Let’s Talk About Coffee

Sheesh, it’s been awhile on this thing! I need to start getting more active on here with the chilly months quickly approaching (research shows that people read more blog posts during cold months)! 😉

I honestly have no idea where this blog post is going so I’m going to take a quick peek into my “archives”. My archives are a bunch of half-written paragraphs of blog ideas in my Notes app. So let’s see what we get…

Haha, Cuban Coffee is the latest note scribble, so let’s talk about that! Let’s talk about coffee, shall we?!…

Now, coffee. I don’t need it. I mean seriously, just ask Brandon or my parents. I have enough energy but you know what I love more than energy? HAVING EVEN MORE ENERGY!!!! Seriously, remember the YouTube video Powerthurst? That was I. With Red Line (God bless your heart, Red Line) and Red Bull, people around me said I belonged on the Powerthurst video. So you know what was awesome?

Discovering Cuban coffee.

And drinking cold brew.

I can see your face now bein’ like “aw, lawd help us all” *does sign of the cross* Hehehe.

Oh! I should mention that I literally hate coffee but within the past year or so I’m trying to make myself like it. Now, I can’t say that I’m necessarily a fan quite yet, but I’m trying and Cuban coffee and cold brew make it a heck of a lot easier! When I do drink coffee from a shop I like to go after the Iced latte with sugar-free vanilla syrup. (I know my “basic” is showing right now).

The Magic of Cold Brew Coffee


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I instantly fell in love with cold brew coffee. It’s not that it tastes like chocolate milk, but it doesn’t have that acidic taste that I absolutely can’t stand with coffee. Also, it’s easy on the stomach. I don’t know about ya’ll but my stomach can go nuts when I drink coffee and if I drink cold brew, it’s like I just drank water. I feel nothing! So that’s what’s so special about cold brew coffee first of all – it’s less acidic, some call it the coffee “tea”. Sounds healthy AMIRIGHT? And it is! With cold brew, you can just mix it with water or almond milk like I do, no need for da sugar. Also, it’s cold, just the way I like it! I can’t stand hot coffee and I will never understand why people drink coffee so hot (along with decaf coffee – what’s the point?!).

You know what else is cool about cold brew? It’s science, BRO! Here’s another bonus of cold brew: It’s super easy to make and you make one batch then let it last over time. That’s why I don’t really drink coffee often is because first, I don’t want to pay for it at the shop and second, it can take awhile to make GOOD coffee (aka the kind that I like, not just a Keurig kind). How cold brew works is you get yourself a nice ‘lil Toddy (here’s the one I have) and good quality cold brew grounded coffee beans. I get mine at The Mill, just ask for a 12 oz. of ground cold brew blend. It’s about $12-13 and will give me enough coffee to last a couple weeks!

One thing I learned is that you can steep (I think that’s the right word?) the coffee for 12-24 hours. The first time I made it, it went towards 25 hours, but I would suggest more like 12 hours does the trick. Also, be careful when you’re making it, you can get a headache from being around it too long! Now that’s when you know you got some good caffeine!

Getting all Jacked Up on Cuban Coffee!


This summer I was lucky enough to visit Miami twice for work! It’s such an awesome city with tons of rich culture – which bring me to… CUBAN COFFEE! Remember that Kourtney and Kim Take Miami episode where Khloe gets addicted to Cuban coffee? Well when I saw that, I was just like “challenge accepted”.

THIS STUFF IS SO GOOD. It’s just a tiny amount which I approve of and tastes freaking good! I think they mix some sugar and special milk in there and it’s probably shipped in cargo from Heaven. When I was there last week, I had another adorable little cup of it and then purchased a bag of it even though I had no idea how I would make it.


Turns out you can make it just like regular coffee in a coffee pot! So I did and then added a dash of milk and sugar (because I need my sugar) and IT WAS SO GOOD! I was seriously preparing myself for it to taste like the nasty burnt office coffee but it didn’t! AT ALL! It tasted more chocolate milk than office coffee. I just made enough for a cup, which I’m not sure if you’re really supposed to drink an entire cup of it, but I did. It was also like 6am and I went NUTS. By 7am I was looking like a crazy Jim Carrey in one of his movies. But at 11am. Not so much. That was the only downfall. But hey, you can just make some more!

I ended up buying La Carreta Cuban Coffee THAT YOU CAN BUY ONLINE!! Rejoice! Rejoice! You can get it on Amazon here!

Guys, just trust me on this one and buy it then let me know what you think!

Does anyone else have any other energy drinks they would like to share? I’m so open to trying any!




Protein Smoothie That Tastes BANANAs (No pun intended)


I’ve been in a major smoothie mood lately, so I decided to have an experiment (aka it’s all I had in the kitchen) and it turned out pretty good!

You can use any protein powder, but my latest favorite has been BSN Syntha-6 BY FAR. I’m not kidding people, even mixed with water it tastes amazing. I just ordered a new tub and got “Chocolate Cake Batter” *as saliva drips from my mouth*


The “I can’t believe it’s not Summer” Juice

photo 1


So this was delicious…

I’m starting to become a juice scientist and seeing what delish combos I can create with the handy-dandy juicer! I made an awesome juice I just HAVE to share!! Are you ready for it??… (spoiler: it’ll taste like summer and if you live in a cold climate like me it might make ya miss the warm weather).

What ya need:
+ 1 apple
+ 1/4 pineapple
+ 3 carrots
+ 2 kiwis


Bonus: This juice will help boost your immunity, digestion, & improve eyesight! Don’t ya just love nommy nutrients? 😉