I’m still not over the trip to California I went on a few weeks ago. I have another (long) post coming on it all later, but this post is the best I can do where I can concentrate on the Nebrasketball game and write at the same time. So if you see typos, that’s why 😉 Just leave a grammar or typo error in the comments and I’ll be sure to fix it!

So when you think of stereotypical California, you think celebs and as much as that isn’t all that true, I think it is. I bet 1 out of every 10 people you meet is famous in some shape or form. JK, that’s not true but I mean check out all these stars I found while in galavanting around the Golden State for 4.5 days.

Tom Cruise’s Piano in Top Gun



I even conveniently placed my bud light on top of the piano not knowing. Totally not staged, people.

San Diego’s KC BBQ‘s claim to victory! Top Gun was filmed at this hole-in-the-wall but flipping awesome bar and BBQ joint. To be completely honest this was my all-time favorite bar we went to. I felt at home at that place! The bartender loved me!


Seriously. Fantastic night. We even played Panic! at the Disco on the jukebox. (I’m going through a pop-punk rock phase again and Panics’ new album is LEGIT). They only sell beer and wine here too – they keep it simple, but lit. It’s an oddly hidden place close to the water, the Cheesecake Factory and hotels. It looks like it belongs in Raymond, NE but it just pops right up in thriving San Diego.

Dave Grohl


This one was the most “legit” star I found. Completely unplanned destiny. So here’s the deal. You probably look at that pic above and go “really Stephanie? First off, you’re a creep. Second, that’s probably some random guy who looked like him.” NOPE. No, it’s not ya skeptic. I gotta tell ya, I’ll do anything and not be embarrassed or shy. But seeing celebs, I shrivel up. I just don’t want to act like they’re better than me because in my head IMMA STAR! (I totally envisioned this in my head just now) so I didn’t get the guts to ask for a pic…

But okay, so here’s the story. Brandon and I walked into a beach bar at Mission Beach (which is my new favorite beach – besides Coca-Cola Beach in South Padre of course) 😉 for those who know what I’m talkin’ about… I hope you’re nodding your head yes right now. But we sat down at this table and started ordering, looking around, lovin’ life, ya know – California things. I kept looking at the guy directly across from us. He’s famous I kept thinking in my head. I can picture him in magazines and rock album covers. WHO IS HE? He totally noticed that I kept staring at him too. But to be fair, he was literally in my view, it wasn’t a huge place and he was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

So I started googling “90’s alternative rock bands” – I knew he had something to do with rock and more 90’s. Then WAM! I found it. Foo Fighters. Which then led to finding a wonder assortment of Dave Grohl pictures when the real Dave Grohl was right there. It was like magic. Like everything in the world started to make sense. I saw the light…Dave Grohl. He’s a pretty big deal you guys. ALSO, we read somewhere that he doesn’t listen to Nirvana because it makes him sad and “Smells like Teen Spirit” played while we were all sitting there. Oops. I, of course eavesdropped for him to validate the fact that I knew it was Dave Grohl in the flesh and he talked about touring. So I was right. Then he talked about how his wife cheated on him back in the day (we’re pretty close now, we tell each other secrets – even if we’ve never talked). He even mentioned how he’s surprised no one has recognized him yet. HAH! I KNOW YOU DAVE! When he was leaving I was going to ask for a pic, but he turned to talk to the lady he was with and I was a wuss. So instead, I creepily took a pic of him leaving and getting into his car, which you guys, it was some old car! How cool, he’s down to earth AND nice? WINNER.


…And can’t believe I just wrote a novel about my Dave Grohl sighting. Is that pathetic?

Laurence Fishburne


We went to the Lakers/Bulls game on a Thursday night and my celebrity goggles were locked and loaded. I was really hoping to see Leonardo because he supposedly has season tickets but no Leo… 🙁

However, I did spot other friendly faces! Like Laurence Fishburne. He was sitting down on the floor (of course) but I didn’t spot him until half when everyone was walking around. I love the show Blackish so I noticed him right away!

We also found…

Mark Wahlberg


We were pretty sure he would be there because he’s Jimmy Butler’s good friend. But boy, did Marky Mark work the crowd! He only walked through a couple times and everytime, every person would stop to talk to him – he seemed pretty coo! He is also very much RIPPED.

And then there’s the obvious, but biggest celebs in my eyes.

Kobe Bryant


UM, WHAT. Da Black Mamba. He even played! It was so awesome. What a thing of beauty…

D. Rose and my boy Pau (and the rest of the Bulls)


Seriously, I consider Pau a good friend of mine. Because that one time he was in Lincoln, I saw him eating at Single Barrel and told him, “welcome to Lincoln.” He said, “thanks” and smiled and the rest was history… “History” meaning that I never saw or talked to him again. Wah wah.

Reggie Miller


YES! REGGIE!!! Love that guy.

Laguna Beach


*As this song plays* I actually did play this song as we drove through and made Brandon really annoyed. Hehe! But the cast wasn’t the only star of the show. While Kristen was yelling “Ste-PHEN!” the scenery of Laguna was hanging in the background the entire show. I swear I took the pic above at one of the spots where they would awkwardly meet up by the beach and talk about life or breakup at.

Laguna Beach was so cool, though! I totally get the hype of that place. It’s beautiful. Reminds me of a Colorado town, but on the beach. Just cute and cozy with lots of scenery.

Okay, that’s all I got folks. Prepare yo self for many more California posts coming. 🙂

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  • I love this post! Thank you so much for sharing, I’m going to California for the first time on Wednesday, but we’re going to Sacramento 🙂

    Katie, thefutureceoblog.blogpost.com

    • Ohhh! Have fun!!! 🙂 California is so amazing!