish it was real? Yes. But am I glad it happened? Yes.

I was at my work taking a break scanning Twitter when I first came across this gem. I watched the whole thing unfold. It was AWESOME.

Well, that’s all folks! Sorry if it fell short of your expectations when you first read, “Most Influential of 2014”. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what the cat drags in for 2015! 



After careful consideration and lots of requests. I decided to add on to this list because some very important people got left out!! Are you ready for round two? …

11 | Tim Miles

Mountain West Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Texas Christian v Colorado State

HOW COULD I LEAVE OUT TIM MILES. He is only one of the National Head Coaches of the Year including Big Ten Coach of the Year! Also, I like to say that he proposed to me this year, sorta. Two of my idols are Jimmy V and Tim Miles. They’re so similar it’s scary. If I could be anyone I choose Oprah Winfrey or Tim Miles. Simple as that.


12 | Pam Jarrett & Hot Body AKA “Rain Man & Rain Woman” AKA Party People

PicMonkey Collage

These two have taught me how to party like there’s no tomorrow and when in doubt, take fireball shots.

13 | Brandon G. “Gries Pit”


Last but not least… BRANDON!!!!! Personally, he’s my top influencer for 2014. In under a year I have gained a plethora of Nebrasketball and Basketball knowledge then I’ve ever had. I can also shoot hoops way better, and now stand a chance during a game of HORSE. THIS GUY IS THE BEST!!!!!! 😀 😀

The Day I Found Out Santa Wasn’t Real


( apologies for the low quality pic, but that’s me. Innocent ole’ me sitting on an impostor’s lap )

The most traumatizing day in a kid’s life came to me when I was 8 ( I feel like that lie dragged out far too long, btw ). OH, THE BETRAYAL!

So here’s how it goes. It was just a typical day in the 3rd grade when I don’t exactly remember why but I got in an argument with a girl ( who’s name shall remain anonymous ) about Santa Claus being real or not. Of course, I, was defending Santa Clause’s honor and telling her that he does exist. She wasn’t having it. So that day I went home and told my Dad that I got in a “fight” with a girl at school because she was saying Santa Claus wasn’t real. He then sat me down and told me the truth. So traumatizing. I can’t even… Let’s just say I cried some and then a light bulb went off in my head and said, “wait, so does this mean that the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny isn’t real either?”


But you know what? I wasn’t dumb ( I think ). I saw the clues:

1 | Why does Santa at the mall look a little different every year? I mean we literally have pictures to compare the differences every year.

2 | How can Santa be at every mall at the same time?

3 | That’s so weird that your wrapping paper is the same as my family’s wrapping paper.


I once tried to get super crafty for Santa so I could get awesome gifts ( typical only child move ). I wrote and colored an entire book to send to the North Pole. So thanks a lot for the lie, I spent entirely too much time making it and it probably just ended up in the trash somewhere.

S I D E  N O T E

Can we just talk about how scary this is?


and this:



Steezy’s Favorite Things 2014


You know Oprah right? Of course you do. This is like her list, but better. ( aka maybe just more affordable ) …


1 | Lululemon Pants 


I know, another one of those girls obsessed with ole’ Lulu. But I’M TELLING YOU these pants are amazing. I wear them more than I care to admit. BONUS: You don’t have to wash them as much as other pants. So there’s that 😉

2 | THIS Express Coat


LET ME TELL YOU. I’ve been eye-ballin’ this coat for quite some time and finally took the plunge and bought it. Great investment. The coat screams “SWAG”. It’s weird because it’s light enough to wear in the Spring but keeps you warm enough walking towards the Nebraska wind ( not fun ). It’s like the Lululemon pants of coats.

3 | Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System 


I’m starting to sound like a broken record but this. IS. AMAZING!!! Ha! So goooood! My face <3’s me. It’s crazy because when I first started using it my face was horrible ( it was purging ) GROSS. But crazy to think all of that was hanging out on my face, UNTIL NOW. THANK YOU CLARISONIC.

4 | Clinique Eyebrow Pencil


Before you roll you eyes with your perfectly penciled brows, hear me out. I started with this essential and tried other drugstore brands, hated every single one of them. This has to go on my favorite things list. Don’t believe me? Try it!!

5 | Hypnotic Poison by Dior

s260893-main-hero-300You guys, you guys, you guys. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. If I can choose what my last smell is in my life ( you think about these things! ) it is this. I got a bottle for Christmas a long time ago and I still have the bottle and sniff it every now and then like a druggie getting high off something.

6 | ESPN: 30 for 30 Collector’s Set

c700x420I can’t stress 30 for 30’s enough. These are the best videos you will watch. They’re motivating, intriguing, mind-blowing. You name it! My fave? Survive and Advance ( Just got done watching it, in fact! )

 7 | Gold Scratch Map



I LOVE MAPS, ( que “I LOVE LAMP” ) and this one is schweeeet. Gold? Check. Personalize-able? Check. Scratch off the places you’ve been. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!

8 | Swag Coffee Cup


Everyone loves a good coffee cup. This bad boy is simple, straight to the point, and BADA$$. ‘Nuff said.

9 | iPhone Pedestal

492806a6320677a4b4c483b2b76cea6a5d9ab4f2This is one of those items you don’t realize you need until you use it. It’s SO nice having your lil’ iPhone perched up by your comp. PLUS it doesn’t make that annoying buzz sound whenever you receive something, your desk mates won’t think you’re tooting now every time you get a text. AMIRIGHT?

10 | Arbonne Protein 


Duuuuuuuuuude. I’ve tried lots and I mean LOTS of proteins. This is hands down the tastiest and it’s PEA protein! Whatttt. Vegan protein that tastes good is unheard of! Seriously. If you’re interested in trying it, hit my up! ( I’m an Arbonne consultant ) 😉 If you need a sponsor number: 21460651

11 | Boomf Customizable Marshmallows 

2014-12-03 21_10_15-boomf on Instagram

It just wouldn’t be Oprah of me if I didn’t list a cool food in my favorite things. I give you… marshmallows. You can personalize them. Did I mention Kate Middleton’s bro created these?



I can settle for peeps instead of BOOMF any day.

Ladders, Broken Mirrors, Lucky Pennies. SO. Many. Superstitions.


Today’s #Blogtober14 is a good one and very timely for Halloween. We’re talkin’ superstitions.

I’ve got a lot — I feel like I’m the bubble boy of superstitions instead of germs.

+ I will NEVER, EVER, EVER (Never have, never will) walk under a ladder. I’m serious. My life is over if I ever have to walk under a ladder.

+ I tell myself it’s okay, but I HATE when a black cat randomly runs by. Not okay. It’s happened before, and I’m still breathing and having a good life, so maybe it’s not bad. But I still prefer if I don’t see a black cat. I don’t even know how people own black cats. Scary.

+ Penny on heads? Pick that shiz up.

+ Breaking mirrors can make me a bit uneasy.

+ Eat fortune cookie AND THEN read you fortune. In that order.

+ Wish on every shooting star you see and don’t tell any what you wished for!! Although, I’ll let you in on my first shooting star wish ever, because it’s clearly not happening… I wished to be in a Harry Potter movie. I seriously thought it would happen after I saw a shooting star too. Now THAT’S crushed dreamz.

+ Blow and make a wish on your eyelash!

+ I strongly dislike if I see the number 66_ ( I can’t even finish it here ). Freaks. Me. Out.

+ I don’t know if this is really a “superstition” because I swear it’s true is when there’s a full moon, crazy things happen at night. I believe it. Full moons make everyone KRAY!

What about you? What’s your superstition? Do we share any of the same?