It’s that time of year again! Remember back in the day when back to school time meant perusing the store aisles for your new Jansport backpack? Don’t forget the Lisa Frank trapper keeper! Then fighting through the crowd to find all the supplies on your class checklist? I feel so bad for my mom looking back now. I remember getting flustered when my mom wouldn’t buy me overly-priced Milky Way pens.

Sorry Mom.

But the best part was picking out your first day of school outfit with your polished new sneaks (I once had those Adidas shoes with the interchangeable stripe colors #classic), crisp new jeans, a cool top, and spending hours in the mirror trying out hairstyles followed up with a sweep of Bath and Body Works Art Club glitter roll.

So much nostalgia! If I could I would totally go back in time and do it all over again. Luckily, I had a *tiny* bit of a chance to do that. Shoutout to Gateway Mall for sending me on a back to school shopping trip along with a gift to share with you guys!

I tapped into my inner student (not the one who got an A++ in partying, the other one) and here’s what I decided was this season’s must-have:

1. New sneaks.

And not just any sneaks. CHUCKS, BABY! Hands down my favorite shoe I’ve ever owned. I got them in middle school, during the prime emo years. I wore those things out and then ended up losing them. I’ve wanted a pair ever since, but settled for the $15 Target kicks, so this was my. time. to. shine.


Converse shoes found at Shoe Dept.

These bad boys are such an upgrade from my first blue pair. These babies have a floral pattern inside, soles that feel like you’re walking on a pillow, and tongues that stick out because I guess that’s what’s in these days?

2. A jacket

Jackets to me are like shoes are to most gals. I love ’em, can’t have enough of ’em. This jacket helps me channel my inner lumberjack. Just put me on the Mountian Men show with these threads!


Jacket found at Forever 21

Okay, so a little back story to this picture. Minus the fact that Brandon was extremely embarrassed to be taking pictures of me on UNL campus… Mwahaha! #BloggerHusband

But okay, quick story time: On my first day of freshman year of college at UNL it was pouring outside. Figures. I also never spent the weekend walking to the buildings to where my classes would be so I would know where to go. Sooo I got lost. In the rain. Holding a campus map. Soaked. To all you UNL kids, I was looking for Grandfather hall (ONLY THE TALLEST BUILDING ON CAMPUS) yet somehow I managed to find my way around Memorial Stadium and finally asking for help from someone who was probably a Senior and star athlete who I didn’t recognize. EMBARRASSING.

Derp Pro Tip: New college students should walk around campus to familiarize themselves with it and find where their classes are.

3. Jeans!

I was most excited for this back to school excursion because I could claim another pair of Express jeans. I am not kidding you, they are the best. Especially for my fellow short-torsos out there! They have mid-rise jeans AND “short” sizes. #MatchMadeInHeaven


Jeans found at Express

…and that picture is the most embarrassing “blogger pic” yet.

4. A Backpack!!!

Because I’m a teenage boy, I found this SICK lime green Nike backpack that was calling my name from the window. I walked by and stared at it about four times. I had to have it. Plus, I still take a backpack to work every day, because I haven’t grown up yet.


Backpack found at Shoe Dept.

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  • Lindsay Becker

    The most important thing was always the sneakers and the backpack. Got my first name brand sneakers in 6th grade! Woot woot.

    • Yes!!! Omgsh remember K Swiss? I randomly thought about those writing this! Haha! Those were the hit back then.

  • Allyson Felt

    I’m throwing this wayyyy back, but my favorite thing was getting to pick out my Lisa Frank supplies. Did I want dolphins or golden retriever puppies or multicolored leopards? I usually ended up picking them all. 🙂

    • OMGSH! All of them are so good!!! I think my fave was the multicolored leopards. Remember the glossy-ness of the binders? So. Beautiful.

  • Courtney

    Miss you steph! Wish we were about to start another semester at unl and could go back to school shopping together! ❤️

    • OMG COURTNEY!! Miss you too!!! I would SO go back in time and love to start another semester! We could go to the bookstore and put everything on our Ncard 😉

  • I was all about butterfly hair clips man! That and my Lisa Frank lunch box. I was the coolest 2nd grader ever. (or at least I think so). I really love your writing style! You can tell you’re being really genuine.

    • Hahaha omgsh so many good things! You HAD to be the coolest 2nd grader with gear like that. Lol! Thank you so much for your kind words about the blog!! 🙂

  • Elle

    I always loved picking out back to school supplies, especially folders since they always had so many cute designs. I remember narrowing down large stacks of them one by one until I finally decided which ones I would get and always asking for a couple extra ‘just in case’ because I loved more than I needed.

    • OH MY GOSH. I completely forgot about the folders!!! Yes. Those were the best and so hard to choose between all of them!

  • Ruya Norton

    Definitely keychains for my backpack 🙂

    • OH YES!! I forgot about those! Oh man, I think I made my backpack weigh about 10 pounds heavier with all the keychains!

  • Michelle

    Pack of colorful pens!

  • Rose

    I loved sparkly and cute pencil cases

    • Remember the ones that snapped into binders and trapper keepers! I would always stuff so many in there that the binder wouldn’t close. 🙁

  • cezovski

    Jellie Shoes were the rage! I had a ton of them and loved shopping for them!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • Hands down Lisa Frank! I was obsessed lol

    • SO OBSESSED. Did you see it’s starting to come back? YASSS

  • Dandi D

    I remember getting a Caboodle for back to school and loving it!

    • YES!!! I actually never had one and was so jealous that my best friend did!