We headed to San Diego two months ago and let me tell you it was one of the best trips EVA. My lanta, I fell in love with that place. I tried not to be another average “California lover” but I couldn’t resist. It was perfect weather, bright and shiny, everything you would want every day of your life to look like. I do have to say that when I visited California for my first time almost two years ago we went to L.A., and I wasn’t all that impressed, but I did enjoy Huntington Beach!

So seeing San Diego then driving up the coast to L.A., while checking out Laguna Beach and other bordering cities was pretty neat. But San Diego is in a league of its own. I feel like it’s a nicer and better weather version of Chicago with a beach (attached to the ocean and not a massive lake). I didn’t know the best way to break down this epic trip, so I’m just going to list all of the things we did. Think of it as The Steezy Blog book of Trip Advisor reviews, but everything gets five stars. 🙂


Great hotel. Friendly staff and great location. Scratch that, perfect location. Gaslamp Quarter is perfect for any young folk wanting to go out and be close to food and drank. One little thing: it’s not a super cheap area. But San Diego isn’t that cheap anyway (we learned that real fast). We did hunt down happy hours though like a bo$$. Anyway, the hotel was perfect. Brandon is an event coordinator so it’s no secret he knows always knows how to pick the right places.

Speaking of…funny story. I joke that Brandon is a diva when it comes to travel logistics because he knows his stuff and wants to squeeze the most out of an accommodation. Hilton has this room upgrade thing, so of course Brandon was trolling it every day trying to see if any upgrades were available. Well there was so he went for it. His main goal was to get a good view, which is fair enough considering you’re pretty close to the ocean. So they give us our key and tell us we’re in the “towers” and to get there you have to go outside the hotel then use this hidden elevator. When we get in the room it was super cool looking, very boutique-y


But it lacked one thing… a good view. This view was peering into apartments across the street. So in true diva fashion, Brandon nicely asked the concierge if there was a room available with a view. We basically downgraded, but it was still nice and it had a view and looked at the ginormous convention center!



Also, I actually utilized…wait for it…wait for it…the exercise room *GASP*. For some unknown reason, I woke up at 8 a.m., on our first full day there and wanted to do something. Everyone is working out in S.D., it seems and it makes you want to, so I hit up the workout center and it was awesome! It overlooks the convention center and trains and you can kinda see the ocean. So much people watching, the time flew by in there – which rarely happens in a gym.


Dublin Square Irish Pub – San Diego

Our first victim in Gaslamp was this little Irish Pub that looked fun. We went and had a few drinks, including breakfast shots. Those are pretty much signature Greezy drinks. Shockingly, the waitress knew how to make them and even added a splash of vodka to the OJ chaser. Maybe that was the moment I fell in love with San Diego…


We even came back on our last night because they had a band playing.


Fun place!

Tin Roof – San Diego

This is a chain of bars/restaurants – not sure where they all are but we went to one in Charlotte once! It’s such a fun place, big and open and good food/drink specials and it usually gets wild at night. We came just in time for happy hour and rigged the system to get Fireball for like $2.50 (YAY!! Back to Lincoln pricing!!)


AND the food was BOMB. I got fish tacos and they were so good and pretty reasonably priced!

We ended up going back there the last night as well and drank drinks we probably didn’t need…I felt it the next day. Oomph.


K.C. BBQ – San Diego

As previously stated in a past post, this was my favorite bar! It felt the most like a hole-in-the-wall place, so naturally, I loved it. It was in the middle of giant buildings and then appears this little place. They only served wine and beer and the bartender was so cool; he was the best part. I think he really made the experience for us. First of all, he knew quite a bit of Nebraska peeps. He also stopped the bar at the end of the night to give the “Top Gun story”.



Laguna Canyon Hills Tasting Room & Winery

Found a good Groupon (it’s the only way I wine taste 😉 ) and it was just a wine tasting room, but we were the only ones in there, so the guy gave us all the tastings, and with the Groupon we got to take home three free bottles of wine. We also bought a bottle of Moscato because it’s the best, so we had to bring back four bottles of wine to Nebraska which might’ve not been the best idea, but it survived the plane ride! Note to self: just pack your clothes around it; it’ll make it!


Speaking of Wine… Check this out 

This place blew me away. They had all sorts of booze with massive selections of tequila and wine – HELL. YES. Even found some new wine selections to add to my Christmas list…

Exhibit A:



Saiko Sushi – Coronado



Honestly, this was the best sushi I’ve ever had. Sorry, Blue. And check out those shrimps rolled in something fried. OH MA GAH. Delicious.

Bub’s at the Beach – San Diego

This place needed to cure my “illness” from having too much fun the night before. So I went for a mimosa THAT YOU COULD MAKE YOURSELF! It was awesome. Brandon got a “bacon flight” and make-your-own-bloody-mary.




Sandbar Sports Grill – Mission Beach

This, you guys! This! Is the place that Dave Grohl was sitting across from us!!!!!! I also had a mean shrimp wrap (why can’t we have those things in Nebraska?) and of course, another round of BREAKFAST SHOTS!


There were many more food and drank places, including In-N-Out (CHEA!) but I’m gonna move on. If you need any ideas, hit me up and I’ll give you some ideas!


Del Mar Racetrack

We couldn’t go in but we drove by!


Oceanside, C.A.

We stopped so Brandon could see another Top Gun attraction. This old beachfront house:



Such a cool little town. We drove by the high school and it’s so crazy to think these kids go to this school right next to the beach. Man, what a life!


Laguna Beach

Holy crap Laguna Beach is cool. Totally not what I expected. It seriously reminded me of Colorado Springs-beach version. I don’t know why, but it felt so homey and fun because the ocean is right there with tons of colors and then huge rolling hills. Loved it. Wished we could’ve spent more time there.




Lakers/Bulls Game – L.A.




^ How adorable is that!!! ^

Flagship Boar Tour – San Diego


Besides the USS Midway, this was probably my favorite thing we did. We purchased the boat tours off Groupon and it was a great deal! They go on two tours – North Bay and South Bay. We didn’t realize, but we had bought both, which was great because we could see both bays.



The first part was the South Bay and the boat was packed! I had a Long Island and enjoyed the cruise. The South Bay tour takes you by all the military boats and you get an awesome view of the San Diego skyline as well going under that insane bridge.



We even saw the ship that Osama Bin Laden was thrown off of! NUTS.


After the South Bay tour, they dropped us off and new tours got onboard. It was so weird though, we were like the only ones staying for the next tour.


Perfect for us! We could drink up, walk around, boat was all ourssss. (Almost).

The South Bay tour took us by Coronado Island and saw MF’ing SEALS. I did not know seals existed in C.A. Also saw more military stuff, which was really cool. I love boat history (hence, this).


Old Town San Diego



USS Midway

My favorite thing on the trip! When I was reading reviews on TripAdvisor this place was all the rage and I didn’t understand why. But after walking through the huge ship – holy moly, SO COOL!!!!

If you go to San Diego, you HAVE to go there!






Petco Park Stadium Tour – San Diego

It was really cool to go deep into the ballpark and see behind the scenes, we even got to go into the away team’s locker room!


Brandon’s favorite part is the historic building in left field. As a historic landmark, it couldn’t be torn down during the construction building of the stadium, so they left it in place as part of the ballpark.


Mission Beach Bike Ride




Well, there ya have it! Thousands of photos later… 🙂


  • This looks like it was such a fun trip! All the fun and food looks amazing (especially that sushi)!

    • Thanks! The food was SOOOO good! I can’t remember the name of the shrimp rolled in that fried goodness but it was one of the best things I’ve ever ate… lol!