So I started watching Game of Thrones earlier this month and it has consumed my life which is why you don’t really see new posts coming out of me at this time. I’m already on season 5 (and if you did the math that means I just spent 40 hours watching TV), and I’m sooo close to finally being caught up with everyone else and then I can get my life back. So that’s my excuse on this blog in case anyone was wondering.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to squeeze one last writing segment out of me at the ripe age of 25 because tomorrow is my favorite day of the entire year. IT’S MA BEE DAY!

Ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you how annoying I am about my birthday. It’s honestly a month-long celebration and we’re just on the eve of the big day my friends. You know how ABC Family (RIP – now Freeform) does the holiday movie countdown to Christmas? That’s basically what I do in June. Except I just tell people every day that my birthday is coming up this month.

Sorry, not sorry.

I really don’t have a clue where this post is even going (thanks for still reading anyway!) but I just wanted to wish my 25-year-old self goodbye and wake up and see what 26 looks like tomorrow. 25 was a good year. A shiz ton happened. Like, I dunno, GETTING MARRIED!

Quick side note: for those who love their birthdays as much as I do, be aware that planning a wedding the same week as your birthday – you won’t really get as much birthday celebration.

So many people rolling their eyes at me right nowwww

But seriously, 25… Good year.

A couple awesome things that stick out when I think about 25 is…

Being married

Best pic, ever.
Best pic, ever.

Duh, that’s a big one. Our first anniversary is peeking its head around the corner right now!

Going to Aruba


Aw, the honeymoon. What a freaking fabulous time.

Having a super cool job


I started working at Travefy right before I turned 25 last year! I’ve learned so much about everything this past year!

“Meeting” Joakim Noah


When the Bulls were in Lincoln, the night before the game was a rare experience. I saw the team, told Pau Gasol and Nikola hello, saw Jimmy Butler just casually strolling on the downtown Lincoln sidewalks, and then met the awesome dude, Noah. Even though he doesn’t look as thrilled to see me it was awesome.





Only the best thing in the world to do. The year 25 took me to Aruba, Orlando, San Diego, St. Louis, Chicago, and Vegas. P.S. super pumped for traveling at 26 because not having a wedding to plan = more time to travel!

Steez T’s



Making t-shirts have been a dream of mine since college. I have to say, I’m just getting started with it all too. Be on the lookout for more coming your way. It really is the coolest thing to see someone wearing your tank/shirt or saying they saw someone wearing it! SO SWEET!

>>>> P.S. BUY HERE!!! <<<<<

Being more awesome

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.48.02 PM

And what I mean by that is this year I felt like I officially felt myself “growing up”. Not in the boring way but in a mature way. For example, I love reading now. It’s not that I hated reading before, but my priorities weren’t there. I should mention that currently, I am not actively reading every day because #GameOfThrones BUT this year, I read more, wrote more, and thought more. I’m FINALLY becoming the student all of my teachers wanted me to be… sorta. 😉

Becoming a “Wine Expert” in front of thousands of people


Okay, so in no way shape or form am I a “wine expert”, but hey, if you want to call me that I will not stop you! This experience was off the wall cool. I was so scared and then afterward, realized it’s something I could do every day. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the chance to do do more TV action!

Chopping off my hair and donating it

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.48.24 PMI did the typical bride thing and chopped my hair after the wedding. My hair was so long and I ended up cutting 10 inches! I’ve always wanted to do that, but way too scared. I also learned how much quicker I can blow dry and actually do my hair when it’s shorter… #GirlJoy


Goodness, I could go on and on and on… Seeing Britney Spears for the first time in my life. Catching Lil’ Wayne for the 5th time. And the best… hanging with old and new friends and spending awesome time with my families!!! 26 has a lot to top but I think it can do it.