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So I’m a HUGE Titanic fan. Like HUGE. The movie and the real thing. I used to watch Titanic at least once a day every day when I was younger. I might still embarrassedly watch it a lot… *watching it now*

This is also one of my favorite photos:
“LOOK MA! I’M ON THE TITANIC!” (aka Las Vegas & it was the best $25 I ever spent to take this photo home)

When I got engaged, Brandon’s sisters even gave me a heart of the ocean necklace. Then I was wedding dress shopping and picking out dresses because they reminded me of the Titanic (yeah, it’s that bad). So of course, I have like a bajillion Titanic books that I’ve had since 1997. I even built a 3D model of the Titanic which is probably one of the most impressive things I did throughout elementary #NoShame

Throughout my Titanic “research” I’ve learned lots of surprising facts about the real deal Titanic. ENJOY:

1. The fourth funnel on the boat was FAKE! It was only added to make the ship appear larger. You sneaky little funnel, you.


2. The Titanicdidn’t just leave Southampton and set sail for the entire journey, it stopped at a couple other places to get more passengers. 


3. The co-owner of Macy’s and his wife were on the ship and died because they didn’t want to separate from each other when asked for women and children only to board the lifeboats (the real Titanic love story!)


4. The Titanic was receiving so many iceberg warnings that one of the officers told the last ice warning message to “Shut Up!” This was from the captain of the Californian at 10:55pm – the fatal iceberg was only 45 minutes away.. *cringes*


5. If Titanic‘s bow would have hit the iceberg straight on, it might have saved TONS of lives. It wouldn’t have let so much water get in and Titanic could’ve stayed afloat until help arrived.   


6. A passenger on board let all the dogs out of their kennels after the last lifeboat was launched. One survivor said he came face to face with a champion bulldog in the water at one point. 


7. There was NOT a suction whirlpool when the last part of ship went underwater (movie lie). One man said that he didn’t even get his hair wet when he held onto the boat like Rose and Jack did as the boat went under! #mindblown


8. The water was 28 degrees. Most people died in the water from hypothermia and lasted only about 20 minutes after the ship went down. 


9. Some survivors have said that they could see lights from another ship in the distance when the Titanic was going down. It started a huge controversy because they think it was the Californian, but why did they not come help? Was it really them? It will forever remain a mystery… da da dummm


10. When news first hit of the sinking, little information was known. Most headlines said that no lives were lost or that the ship was being towed back to shore. 


11. James Cameron, director of the movie, visited the wreckage site 12 times, for about an average of 16 hrs each visit! 

Movie site note: this was not recovered from the actual wreckage 😉 BUT James Cameron actually drew this fine pic.


13. The Titanic wreckage will soon disappear within the next 15 or so years. 🙁 I’m still hoping I get rich enough in time to see it in person!!! 


So that’s all folks! Thanks for bearing with me as I totally geek out!



  • Susannah

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this,
    like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message
    home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog.
    An excellent read. I will certainly be back.