The Best Part Of “Back to School Season” (with Giveaway)!

It’s that time of year again! Remember back in the day when back to school time meant perusing the store aisles for your new Jansport backpack? Don’t forget the Lisa Frank trapper keeper! Then fighting through the crowd to find all the supplies on your class checklist? I feel so bad for my mom looking back now. I remember getting flustered when my mom wouldn’t buy me overly-priced Milky Way pens.

Sorry Mom.

But the best part was picking out your first day of school outfit with your polished new sneaks (I once had those Adidas shoes with the interchangeable stripe colors #classic), crisp new jeans, a cool top, and spending hours in the mirror trying out hairstyles followed up with a sweep of Bath and Body Works Art Club glitter roll.

So much nostalgia! If I could I would totally go back in time and do it all over again. Luckily, I had a *tiny* bit of a chance to do that. Shoutout to Gateway Mall for sending me on a back to school shopping trip along with a gift to share with you guys!

I tapped into my inner student (not the one who got an A++ in partying, the other one) and here’s what I decided was this season’s must-have:

1. New sneaks.

And not just any sneaks. CHUCKS, BABY! Hands down my favorite shoe I’ve ever owned. I got them in middle school, during the prime emo years. I wore those things out and then ended up losing them. I’ve wanted a pair ever since, but settled for the $15 Target kicks, so this was my. time. to. shine.


Converse shoes found at Shoe Dept.

These bad boys are such an upgrade from my first blue pair. These babies have a floral pattern inside, soles that feel like you’re walking on a pillow, and tongues that stick out because I guess that’s what’s in these days?

2. A jacket

Jackets to me are like shoes are to most gals. I love ’em, can’t have enough of ’em. This jacket helps me channel my inner lumberjack. Just put me on the Mountian Men show with these threads!


Jacket found at Forever 21

Okay, so a little back story to this picture. Minus the fact that Brandon was extremely embarrassed to be taking pictures of me on UNL campus… Mwahaha! #BloggerHusband

But okay, quick story time: On my first day of freshman year of college at UNL it was pouring outside. Figures. I also never spent the weekend walking to the buildings to where my classes would be so I would know where to go. Sooo I got lost. In the rain. Holding a campus map. Soaked. To all you UNL kids, I was looking for Grandfather hall (ONLY THE TALLEST BUILDING ON CAMPUS) yet somehow I managed to find my way around Memorial Stadium and finally asking for help from someone who was probably a Senior and star athlete who I didn’t recognize. EMBARRASSING.

Derp Pro Tip: New college students should walk around campus to familiarize themselves with it and find where their classes are.

3. Jeans!

I was most excited for this back to school excursion because I could claim another pair of Express jeans. I am not kidding you, they are the best. Especially for my fellow short-torsos out there! They have mid-rise jeans AND “short” sizes. #MatchMadeInHeaven


Jeans found at Express

…and that picture is the most embarrassing “blogger pic” yet.

4. A Backpack!!!

Because I’m a teenage boy, I found this SICK lime green Nike backpack that was calling my name from the window. I walked by and stared at it about four times. I had to have it. Plus, I still take a backpack to work every day, because I haven’t grown up yet.


Backpack found at Shoe Dept.

 Now are you ready to join in on this back to school revolution? Enter the giveaway below and you can win a $25 gift card to Forever 21 and another $25 gift card to Children’s Place!!!!


You have up to 3 chances to enter every day! Here’s how:

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*Special thanks to Gateway Mall! Check them out online and sign up for the Oh, So Simple Rewards Program! Score $10 every time you spend $250 at Gateway Mall stores or restaurants.

My Secret Closet

I have a confession. Some of my clothes aren’t really my clothes. And that’s good for my “I don’t have anything to wear” and ‘I wore it twice, so I’m over it’ mentality. Le Tote has been my saving grace because honestly I feel like 85% of my “nice” clothes are for going out or tank tops and the rest are workout clothes. So when I actually feel like “dressing up” as I call it, even though it’s literally street clothes to work, I feel like I have NOTHING TO WEAR! And I’m not wrong. When I buy things now it’s either an impulse and I end up not wearing it or it’s for an occasion ( most likely a weekend out…in the summer )

Going through my closet in the morning is like, Honey, you can’t wear that cut out tank to work.

So I found Le Tote. A subscription service that sends you 6 items or clothes ( jackets, shirts, skirts, dresses, etc. ) and a mix of jewelry, hand bags, scarves, etc. I think it’s $49/month a now, it was $30 back when I first started getting it but they upgraded their clothes and give you the option to pick out what what you want sent, which is a total game changer. You can add stuff to your “closet” and usually they try to send you at least one of those items, but usually it’s a mix. Once it’s ready for you, you have a window of time to swap things out if you want. I always do. I’m not gonna lie, they haven’t done the best job picking things for me but I always customize it after they do, so it’s okay.

The best part? You can send everything back and get a new batch of items as soon as it’s shipped. So you can really get like 3 shipments in one month if you do it right. Possibly even more if you’re speedy. You can also buy the item at a “Le Tote” price if you want to keep something.

Okay, so enough babbling. I’m honestly really sad to let go of this tote, so I’m making this blog post to post pictures of it so I can remember it. Let us all take a moment of silence while it gets shipped back tomorrow 🙁 I just want something new for Thanksgiving to wear…

NOTE: Check out this $waggin’ rug ( Thanks Mur!! ) as my fabulous backdrop. I haven’t graduated fashion Blogger university to start posting pics of me wearing the threads yet. Maybe next time, readers…

1 | Striped Long Sleeve


This was actually the one thing I didn’t get a chance to wear. It’s super cool and light but the back breaks apart, which is cool but never had the right time to wear it. 🙁

2 | Pink Symmetrical Shirt


I don’t know if symmetrical is the right word for this shirt, but it flares out differently then a regular shirt. Look at the link on the bottom right. It’s sweet shirt! Totally says, “I didn’t try, I’m just this fashionable in a simple shirt.” – Embarrassing. I’m going to forget I even said that.

3 | Black + Grey Shirt ( with Necklace below )f67a03f7-6141-4187-82f0-3ca5f180965f

This picture doesn’t do the shirt justice ( iPhone photos, psht. ) But I loved this. The necklace also part of the Le Tote.

4 | Bold Necklace


This was great and fit good too. I hate when necklaces hang too low, and this was perfect!

5 | Scarf I fell in love with


I didn’t want to let this one go, but I know there’s more scarves in the sea. It was the first time I wore a scarf that wasn’t infinity and now I’m obsessed. ( Bring on the blanket scarves!!! )

6 | Jessica Simpson Jacket


Jessica Simpson really lent this jacket to Le Tote. No, I’m just kidding. But this jacket was on fleek ( ugh, I can’t believe I just used that word ). For real though, this jacket…great! Just don’t zip it up or it will look like you drunk sewed it yourself.

Ready to join the Le Tote gang??? You should. And do it now before they raise the price again. I just got grandfathered in, so let me know how much it costs for you!

JOIN HERE – You’ll get $15 OFF!!!!! 

The Story of “Meet me at The Rail”

Where to even begin…So I started a nice little new “project”. And I’m so excited about it and scared, and worried. But what’s the fun in life if you don’t feel those things, right? ( yeah…I keep telling myself that )


So where to begin, I actually have two stories that mold this classic tank/shirt into life. Let’s go back to 2009 when I discovered what my passion ( in a way this is extremely embarrassing to mention this ) but I “founded”, let’s call it, Steezy inc. Now you’re laughing. That’s okay, I am too. BUT it’s pretty cool if I do say so myself ( while I typed that, this was totally in my head ) I literally stayed awake for 2 days, anddd maybe I had Adderall too. but I was motivated and a passion was burning in me! Steezy inc was born but it didn’t last because I was a broke college kid who could not afford to invest in this business and I hit a wall. I’m so glad that I did though because there’s no way this brand would last because I was trying to create something out of thin air and hoping people would like it. You can do that but it’s harder said than done. Like if I said “Hey, you should buy this because it’s really cool” even though you have no idea what Steezy Inc. is? Exactly.

But check out the sweet graphics. This is what I was doing for 2 days straight. Lol…

The main logo was a diamond, P.S.  It was actually my Twitter background and only one I’ve ever had, if you ever noticed. But Twitter has since changed, and no longer has it available 🙁




For Husker football, of course:

1918497_150660818423_1400391_n( looking at this now, I feel like that is Inappropriate, but maybe my head is just in the gutter )


See more for yourself, and check out this Facebook page. CLASSIC!!

So basically you can see now that I really enjoyed creating shirts. I LOVE a good t-shirt, it’s my style and nothing makes me proud than slippin’ on a new, cool tee. And it was the first time I felt a drive and I liked it! That drive is back in full force!


I’ve always been thinking of what to do next but it just hasn’t hit me yet…until the other week. It was a Friday night and I was staying in and going insane because of it (naturally). But that’s when it came to me. Give the people what they want AND what you want. My motto is literally to make whatever I want to actually wear. I came up with all kinds of ideas and the best ones rose to the top. Of course, there’s still that striking fear that my “best ones” aren’t the best for everyone else – which is the scary part. But I’m leaping off a cliff on this one!

My first one is “Meet Me at The Rail”. So many people are rolling their eyes over this one, but they just don’t understand the beauty of the dirty ole rail. I don’t remember my first time stepping in the Brass Rail ( you do the math, there’s a probably a reason for not clearly remembering ) Lolz. But I do remember my first sober experience. Boy, was it weird. It was early on a Husker football game day – the night after Lance Armstrong made an epic appearance at The Rail and OMG I’LL FOREVER BE MAD I WASN’T THERE. But anyway, moving on…

The Rail is awesome, it’s always a good time. Cheap drinks. Good music. What more can a person ask for?


I present to you these beauts!



> Purchase the tank for only $24 atNebrowse here!

Purchase the Tee for $24 too, only at Nebrowse!

Help me rock these and I’ll love you forever! 🙂 And then we can have The Rail meet up parties at Rail:30 o’clock.

& don’t forget to share with your friends!


Express Has Done it Again!

express (640x201)

DUDE. I love Express. Anyone who knows me well knows that Express is MA PLACE. I get the emails all the time, errday. I rarely pay attention because let’s be honest, if I did, I would I would be BROKE.

I did check out the email I saw today because it had my style ALL over it! Then it was like a beam of light, a ray of sunshine, one of the best thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. LOW PRICES.


Hold up.

Extremely affordable threads from EXPRESS?



So it’s this new line at Express called One Eleven. It’s my kind of style ( simple, plain, FUN! )


1Strappy Back Bralette – $14.90   2 |  Black Racer Tank – $16.90
3 | Striped Racer Tank – $19.90     4 | Slash Back Tee – $24.90


5 | Racerback Tunic Tank – $16.90  6 | Drop Hem Tunic – $24.90
7 | Nep Knit Drop Hem Tee – $24.90  8 | 2-1 Surplice Tee – $29.90


9 | Long Sleeve Cropped Tee – $19.90
10 | Lace TrimTrapeze Cami – $24.90
11 | Knot Front Tee – $19.90


Steezy’s Favorite Things 2014


You know Oprah right? Of course you do. This is like her list, but better. ( aka maybe just more affordable ) …


1 | Lululemon Pants 


I know, another one of those girls obsessed with ole’ Lulu. But I’M TELLING YOU these pants are amazing. I wear them more than I care to admit. BONUS: You don’t have to wash them as much as other pants. So there’s that 😉

2 | THIS Express Coat


LET ME TELL YOU. I’ve been eye-ballin’ this coat for quite some time and finally took the plunge and bought it. Great investment. The coat screams “SWAG”. It’s weird because it’s light enough to wear in the Spring but keeps you warm enough walking towards the Nebraska wind ( not fun ). It’s like the Lululemon pants of coats.

3 | Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System 


I’m starting to sound like a broken record but this. IS. AMAZING!!! Ha! So goooood! My face <3’s me. It’s crazy because when I first started using it my face was horrible ( it was purging ) GROSS. But crazy to think all of that was hanging out on my face, UNTIL NOW. THANK YOU CLARISONIC.

4 | Clinique Eyebrow Pencil


Before you roll you eyes with your perfectly penciled brows, hear me out. I started with this essential and tried other drugstore brands, hated every single one of them. This has to go on my favorite things list. Don’t believe me? Try it!!

5 | Hypnotic Poison by Dior

s260893-main-hero-300You guys, you guys, you guys. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. If I can choose what my last smell is in my life ( you think about these things! ) it is this. I got a bottle for Christmas a long time ago and I still have the bottle and sniff it every now and then like a druggie getting high off something.

6 | ESPN: 30 for 30 Collector’s Set

c700x420I can’t stress 30 for 30’s enough. These are the best videos you will watch. They’re motivating, intriguing, mind-blowing. You name it! My fave? Survive and Advance ( Just got done watching it, in fact! )

 7 | Gold Scratch Map



I LOVE MAPS, ( que “I LOVE LAMP” ) and this one is schweeeet. Gold? Check. Personalize-able? Check. Scratch off the places you’ve been. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!

8 | Swag Coffee Cup


Everyone loves a good coffee cup. This bad boy is simple, straight to the point, and BADA$$. ‘Nuff said.

9 | iPhone Pedestal

492806a6320677a4b4c483b2b76cea6a5d9ab4f2This is one of those items you don’t realize you need until you use it. It’s SO nice having your lil’ iPhone perched up by your comp. PLUS it doesn’t make that annoying buzz sound whenever you receive something, your desk mates won’t think you’re tooting now every time you get a text. AMIRIGHT?

10 | Arbonne Protein 


Duuuuuuuuuude. I’ve tried lots and I mean LOTS of proteins. This is hands down the tastiest and it’s PEA protein! Whatttt. Vegan protein that tastes good is unheard of! Seriously. If you’re interested in trying it, hit my up! ( I’m an Arbonne consultant ) 😉 If you need a sponsor number: 21460651

11 | Boomf Customizable Marshmallows 

2014-12-03 21_10_15-boomf on Instagram

It just wouldn’t be Oprah of me if I didn’t list a cool food in my favorite things. I give you… marshmallows. You can personalize them. Did I mention Kate Middleton’s bro created these?



I can settle for peeps instead of BOOMF any day.

Stitch Fix Review!


That’s right.. It’s a typical blog review. I’m sorry, but I’ve always wanted to do one and I just bought a new camera so I really wanted to pretend like I’m a legit blogger 😉 So rewind real quick, I’ve tried Stitch Fix about a year ago but just thought it was super pricey. That was when I was on intern salary. Now that I’m a big girl I wanted to give it another shot. Well… still kinda feel the same but, HEY – I got a blog post out of it (apologies in advance)!

How it works:

You pay $20 for them to curate your order. Stitch Fix does an awesome job trying to get to know you and find clothes they think you would like. When you get your package you can purchase anything in there and just pay the remaining money from your $20. If you decide to keep everything, you get 25% off too! If you don’t like anything, you’re out $20.

Here’s what I got:






Okay, so there ya go! Looks great right? Price, not so much. To be honest I wasn’t feeling any of the clothes expect for the snake print tank, but that just so happens to be one of the most expensive (of course, that’s how it always works huh?) Everything fit pretty good, but too much money for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll shell out more for something AWESOME but none of these items really caught my eye. So I’m out $20 bucks. But it was for clothes so…



> Take your style quiz and get signed up for Stitch Fix!

Pro Tip: If you like any of these items, you can request them for your fix!

What I Want Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 8.08.18 PM

It’s inevitable, you always want everything when you’re trying to stick to a budget. Well, here’s what I’ve been on lately and let me tell you the shopping list is only growing by the minute (HELP ME Shopaholics Anonymous).

1. Yonce. I just can’t stop loving her.

2. Gawd, I’ve been wanting these ‘bans for quite some time!

3. It’s a cheaper version of the Steve Madden one! WHATA STEAL!!

4. This shirt will be one of the greatest shirts I ever put on my bod-ay.

5. The fact that Juicy makes workout clothes is awesome. That fact that shirt shirt says champagne on it is even better.

6. AH HARRY POTTER!!! *in British accent*

7. I swear, this stuff works like a gem. Is WAY better than soda and makes you feel like you’re on cloud 15!

8. I love everything about this workout program and the beliefs behind it. SO. BADA$$.