North High… One of the greatest places on this dear earth. I’m obsessed with where I came from – if it wasn’t for North, you would not be calling me Steezy, I would never have been introduced to Young Jeezy, AND mastered the pancake! Here are some little reminders of just how great North High was.

1. You have a special section for blue and gold in your closet.

This is a given. Blue and gold is arguably the most beautiful color combo on the face of the earth.


2.  Saucy fries. That is it. Jim’s Rib Haven knows what’s up.

Every chance you get to sneak away to run behind the school to this fine establishment and grab an order of saucy fries was always a great day. In fact, I think I could live off of the tender, warm fries and that one-of-a-kind delicacy sauce for the rest of my Viking-filled life.


3.  You understand the meaning of “Hit the bricks”.

‘Nuff said.


4.  Your other name is Brother-man or Sister-man.

You can thank legendary Gene R. Haynes for that one. Remember when he made people do pushups in the hallway when their pants were sagging, too? CLASSIC.


5.  Taco Bell is the after party for all home football games, always.

Just a short drive down 30th Street and you can find your crew there smashing on some tacos.


6.  Buying fresh cookies in the Viking Center from DECA was considered a well-rounded breakfast.


God bless you, Otis Spunkmeyer.


7.  Either you or your best friend was in an engineering class.

Seriously. Try to prove me wrong.


8. You understand the value of a good, local rap group. 


We even had our own Schmolderin’ Records in the hizzouse.


9.  You strongly dislike eagles (Central Eagles, that is).

Take note of the glamorous game day apparel sporting “Beat Central”.


10. You know who the real blue man group is.


Because a touchdown felt so much better when you had blue painted bodies waving flags across the field.


11. Homecoming week always brought the best out of us.

We took pride in toga day and whatever spirit day was ahead of us.


12. You know what it means to be a Viking of Distinction.

And you also probably always skipped that day.


13. All of your credible news came from North Star 


Getting your one shining moment in this beauty. ( Also just realized “Vegitariasm ” is spelled wrong on it. Lolz. )


I have a feeling this is just the beginning of “You Know You Went to Omaha North When…” – does anyone have any more? Leave them in the comments 🙂

  • Rachel Adler

    You know you went to Omaha North when you still throw V’s up at any given time of the day ??✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?

    • Stephanie Leonard

      That’s right!!!

  • Kaylene Marie

    You know you went to Omaha North when you could maneuver through a small town of people in 6mins.

    • Stephanie Leonard

      So true!

    • James Slotemaker

      Or get from 201 to the new gym in 4 mins

  • Stephanie Marie

    Smokers corner fights

    • Stephanie Leonard

      Omgsh I forgot about smokers corner!!

  • James Slotemaker

    Class of 94
    Upper gym or lower gym?
    Pottery class in the boiler room
    Otis cookies were for lunch
    West O kids being scared of us at Career Center because we all caried guns on the weekends.
    You know who Kenyatta Bush was.