Who doesn’t love a thoughtful gift?! I like giving gifts on those random occasions when someone hits a milestone or begins a new life change. With graduations happening left and right and people getting hitched all ’round, there’s a lot of people moving away from home. Here are some of my fave gift ideas!


1. A Cute Notebook

Moving to a new city is a new chapter in someone’s life so why not give them a beautiful place to write about it at?

Shop Above: Kate Spade Notebook | $14

2. Wall Print

This is my favorite gift idea because I love, love, love, a good wall print, and major bonuses if it’s a map. Even better when it’s a map of where I’m from or have lived!

Shop Above: Kohl’s | $114

BONUS! Check out my favorite wall print from Modern Map Art that’s proudly hung in our apartment! (I set this up on our window sill for a better view FYI 😉

Pricing starts at only $29.99 –  Shop them here!

3. A Good Book

A travel coffee book is always a great idea for someone! It doubles as home decor and something to read on a lazy day.

Shop Above: Urban Outfitter’s | $35

4. Letters to Open When… 

Now, this is a creative one! This gift idea would be so cool to have to remember memories with!

Shop Above: Urban Outfitter’s | $15

5. Fun Photo Album

We own this photo album! It’s one of my favorites, it’s a perfect size and super cute!

Shop Above: Kate Spade | $20

6. Beauty Supplies

A lot of moving requires even more R&R. Put together a relaxing basket with goods like this face mask…

Shop Above: Sephora Collection | $4

7. Friendship Bracelet

Because we’re always in 4th grade and need a good friendship bracelet, right?! I’ve been wearing one for 3+ years now! Unfortunately, mine isn’t as fancy as Dogeared but it still works 😉

Shop Above: Nordstrom | $22-24

8. Map of Hearts

I’m obsessed with these! Etsy makes a lot of them too. I think they are the perfect gift for newlyweds who are from different places or moving to a new city.

Shop Above: Uncommon Goods | $130

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Am I missing any other good gift ideas? What would you want if you were moving away?