Another Day Another Treat

Oops, I did it again.


Still my all time favorite Britney hairdo  BTW ^

Anyway, I made another not-good-for-waistline treat. But on Halloween week – WE CELEBRATE! This one is so easy too, even I can handle it.


  1. Rolos ( a bag or rolls – depends on how many you want to make )
  2. Ritz Crackers


*I made 30 of these bad boys from 5 rolls. 


  1. Preheat oven to 375 ( Check out how old our oven is… )


2. Get a cookie sheet and lay out Ritz crackers and stack the Rolos on top.


3. Place in oven for 3 minutes! Once done, put the other Ritz on top and you’re done my friend!!!

Best when eaten warm too!


You can even take it a step further and dip it in chocolate and let it cool then voila, chocolate covered ritz infused Rolos!!! *arteries just clogged*

This is my last pre-Halloween update because I plan to be all Fireballed up tomorrow on a Hayrack ride then comes Halloween! ( Still no idea what I’m dressing up as… )




I Tried a Ridiculous Recipe and Here’s What Happened

I did something really bad. I made food that is not safe in our apartment for the sake of my waistline. But, it’s also Halloween week and zero eff’s are given for calories. SO LET’S CELEBRATE!

So you know those Buzzfeed food videos blowing up Facebook? I stumbled across this one:

Oreo Rice

Posted by BuzzFeed Food on Thursday, October 22, 2015


Could it be?? OREOS and RICE?! I love rice and who doesn’t love Oreos. BONUS: You can purchase all of these items at Walgreens ( downtown living problems – Walgreens is a lot easier than driving to the store )

I’ll break it down for you so you don’t have to pause and rewind the video:


3 cups of milk
1 cup of white rice
1 package of Oreos


Next, throw everything in a bowl ( the rice is not cooked ) for 15 minutes till it sizzles, then stir!


Literally all I could think about during this was “Please work for the sake of this using  a whole package of Oreos.”


…it’s working…!!!!


Finished product… but before you get grossed out, remember that it’s made with rice and Oreos and tastes like chocolate Oreos.


Verdict: I’m a notoriously bad cook because I don’t have the patience to let things actually cook and finish – as you can see, that rice is supposed to be fully cooked and softer therefore not really showing in the Oreo mixture. Oops!

Bright side: It’s a perfect Halloween treat – dirt and worms ( or this is gross – but, maggots ) Sorry, I just ruined your appetite.

and on that, Happy Halloween! 





The Best Damn Homemade Protein Bars


YOU GUYZZ. I know the secret to the best homemade teins’ bar EVER and it’s super simple.


+ full jar of peanut butter ( you can choose almond butter, sun flower butter, organic, your bars – yo’ way! )

+ 2 1/4 cups of protein powder ( my secret is Arbonne Vegan Protein Powder )

+ 2 cups of honey ( this A LOT of honey – be sure to get a whole jar for this )

+ 2 cups of oats


Side note: I didn’t use the healthiest versions of everything since I was trying to perfect my bars. I indeed perfected them “if I do say so myself” ( in jay z voice ) I would suggest getting all organic or gluten free oats if you can!

S T E P  1

Mix the honey and peanut butter together and melt it in the microwave to stir it all together better.


SIDE TIP: Spray the bowl so the ingredients don’t stick to the bowl


S T E P  2

Mix protein powder and oats and start mixin’!


S T E P  3

Pour into a pan and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes! You can roll them into balls too, but do it after the get a little cold – it will be pretty sticky at first.


You’re welcome in advance. I loves these so much, I munch on them all day long. Which probably isn’t the healthiest thing, but URMUGURD THEY’RE SO GOOD.

Also! You’re going to keep these in the fridge after making them, they melt and get really gooey if they get warm.

Zucchini Pizza Bites!

I LOVE PIZZA. Who doesn’t? Too bad I always go overboard when I eat it and feel like a turd muffin the next day. That’s why I refuse to settle for a no-pizza diet. NO WAY. Not for me. Good thing is I love zucchini too! So…


They’re both easy to make and healthy! Trust me, if I can make these they’re really easy to make.

1 Zucchini
Pizza Sauce
Mozzarella shredded cheese ( I used Parmesan shredded cheese )
Olive Oil
Pizza Seasoning (optional – I just happened to have it on the spice rack)


1. Sau 1/4 inch cut zucchini slices in olive oil – & – Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Once they’ve soaked up some good ol’ olive oil, add pasta sauce
TIP: I found squeeze-able pizza sauce. It’s. Awesome.
3. Sprinkle on yo’ cheese and pizza seasoning ( if you wish )
4. Bake for about 4 minutes, that’s all it takes! ENJOY!!





Homemade “Healthier” Ranch


No more hidden ( fattening ) valley Ranch! Believe me, I love this stuff. I used to hate it and only keep my salad dressing loyalty to Dorothy Lynch but alas, I’ve given in. I admit, I dip my pizza in ranch and I’ve even dipped popcorn in it ( don’t knock it till you try it ).

I then found a healthier alternative to this weird addiction. Here it is:



1 cup of plain greek yogurt
1 packet of Ranch seasoning
1/2 cup of 1% milk


1. Whisk it all together
2. Let it chill in the fridge for a bit and enjoy!


>> So in love with Ranch like me? Try these “crack” pretzels <<

“Crack Pretzels” Recipe


This one time I made pretzels with seasoning and I couldn’t stop eating them. Maybe not a huge shocker, since I do love food but seriously, these are ADDICTING. Hence, the name of crack pretzels. Proceed with caution on this recipe.


1 cup of Popcorn Oil
1 tsp of Dill Weed
1 tsp of Garlic Powder
1 Package of Ranch Dry Seasoning
2 bags of Pretzels of your choice

1. Add all pretzels with ingredients in a large bowl or bag and mix away!
shake it

2. Bake them at 250 degrees for one hour on a pan spread out. Every 15 minutes stir them around while baking.

3. Enjoy!

Bulu Box Energy Ball Bites

photo 1

So these might be God’s(Buddha, Allah, etc.) gift to humans. They ARE. SO. GOOD. Not to mention super easy to make! Check it out:

+ 1 cup of Oats
+ 1/2 cup Peanut Butter (or any other nut butter)
+ 1 cup Honey
+ 1 cup coconut flakes
+ 1/4 cup Ground Flax seeds
+ 1/4 cup Chia Seeds
+ 1/2 tsp Vanilla
+ 1/2 tsp Almond Extract

1. Mix together dry ingredients 

photo 2

2. Add in peanut butter, honey and vanilla almond extract. Mix until incorporated. 

photo 3

3. Put bowl in fridge for 30 minutes. After mix has cooled form into balls.
4. Keep cool to help balls together.

Nutritional Facts:
[Makes approx. 15-20 bite size balls]

Per sale: 155 calories, 19g Carbs, 8g Fat, 3g Protein

View the original recipe HERE 🙂

The “I can’t believe it’s not Summer” Juice

photo 1


So this was delicious…

I’m starting to become a juice scientist and seeing what delish combos I can create with the handy-dandy juicer! I made an awesome juice I just HAVE to share!! Are you ready for it??… (spoiler: it’ll taste like summer and if you live in a cold climate like me it might make ya miss the warm weather).

What ya need:
+ 1 apple
+ 1/4 pineapple
+ 3 carrots
+ 2 kiwis


Bonus: This juice will help boost your immunity, digestion, & improve eyesight! Don’t ya just love nommy nutrients? 😉