“Do you even know your password?” – Things my blog just told me logging in to write this.

I have been spinning ideas of what I want to do with this thing the past few months. Then my Bluehost bill auto-subscribed for another year and my domain renewal was up so now I gotta keep this thing to get my money’s worth!

I’ve had a major writer’s block if that’s even what you would call it. I’ve really probably just been spending more time watching T-vizzle. Whoops! But, the crappy thing about having a blog is that you feel like you need to conform to some type of topic and create content that is likely to be shared and make your pictures match the same aesthetic and cross-promote your posts on social media channels. Bleh sounds great if that was your full-time job.

I still want to write and share, though! But my favorite posts are personal stories and sharing things that I love and want to talk to other people about. So I decided that’s what I’m gonna do! Because I’m a millennial and enjoy talking about myself *flips hair*

JK. sorta. I really do enjoy talking so imagine what it’s like when I start typing away. OHH BOY! So that’s what you’ll get here from here on out. Not a blogger trying to purposely monetize a website and make a gazillion dollars (although, I’ll take it). You’ll just get posts I want to talk about, which a quick forewarn might include history posts and a 500-word essay on a movie I like.

Hope you love it! 😉