I wanted to visit this museum for years and when I finally did, it definitely lived up to the hype. It’s a fantastic museum for all ages, groups, interests, you name it! You’ll probably love it. I also can’t believe how HUGE that place is. I’m so mad my Jawbone UP band died before I went because I bet we walked 15,000 steps in that place. I don’t think we even saw everything either. There was seriously something new peaking around every corner.

First, we would be in the Terracotta Exhibit then walk into Dinosaur bones. I mean it’s stuff only history nerds dream of!

Here are some tips for your future museum visit!


Doing anything touristy isn’t cheap anymore, AMIRIGHT? But it’s not bad for as much as you get! If you only have a couple hours to spend, just have it mapped out where you want to go so you get your money’s worth. If you have all day, then go for the complete package!

To see the entire museum (this includes all exhibits, permanent and featured AND one 3D movie of your choice). We did this one and it’s $38 for adults, but only $32 for students, which just means you need to have a student I.D. (Helloooo N Card!) I used my old school I.D. and saved $6 – WIN. For children, it’s $26. They do have a pass option below this that includes the featured exhibit and others, just excludes the 3D movie I believe. That one is $31/adult. Then one that excludes the featured exhibit for $29/adult.

If you don’t have a ton of time to spend there, you can also opt for the “Basic” (am I the only one that wants to be like, YOU #BASIC)? No? Okay. Moving on then… That is $22/adult.

When you first arrive, Sue will greet you upon entering the massive museum hall. This is the Field Museum’s prized possession. She’s the largest and most complete T-Rex! And! From South Dakota.



First and foremost, bring energy because there’s a lot of walking! We went at the end of a filled travel weekend and I was pretty exhausted. I definitely feel like I need to go again to experience it at 100%. You are allowed cameras. You can’t bring food or drinks (of any kind) into the exhibits, you can only drink and eat at the designated locations (which there are a ton of spots you can plop down to eat/drink/take a break at). The cool thing is that you can bring your own brown bag lunch! You can also chill by (not sure if dead or fake?) animals behind the glass, like these Narwhals! < Seriously didn’t think those were actually real animals.


If you want to get food there, they also have a cool dining place when you first walk in as well as vending machines planted all over the place.


3D Movie

You can choose between 3 different movies, they all start at different times and around 20-30 minutes long. The ones you could choose from was one about Dinosaurs, Africa, and Galapagos Island. I picked Galapagos because I have no idea where that place is even at.

It was the first thing we did – and I’m glad we did that so you could get it out of the way then spend the rest of the time exploring. It was super cool to watch and the perfect length. (Minus the 3D spiders – HELL. NO.)

The “Every Animal You Could Think Of” Exhibit

It’s obviously not really called that but omg, they had every animal possible stuffed and behind glass. It was pretty cool and it goes on forever. You would turn a corner and run into giraffes, then walk a football field length and find the entire wild cat species. Also, if you’re a bird lover, you would freak. I’m pretty sure they have every bird on show (all fake/stuffed of course).


The “Brandon, come look at these *hint hint*” Exhibit

Yup, we’re talkin’ bling upon bling, people! It’s the Gem Exhibit.



All I could think about was how much money was in that room and how I would hate to have the job of cleaning that glass every day…

The other exhibits go on and on… from taking a stroll through African history, walking amongst the dinos, and even watching scientists behind the glass doing work! It was like Jurrasic Park! Speaking of… Look at this bug inside the amber!

Somebody get my frog DNA, STAT!

It was truly an awesome place and one you can go back to over and over again. Here are some more pics to check out!